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Weekend Away at the Samoset Resort

I agree with the "Maniac"!! My wife and I visit Rockland(from Florida) every June.... and, seriously.....unless you do something "tacky" like eat at chain restaurants.... it would be really hard to find a bad meal in the Mid-Coast area!!

Boones Fish House & Oyster Room--Collard Greens!!

Having grown up in the South, I've never heard of cooking collards, or any green for that matter, in root beer, but, why not?.............My favorite recipe is to cook them in a half and half mixture of water and chicken broth, with a diced Bermuda or Vidalia onion added, along with either lean diced ham, or ham base.......gotta watch the cholesterol!!

Best Maine Blueberry Pie

My wife and I are from Florida, but we visit Mid-Coast Maine each summer.....and, Dot's is one of our stops each time. While I can't say that she's the best in Maine(haven't tried many more)......but, it is top notch!!

Conte's in Rockland

Could someone in the know, such as "Midcoastmaineiac" or others please give me the honest low- down on Conte's? We vacation each year in Rockland, and, frankly, we've not tried it because there seems to be no middle ground on recommendations.......either, you love it or hate it!! The "sketchy" looking exterior has been a bit of a turn-off, also. Is it worth the adventure to "man up" and go.....or, is it better off undone??

$ 1.00 oyster happy hour in NYC.....Any such thing??

The Long Room Pub, on West 44th Street....right next to our hotel....the Mela...had $1.00 oysters almost constantly!! Thanks to all who replied!!

Jun 27, 2012
Foodman53 in Manhattan

$ 1.00 oyster happy hour in NYC.....Any such thing??

2 hounds from coastal Florida will be in the city for a week....June 15th to 23rd. We're aware of Grand Central, Pearl, and Famous OB' anyone doing what I've described?

Would like to stay in Manhattan, but would travel to Long Island City or Williamsport in order to satisfy the craving. I know that this is probably in other "boards", but didn't see it at first glance.

Anyway, thanx bunches to all that reply!K

May 28, 2012
Foodman53 in Manhattan

Zapp's Potato Chips

The Utz crab chip is remarkably similar to the Zapp's creole chip. In fact, as has been posted on the thread, Utz now owns Zapp's So, failing to find the original, Utz's would be a reasonable facsimile...

May 28, 2012
Foodman53 in Manhattan

Fairway Market "clone" in BOS??

Is there any store similar in style and variety to the Fairway Markets in NYC that can be found in Boston proper?? If so, please list addresses and locations?? Many thanks!!

May 22, 2011
Foodman53 in Greater Boston Area

Good Southern chains?

Since we're talking "Southern" chain, it could be any cuisine....with that in mind, two very acceptable Deep South chains are Sonny's BBQ and Golden Corral. Again, not "haute cuisine", but perfectly acceptable!!

May 22, 2007
Foodman53 in Chains

Chinese food in the triangle

Understand that it's not a "gourmet restaurant", per se.....but last Easter Sunday, my wife and I went to early morning services, and on the way home, about 11:00am, stopped into the Grand Asia Market on Fred Jones RD to pick up some seafood to boil that evening........Let me tell you, there were probably 150 college age Asian kids in there, chowing down on the Chinese buffet, which from personal experience, is quite good..and reasonable @ $6.49.

Now, that could have been the only place open at that time of morning, but it was loaded, and the patrons clearly looked to be enjoying themselves!! "Haute cuisine", hardly....but, it got the job done!!

One Lunch In Charleston - Need Recs!

It's been a couple of years since I've been to Charleston, but Poogan's Porch on King ST served a quite nice & reasonably priced lunch.....although they're much more of a dinner restaurant...try them & see!

really good grocery stores

Now, it may be "gauche" or "tacky" to say so on a gorumet blog such as this, but if you're buying meat only(not prime grade or kobe beef)...on a day in-day out's still hard to beat Winn-Dixie, particularly if you catch them in a sale.

Over the years, Publix has changed suppliers several times, and has just been less consistant than W/D at the meat counter...However, travel to any other department in the store, and Publix beats them hands down.

