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Michigan-Top Bars and Restaurants close to Sommerset Mall?

Smith & Wollensky? where? are you referring to McCormick & Schmick's perhaps? Yes, there's a Morton's and pretty much across Big Beaver, there's also Ruth's Chris.

Enoteca (Campus Martius) - Detroit

Has anyone checked out this new wine bar? How's the vibe/atmosphere/aperitivo? Not sure if they serve any entrée? Please share your thoughts.

Detroit: Chicago style hot dog ?

Lipuma's in downtown Rochester.

Chen Chow in B'ham

sounds excellent. im definitely a big seabass fan myself. how is it prepped? im glad they'll be available on opentable so at least i can get points when i make reservations.

Chen Chow in B'ham

no, it's not a chain.

Chen Chow in B'ham

did you make it there on saturday night? was gonna check it out last friday but the buggers closed for a private party...BOO! ended up checking out ronin instead.

Chen Chow in B'ham

yes, that's the one. the old pampas churrascaria.

Chen Chow in B'ham

Has anyone been? Thoughts? Heard the decor and atmosphere are great but how's the food? So far mixed reviews.

Dining out in Rochester MI

i've always liked 4th street grille - above average food, quite intimate setting in an old post office building with dark mahogany walls. europa bistro is another place that has good french/italian cuisine although im not crazy about the french country setting. then there's always kruse & muer's and rochester chop house. either one is a good choice.

Sushi in Detroit?

one place that hasn't been mentioned yet (but i happen to have a fonding for) is sakana lounge in ferndale - it's got good food, several selection of sake, and just a funky vibe to it.

Detroit--GR is coming to town...

excuse my ignorance but what exactly is "GR"?

Ideas for interesting ethinc dinner in detroit burbs

yes, the oak park location closed when they lost their alcohol license so they moved to the clawson location last summer.

Ideas for interesting ethinc dinner in detroit burbs

you can try the royal kubo in downtown clawson for filipino food and since you're looking for a fun atmosphere, you can show off your vocal talent with their karaoke (or make fun of other people trying theirs)

Palace Grille in Auburn Hills, MI

a place not too distant from the palace that is certainly worth trying is lelli's on opdyke and featherstone. i recommend the surf n turf. not certain but i think they have a free shuttle to the palace.

Gaucho Brazilian Steakhouse - Northville, MI

Has anyone been? Thoughts?

Dim Sum in Madison? Detroit?

there's golden harvest in warren (6880 12 Mile Rd. west of Van Dyke) or east lake chinese restaurant in troy. im sure it's not as good as LA's but unfortunately it's slim pickens around here for dim sum. you might wanna try across the river in windsor. it's definitely authentic and there's more variety.

Pizza Warren, Mi

Although it is in Madison Heights, I figure it's close enough to Warren (12 mile and John R) - the Green Lantern Pizza. I like their thin-crust pizza.

Asian Village @ Detroit Riverwalk

Has anyone checked out this place yet? I read an article and saw pictures on the Free Press and everything looks favourable. Any input on the food and atmosphere is appreciated.

Kobe Burgers in Detroit Area

you're absolutely right. if it's not from kobe, japan, then it should be classified as wagyu beef. much like sparkling wine vs champagne.

Kobe Burgers in Detroit Area

Have never really looked for burgers but you might wanna check Papa Joe's (Rochester). I know they have good Kobe roast beef sandwiches. Also, the Alley Grille at Greektown serves some really succulent Kobe filets.

French food in northern Detroit suburbs?

the only french-ee (mix of italian and french) restaurant around the rochester area that i know of is europa bistro (nw corner of main and university). never been at that location but i went a couple of times when they were at their original location on auburn and crooks.

i thought food was decent and prices were reasonable.

b-day dinner around Detroit

not really a big fan but for if you've never been and for the price, mortons (southfield and troy) have a steak and seafood for two special for $99.

Empanadas in Metro Detroit

appreciate the reply jim. however, im not sure i wanna make the trek from rochester and leave that much of a carbon footprint just for empanadas. ill certainly keep that place in mind though if i find myself in the neighbourhood. cheers.

Empanadas in Metro Detroit

Anyone know of any places around the "D" where one can pick up some muy buenas empanadas? I'm really craving for some!!! gracias!

Money to spend in Detroit for my Birthday.

personally, i'm not big on morton's (or any of the other chains for that matter) but if you've never been and would like to try it, they have this deal going - perfectly fits your budget.

they have one in troy and another in southfield.

Livonia MI recs for TODAY?

i was gonna mention the restaurant down the road at Ikea since they have good swedish meatballs and salmon in dill cream sauce but you're vegetarian. however, you can still partake in their desserts, the swedish applecake and princess cake! oh, and don't forget to down it with lingonberry juice.

Indian in Rochester Hills, MI?

Actually, that's my biggest beef about Rangoli when it comes to the Tandoori chicken. They now leave them out with the buffet instead of bringing them out in the usual sizzling plate.

Thai in or near Rochester Hills, MI?

Bangkok Cuisine has got to be the most popular one. We come almost once a week and on some days, getting a table without waiting could be difficult. Kinda disappointed that they dont have fresh juices and bubble tea like Rexy's in Royal Oak. Orchid Cafe is good too, and they have some good lunch specials. Sala Thai is ok.

Money to spend in Detroit for my Birthday.

I agree with the Rattlesnake club for the warm summer evenings. Was there for the kickoff of their annual summer wine and jazz party and sitting out in the garden terrace is simply lovely. They have wine tasting, hors d'oeuvres and live jazz every Wednesdays.

What happened to the Fresh Market in Rochester Hills MI?

you might wanna try nobana (5365 Crooks Road) in Troy. they originally opened as another noble fish but not sure what happened to spark the name change.