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new pho restaurant in Norfolk?

There was a rumor going around that a Pho place was going to open in the former Cora location. However, Imperio Inca has since opened in that spot. For the record, Imperio Inca is pretty good and worth trying.

Brunch In Norfolk, Va

I'm seconding Omar's. Very friendly staff, seafood benedict was exceptional, great coffee and a nice room to enjoy it all in.

Sour Beer?

I don't think you can get it in D.C. but if you ever see it, New Belgium brewery (makers of Fat Tire) have a blended sour flemish brown ale called La Folie that is fantastic...

Also if you make a bit of a drive to the Capital Ale House... (Several locations in Northern VA) They have traditional Guezue's and Lambics as well as Flemish brown, and all kinds of beers produced with bacteria and other wonderful critters for souring and flavor.

May 08, 2007
manleyphoto in Beer

Favorite Beer in America?


Favorite American beer is a damn wide question but I'm going to go with:

Dogfish Head 90 minute
Bell's Double Cream Stout
Stone Arrogant Bastard
New Belgium La Folie
Anchor Porter
Goose Island 312 Wheat Beer.

Yuengling's the best out the American Lager group... Unless Anchor Steam is handy.

May 08, 2007
manleyphoto in Beer

Full Sail

Heavy Seas Hop Ale (IPA) is pretty fantastic... I've not had a whole lot of experience with their other beers.

Apr 25, 2007
manleyphoto in Beer

Best sweet stout?

Bell's Double Cream is good, but Bell's Kalamazoo Stout is a close second.

Outside of that...
Weyerbacher Heresy Imperial Stout, and Dominion's Oak Barrel Stout are good as well.

Apr 25, 2007
manleyphoto in Beer