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Little Coxwell Vietnamese/Thai review

I am writing this as I slurp up my take-out chicken noodle pho. When I'm under the weather I crave pho, but I'm not a broth expert - was happy back in the day to get mine from Gingers when I worked around Yonge and Bloor, and now I get from Pho Dai Nam on Birchmount. However, being at home, I wasn't prepared to drive that far.

It was mama in the kitchen and daughter out front. There were two tables occupied at about 1 pm, a group of adults and then a table of moms and babies. Was sweet to see one of the staff pick up one of the babies and show her off to mama in the kitchen while baby's mother got her coat on. As a parent I always appreciate a place that enjoys, not just tolerates, kids. I also appreciated the tea I was offered immediately after placing my order.

Got home and realised in my sickness stupor I'd forgotten to get my seasonings, but happily they were included in the huge bag, along with a massive container holding the noodles, green onion, what looked like caramelized onions and nice big pieces of chicken. A separate smaller bag held my whole leaf saw tooth cilantro, a few huge leaves of basil (still on the stem) and the bean sprouts. Nice touch to ensure everything is fresh upon mixing.

Broth tastes great (although I do have a cold)...I can see some glistening on the top of my broth, but nothing feels overly fatty. It's definitely hitting the spot and I will be back again for sure.

ETA: The take-out serving could feed two pretty easily, esp if you add on an order of rolls. I also got an order of tofu cold rolls and am having trouble finishing the first half of my soup.

Bracebridge - Waitt’s Bakery & Rombo's

Was there a Rombo's in Bracebridge? I know there's one in Gravenhurst.

Best Cupcakes in Toronto?

I was in the area today and totally craving one of their cakes, but both locations were closed - looks like they are in between moves now.

Had their tropical flavour cake last month (flavour of the month) and OMG it was delish. I need another fix...

Anywhere to get a decent b-day cake on the Danforth?

Curious where you ended up going with as a good cake place is always good to have on the roster.

Good pho in the scarborough or east end...

Pho Dai Nam is pretty good, especially if you live/work in the area. I've had a few different dishes and they've all been great. I work down the street and it's regularly one of our lunch spots. Their pho definitely satisfies my craving when it hits.

Sparkling Wines at the LCBO?

Not Ontario or Californian, but in our champers-loving home we love Cafe de Paris as our sparkling wine of choice. Made in France by Pernod and available at most of the larger LCBOs. La Grande Dame this 'aint, but you can't beat the price - $10.90.

My Canadian choice is Jackson-Triggs Methode C.C., but will 'upgrade' to Hillibrand Trius if I feel like spending more $.

Guilty Pleasures?

Pizza Pizza with garlic dipping sauce, sushi aji sai combo from Aji Sai (was Matsu combo #2 from New Generation Sushi but we moved), tofu pho from Ginger at Yonge and Bloor.

Also back in the old 'hood, chocolate peanut butter ice cream from Greg's. If they didn't have it, the default was always sweet cream.

During the summer on the drive up north, definitely McChicken Grill with fries from McD's and a strawberry sundae. Yum.

Greg's ice cream

chocolate peanut butter. definitely. I've been known to make treks from the east end in the summers to satisfy the craving. I've had other brands of choco-PB, but none compare.

Since it's not available all the time, my default is sweet cream. Yum.

Best Banana Cream Pie?

I know coconut cream isn't your thing, but the banana coconut cream tart at Pangaea is seriously good. Assuming you can overlook the coconut.

They regularly run out by the time dinner rolls around. I've contemplated going for lunch just to have the tart. Having read through this thread, I'm now craving banana cream pie too!

poppy-seed strudel etc.

I know what I'm doing this weekend...the quest begins!

poppy-seed strudel etc.

Looking for something similar for Xmas - walnut bejgli (beigli). Never got the taste for the poppy seed, but every year we'd buy a walnut bejgli from the Elizabeth Bakery/deli on Bloor. Sadly, since it's closing I have gone without both this and the yummy packages of szaloncukor (chocolate covered jelly candies).

I'm in the east end but have-car-will-travel, so any leads on either would be appreciated. I'd try to make the bejgli myself, but I'm not so adept with yeasty recipes.

Dinner on the Danforth tonight

Went to Trapezzi in January with the in-laws and keep meaning to go back. Decent food, decent wine list, good service and nice looking room (albeit a little dark). Not a huge menu, but should suit most tastes. They also do a $30 prix fix.

Any Cafes across from Holt Renfrew?

Definitely no good place to view, esp. since they are tearing up the south side of the street right now and traffic is already down to two lanes. Not sure if the work will be done before Friday or not, I'm sure it's giving event planners ulcers.

Your best bet would be to see if you can make a reservation in Holt's cafe. It does have a few tables by the large window at the front of the store and I think you can see out from there.

Marmalade cake company vs. Its the Icing on the cake

She's down in Roncesvalles, assuming she hasn't moved in the past few years.

New butcher in Leslieville?

Haven't been by in a bit - anyone seen any progress w/this place?

Recommendations near Sutton Place Hotel

Peridot Resto-Lounge on Yonge, just east of Bloor. Nice interior, decent food, not too expensive...and great cocktail menu.

Wish is also good, beside the Payless Shoes store on Charles. But pricier than Peridot.