Again, I'm not speaking of organic or gourmet quality meat....but, if USDA Choice fufills your needs....don't forget the "Beef People"....

May 18, 2007
Foodman53 in Florida

BBQ Query

Being a lifelong Floridian, I've found that the best & most authentic "cue" is eithe found in Mom & Pop places in the rural North and Central Florida areas...or, in the cities, principally in the black neighborhoods. These two ethnicities just seem to have a knack for the cuisine that isn't easily replicated in the chain joints...examples of these would be Tiny's on Blountsville Highway outside of Tallahassee, or Jenkins BBQ just off from downtown Jacksonville. Places such as these...which I'm sure there are many of...would "set the bar" for BBQ here in the land of the "hanging chad"....

May 17, 2007
Foodman53 in Florida

Need Jacksonville, Florida hound advice

Also, the Avondale/Five Points/Riverside area(west side of river) is beginning to rival the San Marco area for restaurants. If you're here on a Friday, pick up the local paper, the Florida Times-Union, and look for restaurant listings in the "Weekend" section. Also, the free paper, Folio Weekly, can help you tremendously in a restaurant search...

May 17, 2007
Foodman53 in Florida

BBQ Query

Florida isn't exactly BBQ heaven, much like the Carolinas, Georgia, or Kentucky. That said, however, from a "reasonable price" point of would be hard to beat Sonny's statewide, and Bono's in the North Florida area(Jacksonville, Gainesville, Ocala, & Tallahassee).

Many of the towns in the north part of the state(Lake City/Live Oak/Perry) have some good local places such as Ken's, Rhodes' & Tiny's.....If this is your passion, happy hunting and "Bone Appeitit"

May 16, 2007
Foodman53 in Florida

Need help remembering name of seafood restaurant in Queens.....

Last Memorial day, my wife and I(from Florida) went to dinner at a seafood restaurant in Queens, on Borden Avenue, near the ferry dock that takes you over to Manhattan. We're going back to the city this year, but I've forgotten the name of the place. It was a seafood/Italian/steak place, decorated on an old "boxing" motif......serving excellent food, at a moderate price(for NYC).....with some of the more gargantuan protions that we'd ever been served. Seriously, we each ate for a whole extra day on the leftovers.

Can any of you NYC/Outer Boroughs hounds help me out with the name of the place?? Thanks

Apr 30, 2007
Foodman53 in Outer Boroughs

Chowing in Charleston and Savannah

Been several years since we've been to Charleston, but my wife and I always made a point to go to Poogan's Porch, and thought it was great! If it's gone downhill, I'm sorry to hear that!

In Savannah....Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House beats the Lady and Sons every day, and twice on Sunday. Paula has gone too commercial!!

Seafood in Seattle??

My wife and I are planning a summer trip to the Pacific Northwest(Seattle/Portland/Victoria/Vancouver) during the middle two weeks of July...and can't wait!! Being from Florida(Jacksonville area), I'm curious about one thing. The price of such seafood as oysters, crab, and shrimp seem to be astronomical in your area, as compared to what we expect here. From reading travel posts and online menus, "oyster bar" oysters are, at minimum $2 to $3 each up there.....where down here, anything over a buck each would be considered armed robbery!!. Being "oyster afficiandos"(sic) that we are, we know that you grow some of the world's best.....but, our Apalachicolas, Florida Keys, and Chesapeake bay O's aren't shabby, either!!

During our visit, we'll "pay the frieght" a time or two...but, I'm not sure that I can really enjoy myself, thinking that I 'm being overcharged! With that in mind, are there some oyster/crab bars in that area, that the "locals" go to..and, not take such a dent in the wallet!!

Thanks a bunch!!

Apr 25, 2007
Foodman53 in Pacific Northwest

What Manhattan Restaurants (Hi, Mid, and Cheap) do you keep going back to?

I visit NYC about once a year, and my wife and I always eat at Pergola Des Artistes and St. Andrew's...both mid-town in the West 40's, and both mid priced. A lot of bang for the buck with both, in both food quality and atmosphere!!

Apr 25, 2007
Foodman53 in Manhattan