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Where are the Apples?

In my opinion, Black Rock Orchard has the BEST Honeycrisp Apples around. Just picked some up at the Bethesda FreshFarm farmers market on Saturday and they were perfect this week (10 times better than their batch last week). They also are at the Thursday Penn Quarter market.

Non authentic pizza in dc

Stromboli in Bethesda (2-3 blocks from the metro on South on Wisconsin Ave.) has what you're looking for. Decent, puffy crust, and nothing fancy. I also like Victors, which is also in Bethesda, but on Cordell Ave, which is more like 4 blocks North from the metro.

75th Birthday Dinner in DC

The Source, Proof, Zaytinya, PS 7's.

701 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Italian in Bethesda Md - need help

Pines of Rome has a few dishes they do well, and everything else is sub-par. Even the good stuff could use a bit of seasoning. The atmosphere is blue hairs having the early bird special.

Exceptional dishes: eggplant parm (I've personally never found better, but they make it exactly how I like it: light on breading and cheese), bean soup, and white pizza.

With all that said, Bethesda is not a place to go for Italian food.

Pines of Rome
4709 Hampden Ln, Bethesda, MD 20814

Where can I get lemon soda?

I got this at Wegmans

Taylor Gourmet in Bethesda

Looks like it will be September 2nd.

Vegan--- in Bethesda and Dupont Circle

Rice Paddies Grill in Bethesda has vegan Pho and the traditional stuff for the carnivores. Spring Mill Bread company has vegan soups at lunch time. Rock Creek, Jaleo, and Lebanese Taverna have many vegetarian options, but you'll have to speak with them if everything is vegan.

Rock Creek
4917 Elm Street, Bethesda, MD 20824

Help with a Bachelorette

You will find that there are a limited number of restaurants in DC that will fit your atmosphere criteria. The DC scene tends to be a bit more reserved. (this doesn't apply to the bars in Adams Morgan or Dupont. Patrons will be more than willing to make an enormous deal about the bachelorette) Some restaurants that might offer you this atmosphere would be Old Glory or possibly Mie N Yu in Georgetown, Clydes in Gallery Place, and The Front Page in Dupont. If you would like a trendy, festive, and fun atmosphere, without the hooting and holler, I would check out Oya or Zaytinya in Gallery Place, Marvin or Churchkey in U Street, or Perry's in Adams Morgan.

Mie N Yu
3125 M Street, NW, Washington, DC 20007

701 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Old Glory
3139 M St. N.W., Washington, DC 20007

40th Wedding Anniversary Dinner - Restaurant Banquet Rooms?

Maggiano's right over the DC border in Friendship Heights has multiple meeting rooms. Tower Oaks in Rockville MIGHT be able to accommodate you. My office switched our holiday party last year to BlackFinn in Bethesda, and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food

Bethesda Restaurant Recs - White Flint?

Ambrosia in the Monrtose Crossing shopping center (Montrose & 355). You won't find crab cakes (they might have them, but they aren't why you should go there) but you will be treated to some great Greek food.

Wedding lunch at a DC restaurant with a view

I think the The Capital Hyatt has some meeting rooms with Capital views.

georgetown restaurant for college kids

pizza paradiso. good food. good beer. always lively.

Help! Need place for my mom's birthday party in Rockville, MD

Ambrosia. Amazing Greek food. Next door to Tony Lin.

New Kam Fong- Vegetable?

Went to New Kam Fong armed with recommendations and had an amazing meal of Wonton Noddle Soup, Roast Duck, and Pork Rib Rice Casserole. One problem- no vegetables! Can anyone recommend a dish or two that is a) not eggplant (dinning companion hates eggplant) and b) not broccoli (I'm allergic).

Can't wait to return and try even more!

Thai Restaurant at Norbeck Rd. and Georgia Ave.?

Thai Tavern. Love it. Stick with the specials.

Where in the DC area to buy an authentic wok?

I got a pretty awesome carbon steel one online from

Used it Sunday night to make Strange Flavored Pork and it was outstanding.

Has anyone ordered from Virginia Traditions (Edwards family smokehouses) or any other suggestions for Virginia ham?

I ordered my sister bacon from Virginia Traditions. I remember it took longer than expected, but she was extremely happy with the bacon gift pack.

Cheap, quiet ethnic restaurants in Montgomery County?

That is the one. I like the Salvadoran Special Platter and the Pork Rib fajitas.

Spot for a post-wedding-reception dinner in Silver Spring/Kensington/Wheaton?

Is Bethesda also under consideration? Its about the same distance as Downtown Silver Spring to Kensington. If so, I would give Woodmont Grill a call. Other places to consider: BlackFinn, Mccormick & Schmick's Seafood‎, and Mon Ami Gabi.

Cheap, quiet ethnic restaurants in Montgomery County?

