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Fresh Pork Hind Shanks in New Orleans?

Does anyone have a local butcher who can get pork shanks, preferably hind shanks? Rare cuts has frozen fore shanks which average just under a pound, I am looking for the big hind shanks that weigh in at 2-3 lbs. Looking to do Schweinehaxe German style. Most stores don't even know that fresh shanks exist, being in the land of ham hocks. Any leads?

Jun 03, 2012
Riomarguy in New Orleans

Frozen Custard in Nashville area.....

When I Google everything that comes up has closed....anything new out there? I am from New Orleans but visit Nashville often and we lost our only custard stand post-Katrinia. Thanks!

Cooking classes in New Orleans?

I have a friend and fellow foodie coming down from Nashville for a weekend visit who is interested in taking a cooking class while in town. I know of all the usual classes such as New Orleans School of Cooking and such, but we are both a little past that level. I have read the latest post by the TP food editor as well, something like what the Savvy Gourmet used to do would have been perfect but of course it is long gone. Any suggestions anyone? I am especially interested in non-Creole/Cajun food in particular Vietnamese. If nobody is doing classes in this cuisine, someone is missing the boat! I would appreciate any input....Thanks!

Mar 13, 2011
Riomarguy in New Orleans

Frozen Custard in New Orleans anymore?

That is indeed the place, and I remember reading an extensive article about him and his contributions to the food world. The special flavors were amazing, especially the egg nog and pumpkin pie and black cherry. A few places on this side of the river carried his products, including a place on Jackson Square and I believe the Diamond Street Market.

I have found a few custard stands in the Gulf Shores/Orange Beach area, but nothing closer. Too bad, there is really nothing like the density and texture of freshly extruded frozen custard.

Jul 26, 2010
Riomarguy in New Orleans

Frozen Custard in New Orleans anymore?

I have been having the biggest craving for Frozen Custard, and have no idea if there are any places left that make it here. I remember the West Bank place on Lapalco pre-Katrina, but it closed years ago. Anyone have any ideas?

Jul 25, 2010
Riomarguy in New Orleans

Where to eat in Bali - Manggis and Seminyak?

in Ubud Ibu Oka is fantastic, make sure you get some of the lawar (blood sausage) . Janet DeNeefe and her husband Katut run two fine restaurants there as well, Casa Luna and Indus. They run a fantastic B+B as well, with amazing breakfasts delivered from the restaurant every morning. Jimbarian Bay is quite often sub par and WAY overpriced. BTW Janet also does a great cooking school on site, I took two classes and learned a lot about classic Balinese dishes.

Sep 30, 2008
Riomarguy in India & South Asia

I can't find pappardelle

Nor Joes for sure.....I am leary of Central, not sure how fast their stock is moving. A great place to buy dried porcini's, bulk spices, and of course olive oil. Plus they are friendly!

Apr 01, 2008
Riomarguy in New Orleans

Christmas Dinner in Montreal

LOL Calla we just got a HUGE paella pan is nearly 4' across! Makes enough for 80 people. WE have a party for 50 tonight as it's maiden voyage.

Christmas Dinner in Montreal

My partner and I will be in Montreal Dec. 21-27. We are from New Orleans and are looking forward to some great food, as well as Ron's first glimpse of SNOW (Yes it is true). Staying at the Fairmont, I have gotten some great tips on this board for several meals but am still looking for something for Christmas day. I have received some menus from the Fairmont, but am very wary of most hotel food with the exception of a quick breakfast fix. Any suggestions? It doesn't need to be a huge blow-out, in fact I know that many places will be understaffed and overworked so would like to keep it rather modest. Being in the business I am more interested in quality food and service rather than the "scene". Any help would be most appreciated. Looking forward to APDC, l'express, lemec, etc. Any other suggestions for small, off-the "A" list restos would be great. Thanks!

Rio Mar Restaurant
800 South Peters, New Orleans, LA 70130

The state of turtle soup

Well as a former tip slave at Commanders (over 13 years) I have to stand up for their turtle soup. Yes of course they use beef and veal but there is always a third of high quality turtle meat in their recipe. I have watched it being made and believe me it is in there. Although I do not consider myself an expert on Turtle Soup, I have yet to find another version that exceeds Commanders. I am not sure that a soup that is 100% turtle is necessarily the best version. Beef gives it body, veal texture and the turtle that "je ne se quois" that makes it so wonderful. I am sure I will be flamed for this post but be it as it may. I still crave the stuff......

Jul 01, 2007
Riomarguy in New Orleans

"Blue Steel" bakeware care

Thanks for the info Jerry...I bought two large cookie sheets at TJ Maxx for less than $10 each...they are De Buyer. They weigh about five pounds each and bake like a dream, but as you said are a pain to maintain. Especially here in New Orleans, they tend to want to rust. I will keep my other one for baking only and will use the damaged one to see if I can get a nice patina going on it.

Jun 03, 2007
Riomarguy in Cookware

"Blue Steel" bakeware care

I used a french blue steel sheet pan to roast off some chicken for Memorial Day. When I washed the pan the next day, the blue finish came off wherever the chicken had caramelized. Two questions: is that kind of cookware to be used only for baking cookies and such, and is there any way to restore the finish? Thanks...

May 29, 2007
Riomarguy in Cookware

Muffaletta on a Monday?

Take a small detour on the way to the airport and go to Nor Joe's in Old Metairie, just off Metairie Road past the railroad tracks. It is a fantastic Italian food products distributor that supplies many restaurants in the N.O. area. Three times the selection of Central, and the employees are actually NICE to you. Central is more of a tourist shop, Nor Joe's is where locals stock up . Their muffaletta's weigh twice as much with high quality meats and cheeses, you can call ahead and have your order ready when you get there. Thjey usually have some samples of dips and spreads available for tasting at the counter, a huge selection of olive oils, it is a real foodie heaven! It is less than 5 minutes off the interstate, take Metairie Road exit and turn left . On the right hand side just over the railorad tracks, take the small road and you will see it on the left just behind the shopping center .

Apr 24, 2007
Riomarguy in New Orleans