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ISO Black Sesame Ice Cream

I`m not able to help you but I sympathize with your problem. It seems inevitable that the quality of many good food products will eventually diminish. Once a food becomes popular, they start to cut corners to increase profit, until one day the `same`product does not even resemble the original one. In your case, it appears that they have drastically reduced the amount of black sesame seeds they use. Such a shame.

Chicken Wing Prices - RIDICULOUS!!!

Costco's wings are okay. They are bigger and cheaper than what you get at the mainstream grocery stores like Loblaws, but you can get much larger ones for far cheaper at any asian grocery store. Although I have noticed that they have become increasingly expensive over the years.

Custom Lollipops?


They are local and they say on their website that they make custom molds and products. They specialize in chocolate products but they have some other candy items also. I have never used them before either so I can't vouch for quality or service but it may be worth a try.

Kid Friendly AND good food?

I would recommend Le Select Bistro for French. It's a nice French bistro type of atmosphere and they even have a kids menu. I would also recommend Paganelli's. They were known as Romagna Mia until very recently. They have great Italian food and are very kid-friendly. When my kids were aged 3 and 1, the waiters even brought them books and baby toys for my toddler! The only thing lacking was the atmosphere, but they have recently undergone some renovations and I haven't been there since so I wouldn't be able to comment on what it is like now. Great food at both these places.

Le Select
432 Wellington St W, Toronto, ON M5V1E3, CA

O'Mei Chinese Restaurant Highway 7

Ditto to that!!!

O'Mei Chinese Restaurant Highway 7

I am Chinese and don`t read Chinese and find it frustrating to not be able to order off the Chinese menu! I wish they would translate the `real`menu. With so many 1st generationers out there, I`m sure I wouldn`t be the only one who would appreciate it!

At what steak house might a party of two be comfortable without drinking alcohol?

Just curious, Trane. Do you feel this same guilt regarding appetizers and desserts? Certainly, not all patrons are expected to order a drink and 3 courses every time they go out?!!

As a teenager, I used to always order soda because I felt the same as you, like I HAD to order a drink. Then I thought to myself, "Why am I ordering this? I don't even like pop?!" I admit it. I am boring. My favourite drink in this whole world is water! It's thirst quenching, refreshing and goes with everything! If that makes me an inconsiderate patron, then so be it! Mind you, I more than make up for it in the food department. :)

At what steak house might a party of two be comfortable without drinking alcohol?

I never drink wine and almost never drink alcoholic drinks simply because I don`t like the taste. I eat out 2-3 times a week, including fine dining establishments and have never been made to feel wierd for not ordering a glass of wine. Really, I think this is a non-issue. Just go where you like and order what you want...including good old fashioned tap water if that is what you desire!!!

ISO Taro Chips - GTA

Too bad I haven`t seen them anywhere. Please advise if anyone spots them!

ISO Taro Chips - GTA

I bought a bag at one of the candy shops at Market Village. They were good except that they add msg to it and I find it makes it taste too sweet. I have always wondered why Terra doesn`t make bags of taro only. They`re my favourite!

Duck confit at Costco!

I bought some from the Costco in Richmond Hill. Not the best I have had but good enough that I would buy it again. It comes packed with quite a bit of the duck fat which is a bonus if you want to fry up some potatoes with it!

Baby Friendly Restaurants in Yonge and Sheppard Area for Saturday Night Dinner?

I don' t have any info for you about a specific restaurant in that area, but something that might help you to know is that ALL Chinese restaurants are baby friendly, so should you choose anything in this category, it's a go! Family is very important to the Chinese and most other Asian cultures and children are never excluded from anything. These restaurants tend to be very casual and somewhat noisy too, so baby will blend in just fine!

ISO Pasta Bolognese

My husband loves their bolognese also!

ISO Canned Lobster Bisque

I saw some at T & T Promenade Mall location a couple of days ago. Never tried it so don't know if it's any good. If I recall correctly, it wasn't an Asian brand.

50th birthday cake

Thank you !