Toronto Corporate Holiday Dinners

We held an event recently at Maro down in Liberty Village - great food, people kept commenting on how good it was and how great the staff were. They have a private dining room downstairs that can fit about 50 ppl, but if possible, it's so nice to book out the entire main floor. A little pricey, though, with a 10k buy out. Of course, that gets applied to F&B costs.

Dinner with Food-shy In-laws?

What about Southern Accent? Fits the Cajun bill, not too spicy usually, a range of dishes and a fun atmosphere. Plus a whack of side dishes to suit all tastes.

Chinese take-out boxes: any restos have them?

To purchase containers, check out They sell a variety of colours and sizes and are a wholesaler that sell to the public.

Order ahead take out for teens

There's Gale's diner at Eastern and Carlaw, but unfortunately it closes at 6 p.m. Great sandwiches and burgers and well priced to boot!

NOTL bike tour!

Just to confirm - are you planning to bike to Flat Rock?? That's a pretty adventurous bike ride and, from someone who experienced a heat wave during their last summer sojourn to NOTL, you may want to rethink that.

Eglinton Grand banquet hall?

We got married there the first year it opened and thought the food was great, all things considered. We even had raves from guests. Sounds like it's gone downhill - maybe cost-saving measures now that they're established as a venue?

Finding a venue was one of our most challenging parts of planning the wedding, because of the food and wine. How large is the wedding? Could you get away with renting out a restaurant or choosing a hall that allows you to bring in your own catering?

Good food in cottage country?

Rebecca's is definitely a permanent reso - opened in 2001. Had to look up the hwy (cottaged for too many years, it's now just the road to Port Carling!)

It's hwy 118, 1 km west of Peninsula Rd 705-765-0244

Ice Bites on Bethune Drive in Gravenhurst (I think it's still around) serves Kawartha Dairy and used to have huge scoops for a single serve.

Good food in cottage country?

The nicest non-hotel restaurant we've found is Rebecca's, on the highway, just before Port Carling. Food can be a little heavy sometimes, but a nice place to go for a decent meal.

Bala's pretty small, but a fantastic butcher shop opened up a few years back The resident butcher, Wally Demerchuk, was a butcher in Bloor West for 20 years. It's a toss-up if this place is as good asn Morley's, the Port Carling institution, but it's a heck of a lot closer for people in between Gravenhurst and Port Carling.

Some people enjoy Bass Lake (hwy 169 near Delta Sherwood) for pub-style food. I've found the quality's gone downhill considerably. Instead, take a day-trip to the town of Rosseau and eat at the old gas-station-turned-restaurant "Crossroads" at the top of the hill.

Bala has Don's Bakery, practically an institution in Muskoka, although the debate rages on as to whether it's truly the best in the north. Good scones and chelsea buns, the tarts are delish.

You can't go to Muskoka without buying the Milford Bay smoked trout pate. It's in the deli section of the Gravenhurst Independent Grocer.

Rombo's in Gravenhurst used to have delicious pizza. I haven't been in a very long time, but the place still looks busy.

Re: fish and chips, I've never eaten that up north. Gourmet food places are a little few and far between, part of the problem is many are only summertime operations and the season hasn't quite started. There's one beside Don's in Bala (haven't been to), and there's one in Port Carling beside Steamboat Bay, just at the top of the hill. It may be open. Sorry, can't remember the name.

Hope that helps a little.

Local Rhubarb yet? Danforth area

Just the stuff that's growing in my backyard, I haven't seen anything out the Danforth yet.

Niagara/NOTL Romantic getaway suggestions

We stayed at the Shaw Club last time we were in town, we're not huge into B&Bs and found the rates pretty decent. Breakfast was a little spotty, but the rooms were great (my hubby loved the TV built into the bathroom mirror).

My fav. wineries for wine: Lailey (vidal is mighty tasty!)
for building: Stratus
Pilliteri (the family table in the cellar room is amazing)

Outside of NOTL hands down my favourites are Flat Rock and Malivoire.

Our best meal was at Stone Road Grill. We thought Zee's was just ok.

Toronto's Best Food Neighbourhoods?

We used to live south of Harbord, north of College and loved it - everything was so close by. Great restos, decent food stores and a god mix of ethnicities. We're east enders now and still getting used to the lack of places to eat close by (and by that I mean more than 1 or 2 places to choose from with 5 minutes or less walk). But, we do have almost every chain grocery store you can think of and the Greektown shops are close by.

Masa teppanyaki - boring

the teppanyaki isn't great, actually none of the food is outstanding. But, their sushi lunch specials hit the spot when I don't want to fork out a lot of money (or walk to Yorkville). The rolls are huge, they barely fit in your mouth.

7 Numbers - on Danforth

We're heading tonight for dinner so I checked out the web site and noticed they're moving back to Eglinton West - 516 Eglinton W. at Heddinggot to be exact, just a block or so west of the old spot. No date posted yet, but you can submit your email address for notification.

Recommendations for a wedding cake?

We got our cake from Marmalade Cake Co. While Helen doesn't have the largest selection of cakes, the taste was great and the price was right (hopefully it wasn't her you already saw).

Helen was the pastry chef at the AGO before the renovations started, then she decided to go at the cake biz full time. We had a nut allergy in the group so she made the cake in the AGO kitchen to ensure it wasn't contaminated.

We also sampled Dessert Trends and Shirley's, they were great too but in the end, we just both felt an affinity for Helen.