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McDonald's Lovin' Campaign!

I would be "lovin'" McDonald's hiring employees to efficiently, correctly take and execute my order. Leave my personal life to me. Stay in your lane, Burger people.

Charleston Grill vs Peninsula Grill

I am a 10 year fan of Peninsula Grill; however, this past year I have been seeing Charleston Grill exclusively. Peninsula Grill's lack of menu updating eventually alienated my palette. The service is consistently spot-on; but the kitchen has become lackluster. Peninsula slipped from "special" to "perfunctory".

Charleston Grill is delightfully on the rise. I have enjoyed several excellent evenings there this summer. Chef Michelle Weaver adroitly delivers an excitingly conceptualized and executed menu. Leaving Charleston Grill each visit, has left me plotting my return. The food is compelling. Toss in a convivial atmosphere and live jazz, you have a great night on your hands. I love a place which fosters a "dressed up but not dulled down" atmosphere.

I have liked Peninsula Grill but I can take it or leave it in its current stagnant form. Charleston Grill was a longtime bridesmaid who really changed the game. Between the two, Charleston Grill wins.

Sep 08, 2014
snocat in Southeast

Head-on Boiled Shrimp Junkie Needs Help (FQ/ CBD)

Hi. My name is SnoCat ("hi, SnoCat") and I am addicted to head-on boiled shrimp.

Deanie's and (original) French Market Restaurant have sufficed; however, I sense there is more crustacean greatness awaiting me.

Any suggestions for places from Frenchmen to Poydras are most appreciated. And yes, the shrimp have to be head-on; it is all about the cranial flavor and the dandy finger puppet opportunities.

Aug 04, 2014
snocat in New Orleans

New Whole Foods, what should I buy?

Try 365 Brand Blue Corn Taco shells for outstanding flavor depth.

The frozen sashimi tuna is NOT to be missed. It is a perfectly cut rectangle of tuna, sealed in cryovac and available by asking for it at the fresh fish counter. It is kept in the walk-in. Thaw according to package directions. Simply sublime!

Nov 11, 2013
snocat in Chains

who has the better seafood on isle of palms? the boathouse or acme catina?

Completely second that!

Jul 07, 2012
snocat in Southeast

Loud, hearty cajun food, whiskey drinking

I was speaking largely to the oyster request and slid in the cajun recognition largely in reference to Luke's court-bouillon, cochon de lait, Louisiana chacutterie offerings and gumbo. Bottom line, it is all about the P&Js.

Mar 24, 2010
snocat in New Orleans

Loud, hearty cajun food, whiskey drinking

Check out Luke in the CBD (a quick walk from Quarter). Exceptional P&J oysters, a Besh restaurant with some distinctly Cajun influences (though a German-Alsace driven menu), and a great boisterous environment. I love kicking off a party night at Luke.

Mar 24, 2010
snocat in New Orleans

Restaurant Recommendation in the Quarter

K-Paul's is always upbeat. I love great food in a place where you can really laugh out loud. Your bachelorette party uniforms will fit in beautifully! K-Paul's can accommodate your group of 13. Have a spectacular weekend.

Mar 24, 2010
snocat in New Orleans


A strong second for K-Paul's.

Mar 19, 2010
snocat in New Orleans

Greenville SC Mother's Day Brunch SOS

I went with High Cotton. The food was spot-on. The "High Cotton Steak and Eggs" (tenderloin medallions with Henry Bain sauce and two eggs) was the highlight as those who ordered this raved yet never offered to share a gratuitous bite. The "Vegetable Omelet" was a sublime mix of fresh veggies, perfectly accented by goat cheese. The "Braised Baby Back Ribs" were perfectly prepared, packed with sweet hickory flavor and were tender enough to be consumed with a knife and fork in ultimate Mother's Day fashion. The "White Chocolate Stuffed French Toast" was the only note of mediocrity. Amusingly, it is what I ordered; it ended up being a very bready affair, in the neighborhood of dry. A bright note, though, was a very well executed sabayon.

I expected the food to deliver but the biggest surprise was the very strong service. Our server was professional and attentive, with a delightful personality but not overwhelmingly so. I was completely prepared for somewhat "off" service yet High Cotton totally delivered. Actually, our brunch represented some of the best service I have enjoyed in Greenville. It is refreshing to have a pro server.

We had a late reservation of 1:30pm for a party of 8. High Cotton was completely and astutely prepared for the Mother's Day crowd. I feared this late seating would compromise our experience; however, that was not the case. I sleep better at night knowing exactly where we will be heading for Mother's Day 2008!

Great job High Cotton.

May 22, 2007
snocat in General South Archive

Greenville SC Mother's Day Brunch SOS

Help Chowhounds.

I am trying to decide between the following brunch options for Mother's Day:
High Cotton

Key factors are accomplished food (whether complicated or rudimentary), spot-on service and atmosphere conducive to conversation. I have not hit any of the above for brunch; however, it seems these are my likely contenders. If you were celebrating the woman who gave you life (no pressure), where would you go? I am certainly open to options outside of the above. I tend to prefer downtown yet am very open to anything that fits my "must-haves". For point of reference, last year we went to Mary's (Falls Cottage); service was very weak, food was above average, yet a general sense of disorganization prevailed. It is definitely OUT of consideration.


Apr 25, 2007
snocat in General South Archive