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Dinner out for 12 - Norwalk Area ??

Is there room in BJ Ryans for such a large group? I haven't been there in probably 3 years and don't remember it well.

Nov 22, 2010
milano14 in Southern New England

Dinner out for 12 - Norwalk Area ??

Looking for a good, casual restaurant to take our visiting family to on Saturday night. There will be 12 of us, including an infant.
Don't want to travel too far from Norwalk.
Already considering the Brewhouse and Fat Cat (but feel Fat Cat's atmosphere isn't conducive for conversations with a big group - gets noisy in there).
Any suggestions??

Nov 22, 2010
milano14 in Southern New England

Fun Dinner Out for Girl's Night - Midtown

Looking for a fun place for dinner, for a girl's night out. We may be going to a show afterwards, so I'm looking for something in the midtown area.
Good atmosphere, good food, $20 entree price range.
Any cuisines other than Indian, Asian/Sushi.

And looking to go this Saturday night, so nothing that needs really advanced reservations.

Jan 11, 2010
milano14 in Manhattan

Breakfast in Midtown? 3rd & 53rd

Is Penelope open on the weekends?
On their website the menu only lists Monday-Friday.

Jan 04, 2010
milano14 in Manhattan

Breakfast in Midtown? 3rd & 53rd

Going to be in NYC this weekend for a girl's weekend.
We're staying in east midtown and I'm looking for a good breakfast location for Sunday morning.
We'll be leaving later in the morning out of Grand Central. So somewhere in that vicinity would be ideal.
Looking for comfort food, casual breakfast.


Jan 04, 2010
milano14 in Manhattan

Best location for ladies lunch - Fairfield County??

This Saturday 3 of us are looking to take a friend out to lunch as a pseudo baby shower (we weren't able to attend the real one). We're looking for a nice lunch location, good atmosphere and perfect for 25-30 yr. olds.
Restaurants I've been considering are:
Roger Sherman Inn - New Canaan
Dressing Room - Westport
Schoolhouse at Canondale - Wilton
Elms - Ridgefield

All serve a lunch or brunch option, but I have yet to have eaten at any of these restaurants, so don't know which would be the best for our occasion.

Thoughts? Recommendations?
Thanks in advance.

Cute Lunch Place? - Greenwich/Stamford/Norwalk

A friend is having a baby shower that a few of us won't be able to attend.
So we're looking for alternate lunch spots in the area to take her out to for a nice lunch and to 'shower' her with more gifts.
Are there any lunch places in the area that you would recommend? We could also do Port Chester or New Canaan, Westport even.

Looking to go next weekend.


Phoenixville Restaurants - Recommendations?

What restaurants would you recommend in Phoenixville, along Bridge Street?
(I'm not from the area...)

Any of the following?
Iron Hill Brewery
Black Lab Bistro
Molly Maguire's
Fenix (is this a tapas place?)
Pickering Creek Inn

Any Others?

Looking for a girl's night out for a Bridal Party, on a Thursday night.

Aug 11, 2009
milano14 in Pennsylvania

Special Girl's Dinner Out - Locations??

this place looks great! i'll add it to my list - thanks!

Aug 11, 2009
milano14 in Pennsylvania

Special Girl's Dinner Out - Locations??

Mostly looking for more casual type food, bar not necessary. Tapas might be a good option for this group.
BYOB could be an option.
We'll be dining on a Thursday night.
Price range of no more than $20-$25 an entree.
I think the bride would prefer the suburbs.

Aug 11, 2009
milano14 in Pennsylvania

Special Girl's Dinner Out - Locations??

I'm looking for a restaurant (and nighttime ideas) for a night out with some girlfriends before a wedding. I'm not from the area, so looking for some help from here!
My sister-in-law is getting married and instead of the traditional bridal party she really just wants a nice night out with her bridal party.
We'll be in the King of Prussia area, but aren't opposed to going into Philadelphia or any of the surrounding towns/cities.
Any type of food we're open to. Looking for good atmosphere, that won't mind having a party of 6 women.
Not too expensive, but I'll take any and all suggestions and check them out.

Thanks in advance - I really appreciate it.

Aug 10, 2009
milano14 in Pennsylvania

Ocean City - Best Crab??

We're vacationing in Ocean City for the first time end of the month.
My husband is originally from Maryland and loves crabs.
What is the best place to get Crab?

And while I'm posting, any other recommendations for eating? Nothing expensive; looking for summer casual.


Jul 08, 2009
milano14 in Mid-Atlantic

Outdoor Dining? Fairfield County

Any Outdoor dining recommendations for Fairfield County? It doesn't have to be on the water. Just a nice outdoor atmosphere.
We're pretty open in regards to what type of food and price.
Looking for somewhere other than a restaurant in Stamford or Greenwich.
Thanks in advance!

Deli/Catering for Sandwiches around Southbury, CT?

I'm hosting a bridal shower in a few weekends and looking for good recommendations for sandwich/catering places around Southbury.
Wraps and inventive yummy sandwiches. Not just run of the mill stuff.
Any suggestions?

Rye Bar and Grill

A big truck from Lillian August was there on Saturday unloading furniture!
Hopefully they'll have a website this time around.