Los Chorros in Wheaton. The only time I found it to be remotly crowded was on a Sunday night, and even then it's such a large place that the noise level was low.

Need help culling choices for a foodies week in DC

I like El Pollo Rico, ALOT, but I don't think its worth your time to hike out to Wheaton for it. I would recommend you add Ray's Hell Burger (worth the trip into VA) and an Ethiopian joint to your list. I personally think Oya is highly over-rated outside of happy hour.

Small Group Dinner With a Visitor to the Mall/Museums

I find Teaism to be deserted in the evenings hours. Food is Japanese fusion. Otherwise, most Penn Quarter stuff is crowded and noisy.

DC - ethnic neighborhood restaurants

You should definitly do Ethiopian. I prefer Dukem in U street. Other people will voice a preference for numerous other joints. Restaurants in Ustreet, Columbia Heights, and Cleveland Park tends to be more neighborhood-ish, rather than Penn Quarter and Dupont.

Catering recommendations for 25 person party in Bethesda

I would like to second Organic to Go. I have used their catering for several corporate lunches in the past year. They are reliable and easy to use. Order a tray of the cheese and pear pinwheels and you will not be disapointed.

HELP!?! New to Silver Spring/Aspen Hill/Rockville/Wheaton with nothing to eat!

As a longtime Wheaton resident, I presonally think Wheaton has some of the best places to eat in the area. (except for pizza. THERE IS NO GOOD PIZZA IN WHEATON. DO NOT EVEN TRY!) Here is my simple list:

- Thai food: Navi Thai, Ruan Thai, and Dusit (yes, Dusit! I said it. I love their twice cooked duck and could eat it every day). Navi and Ruan are often cited as the best Thai places in the DC area.

- Salvadorian (or tell the girlfriend Mexican): Los Chorros at Blueridge ave and Georgia ave. (I like the Combinación Salvadoreña and the Pork rib fajitas) and El Napolito Bar and Grill up at Plaza Del Mercado.

- Pub Grub: Royal Mile Pub at Price Ave and Georgia Ave. I like the Beef and Guinness Pie and someof the sandwiches. Warning, this is not a sport bar. There is like one very small tv at the bar. Don't go here expecting to watch "the game."

_ Other Asian: I love the Pho place at the Shopping center around 2300 University Blvd. I also like Full Key, the Chinese place in the same shopping ceter. When I want cheap Chinese takeout I tend to go to Wok Gourmet at Shorefeild and Georgia. I like their shrimp and scallops in garlic sauce, but this place is otherwise your typical Chinese takeout dive.

- AVOID: The Stained Glass Pub. unless you want a place to watch sports with some shady characters and medicore food. If you do go there- DO NOT EAT THE PIZZA!!!! It sooooooo bad.

- AVOID: Sol's at plaza Del Mercado. very bad pizza and it is where everyone from the local high schools hang out.

Evening Party w/Speaker for 150 in/near Downtown DC

Does it have to be really nice? When Town Tavern in Adams Morgan was Nolan's, it had a very nice upstairs reception room. I'm sure they still do rentals, I just haven't been to it since it became Town. On a monday night you won't have to deal with the typical AdMo crowd and parking wouldn't be a problem.

Otherwise- look at Tabard Inn, Hook in Geogetown, and Clyde's in Gallery Place.

recommendation for family dinner with difficult-to-assimilate food preferences?

What about Addie's in Rockville. The exterior is very unassuming and the interior feels like an old country house (but with an elegant touch). If you tell your mom and stepdad that it is a hidden gem, they will probably believe you. Although the price point might throw them for a loop. The food is wonderful, traditional, and not ethnic/experimental at all.

Addie's Restaurant
11120 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852

Best Greek in DC .... Hands down ...... Ambrosia Cafe in Rockville

I absolutely agree. Did you have the beans? Because the beans are truly the best thing they make. Sometimes they will only let you order it on Fridays or weekends or something, but you should always try and get a side of the beans.

Vegan-Friendly Near Woodley Park?

believe it or not, but Aslyum in Adams Morgan has vegan bar food and sadwiches.

Catering - Bethesda/Rockville/Silver Spring

Has anyone had a positive experience with Moby Dick's catering? I used them previously and the food is great- but the catering service is awful. I could never get them on the phone, they kept saying that they would have to "get back to me" about delivery- to the point where I just gave up and picked it up for myself.

As for caterers in MoCo, Ridgewells is excellent- but you do pay a premium for the best. I also like Elegant Pantry and R&R. Most DC area caterers will delivery to any location in the metro area. If you go with a restaurant, make sure you ask them right away if they will deliver on you date and time. Most places only do weekday lunch deliveries because that is the standard corporate lunch time.

I have also had nothing but TERRIBLE experiences with Cosi, incase anyone sugests them. They have lost my order- multiple times, and they are always very late.