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Is sherry poisonous?

Wine is never poisonous after any length of time. This could be interesting, or not.

Nov 01, 2007
RyanOpaz in Wine

a chef needs help touring spain!

I'm happy to give you a walk around in BCN and suggest topics and other things for other areas. We enjoy meeting new people and sharing ideas...Feel free to contact me. I run the site catavino

Oct 26, 2007
RyanOpaz in Spain/Portugal

ISO foodie tours/short cooking classes in Lisbon or Porto

Mouriscastours check them out we just did a podcast with the Director Cristina Brito - They have set tours and also do lots of private stuff. Check them out!

Aug 29, 2007
RyanOpaz in Spain/Portugal

Best time for wine touring in Spain?!

Depends what you want to do/see. Also where you want to go. Fall is much more beautiful, but the spring can be nice two with all the vines beginning to show their leaves. The main question though is where you go. In the Penedes, you could see a lot most of the year, mainly because Torres, Cordineau, and places like Can Bonastre offer good tourism options. Right now though, Alicante is starting a new tourism campaign where some new wineries will finally be open to visit. Also in LaMancha a new project is very exciting where about 30 wineries have all agreed to be open to tourists(a big step) all year round.
Here's a link to the LaMancha Project: http://www.enoturismocastillalamancha...

Aug 17, 2007
RyanOpaz in Spain/Portugal

Best Southern European X-Mas Vacation

My wife and I have 2 vouchers for a flight that will take us (we live in Spain) anywhere in Europe. Being that we are not big fans of X-Mas but are wine writers and foodies, we thought it might be fun to find something different to see/experience in southern Europe. Anyways, the tickets free, but we're still on a budget(tight). We're happy to hostal it, though we are looking for that gem of a deal where we can stay in something a bit nicer. For activites, we love history and would love to hike and walk a lot. The biggest question is with this time of year where will we not miss things that we should see. We're thinking either the week before or after the 25th to go, though we could wait till after the new year it that made a difference. Only places we don't want to go are Spain and Portugal(we live here!).

Thoughts? Ideas? Questions?

Barcelona - day trip to a Cava Vineyard?

Remember you need to go on a weekday so either Friday or Monday would be best for you. That said the sure fire visits are to the big ones, Freixenet and Codorniu, both a good time and well laid out visits. The best part too is that if you don't have a car you can do these by train that leaves from the SANTS station fairly regualarly. Should take about a 1/2 hr to get there. if you go in the morning you could even try to make both wineries with a lunch in between in downtown Sant Sarduni d'Anoia

It helps a ton if you call a head to confirm your visit. Both wineries can be found via google! Codorniu's contact info can be found here:

May 21, 2007
RyanOpaz in Spain/Portugal

Visiting Wineries in Spain?

Awesome tours, and great people..check them out!

Apr 30, 2007
RyanOpaz in Spain/Portugal

Cava Wineries to Visit?

Make sure you go on a weekday and then make sure to call ahead! WAY AHEAD. Drop in visitors rarely get much of a tour. Lots to see though and Sant Sadurni is the place to start. Remember too that you are in the Penedes and there are lots of great wineries that you could visit that don't make Cava.
If you up for a nice lunch at a picturesque site, visit Can Bonastre. They just opened a wine spa that overlooks Montserrat. I stayed there the first week they were open while visiting a bunch of wineries. Great place and in the heart of it all.

Apr 26, 2007
RyanOpaz in Spain/Portugal

Help Me Experience Spanish Wine -- PLEASE!

Thanks for the mention Debs! Nutella where are you studying? If your interested feel free to contact us through you site and we can give you some site specific recommendations. In general, try anything you don't recognize! The is the best and most fun way to discovver new wines, in my opinion. Also feel free to join in our virtual tastings since your here anyways, any tasting for you is Iberian! Cheers,

Apr 25, 2007
RyanOpaz in Wine

It's Not Champagne

Actually Cava is made through out Spain. It is a DO based on Method and not on Region. Some of the most exciting new Cava's are coming right now from the Regions located in the Politcal Zone of Valencia. Check out wines from Utiel-Requena for some super treats!

Apr 25, 2007
RyanOpaz in Features