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Providence vs. Patina

I've never been to Patina, but I just went to Providence last weekend. I had the full tasting menu and it was ok. There were some really good dishes out of the nine courses and some that were decent but none that wow'd me but also none that were awful. Their cocktails are also very good, made with fresh fruits if required. The biggest and probably the only complaint I had was that my table was 1 hour late. Made a reservation for 8:30 but got seated at 9:30. Then they told me the tasting can take up to 2 hours, but ended up being 4 hours, so we left the place around 12:50 AM. That pretty much ruled out doing anything after dinner. Service was nice with waiters aplenty, but with the prices you pay, you'd expect it. I might just be disgruntled with the extremely poor time management, but that aside, the food was ok. I actually was more impressed with the tasting menu at Opus in Koreatown, Wilshire and Western.

May 01, 2007
syckey in Los Angeles Area

Who has the best blue crab handroll?

I'll have to concur with kdoc on this one.

Apr 26, 2007
syckey in Los Angeles Area

Best Pizza in LA and Surrounding.....?

I'm originally from NY and always miss the good pizza you can get at almost any street corner there. I haven't really found a place in california that rivals NYC pizza, however, as "cheesy" as this sounds, there's a place in Burbank called NYPD Pizza that's pretty good. Their crust is what makes it close to home. Check them out at, i think they have other locations.

Apr 25, 2007
syckey in Los Angeles Area