Midtown - Coffee Shop on a Saturday afternoon?

Going to be in the city on Saturday afternoon, evening...and looking for a coffee shop around the Empire State Building/Penn Station or down to 26th to meet some friends, grab a coffee and chat.
Our intent is to avoid the Starbucks on every corner.
Any good suggestions?

Jan 07, 2009
milano14 in Manhattan

RUB or Blue Smoke?

Which of these places would you recommend more? Need some help deciding...

We're looking to go on a Saturday night - how hard will it be to get a table if RUB doesn't take reservations?

Thanks in advance...

Jan 03, 2009
milano14 in Manhattan

New Years Eve - Fairfield/Westchester Counties???

Looking for suggestions for dinner out for 6 on New Years Eve in Lower Faifield County or Westchester County...restaurant doesn't have to have a special menu for the night. Just great atmosphere, good menu, and decent wine list. Can get a little dressed up for the occasion, but not over the top.
Budget no more than $75 per person, including some drink.
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance!

Copacabana Steakhouse in Port Chester - good?

Haven't been...and can't find much out about it. Any recommendations for going here? Good/Bad experiences?

Westchester/Fairfield County - Dinner for 10?

Looking for good food, good atmosphere, within walking distance of other bars, for a group of 10. Moderately priced and any type of cuisine, doesn't matter.
We're looking for a restaurant where we could possibly have our own space or at least a more private corner of the dining room.
Any suggestions in Westchester or Fairfield Counties?
If I need to be more specific about what we're looking for, just let me know!
Thanks for any help in advance.

Rye Grill and Bar - open?

I know that it has been under construction. Has it reopened yet? Or does anyone know when it will be reopening?

Croton-on-Hudson Dinner Recommendations?

We're heading to the Blaze at the Van Cortlandt Manor one Saturday night this month and are looking for dinner recommendations in the area. We'll be driving by way of Tarrytown, so suggestions between there and the Manor would be great.
Looking for something casual, but good food. Cozy atmosphere would be a plus, but any recommendations I'd appreciate!

1st Anniversary Dinner - Hartford

Thank you all for your suggestions! I'm going to give all the suggestions to my husband and let him narrow them down and pick one.
FoodieJim - I actually grew up in Portsmouth, NH. But we'll be traveling from S.Fairfield County, which is where we live now. Does that change any of your suggestions?

1st Anniversary Dinner - Hartford

My husband and I will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary at the end of the month. We'll be in the Hartford, CT area and were hoping for a nice dinner out in the area. Suggestions?
Any type of food other than asian/sushi is good.
Price isn't really a concern (although we're not looking to break the bank).
We're ok going casual or fancy - we'd just like a really great meal with a great atmosphere
...and for any of your possible suggestions - what is the dress code for the restaurant?
Thanks in Advance!

Birthday Lunch on Sunday - Woodbury/Southbury/New Milford Area??

Looking to take my Mother out for lunch for her Birthday on Sunday. Any kind of food works, moderately priced ($20 pp including drink). We'll be in the Southbury area, but are willing to travel for a good place.

Birthday Lunch? Woodbury/Southbury/New Milford Area?

Looking to take my Mother out for lunch for her Birthday on Sunday. Any kind of food works, moderately priced ($20 pp including drink). We'll be in the Southbury area, but are willing to travel for a good place.

North/ Middle VT/ NH-good eats & beers?

It's been a few years - but the Vermont Pub & Brewery is a nice atmosphere for a good pub meal. Sweetwaters used to be good as well.
Montpelier has a few restaurants as well. The wings at Mcgillicuddy's are yum, the rest of the food is decent as well. Sarduccis (italian) and the N.England Culinary Institute are 2 more in Montpelier.
In West Lebanon NH, Lui Lui's is good for pasta and pizza. There aren't too many restaurants other than chains in West Lebanon. If you don't mind going a little off the beaten path, Hanover (where Dartmouth College is) has some decent restaurants.
There is also the Simon Pearce Restaurant in Quechee, VT if you're looking for something a little nicer.
Truth be told there isn't too much between Burlington & Montpelier, and then from Montpelier through 89 to Concord, NH.

Lake George Summer Restaurants?

I'm looking for restaurant recommendations for the Lake George area. We'll be renting a house near the lake for the first time in a few weeks and don't know the area at all.
Looking for good food, moderately priced, outdoor dining if possible, somewhat kid friendly (we'll have a 4 year old with us some nights).
Any suggestions?

And are there any good ice cream places in the area too?

Thanks in Advance!

Ice Cream in southern CT?

There's a dairy farm in Oxford, CT, called Rich's that has fresh, delicious ice cream - in a casual setting - the exact opposite of a Cold Stone Creamery.
I'm looking to find out whether there are any places like that in Fairfield County? We live in Norwalk and would definitely be willing to go for a bit of a drive...do any exist?
Thanks in advance...

Waterfront Dining Ffld Cty CT?

Now that summer is here...
Wondering if there are any good/great restaurants that have outdoor seating on the waterfront in Fairfield County that I'm unaware of.
I live in lower Fairfield County and can only really think of SoNo Seafood and the Crab Shell in Stamford that can be considered outdoor, on the water dining.
What else is out there?