50th birthday cake

Ooohh, that cake you describes sounds absolutely delicious! In fact it sounds like something my husband would really love! I am open to anything, but my sister-in-law does favour tart desserts such as lemon or berry flavours and also very dark chocolate. I was considering Amadeus because the cakes look beautiful but was not sure of the quality, not having tasted any of their cakes before. Unfortunately I have been suckered in too many times by gorgeous looking cakes made of cheap ingredients. So you would say then, Full tummy, that Amadeus is a bakery that uses real butter and cream for their cakes and pastries?

50th birthday cake

My sister-in-law is turning 50 and I would like to buy a special cake for her. If you lived in Richmond Hill, where would you go for the best cake? She likes tart desserts and dark chocolate also, so if anyone has a favourite either in RH or within a 30 minute drive, I would love to hear from you!

ISO: Good Resto with pan-seared foie gras within GTA

My husband and I enjoy Trevor and you are right; they have a whole section with foie gras dishes. My husband really enjoyed the seared foie gras with blueberry pancakes and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Truffled Goat Cheese Poutine with foie gras! You can add a piece of seared foie gras to any main entree for I think it was $15.

Chinese Egg Puffs

I know they sell these at Pacific Mall but wouldn`t be able to tell you if they are made the Hong Kong way. As for the iron, I have seen them at William Sonoma. Be prepared to pay a high price for it though.

ISO local organic strawberries

Not sure why zed1984 thinks his comment is any more helpful since he pretty much told us the same thing. Bought some at KEG, but doubt that you can still get them this week. Translation: Season is over don`t know where to buy them now. Just saying...

ISO local organic strawberries

Oops! Sorry, not the organic. I guess my reply was one of the unhelpful replies that zed1984 was referring to. :(

ISO local organic strawberries

I saw some today at the Longo`s on Hwy 7, just east of Woodbine.

Romagna Mia is Paganelli's Risotteria

I would agree that the ambiance at this restaurant is very `MEH`and it is probably due to this that it is not more popular, but the food is anything but. The restaurant is not mentioned often on these boards but when it is, it is almost always positive regarding the food. Fresh homemade pastas that taste like what I had in Italy. It`s one of our favourites!

Lollipop sticks?

Bulk Barn and Michael`s also carries them.

Looking for Masterstock Chicken on noodles - Vietnamese or Chinese

Yes, it probably is. I have heard that there have been cases where restaurants have sold their master stocks for thousands of dollars when they closed up shop!

Looking for Masterstock Chicken on noodles - Vietnamese or Chinese

This 'master stock' refers simply to the liquid in which they cook 'soy sauce chicken'. Restaurants and family cooks will keep this liquid and reuse it, adding additional soy sauce and seasonings as necessary. I keep mine in the freezer because I don't cook this dish on a daily basis, but restaurants will use this stock over and over again for decades and even generations, as tearingmonkey said. And it's true that it improves the longer you use it. I accidentally threw my original master stock out when I was cleaning out my freezer and almost cried about it later when I discovered what I had done!

Romagna Mia is Paganelli's Risotteria

Yes, it is the same restaurant, just a new name. Same great food!

Best Poutine in Toronto?

I love the Truffled Goat Cheese Poutine at Trevor Kitchen and Bar. They offer it with or without foie gras. I always take it with!

Trevor Kitchen
38 Wellington St E, Toronto, ON M5E1C7, CA

THE BUTCHERS - I'm stunned !!

If only they had posted this letter sooner, I think they would have had fewer irrate customers. Yes, many voucher holders would still be angry because they couldn`t use their vouchers when they wanted to, but I think many would also be sympathetic to the obvious fact that they made a mistake in how they handled the vouchers. Rather than blaming the customers for causing the supply shortage by redeeming the full amounts on the vouchers, they should have just admitted their mistake and apologized. Although not quite an apology, this letter at least acknowledges mistakes that have been made. Perhaps a little too late, however.

Any good Indian restaurants in Richmond Hill?

I really enjoy The Host and Bombay Chutney. The food at Bombay Bhel is very mediocre and I would be surprised if they were the same owners as Bombay Chutney.