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How do you pronounce SUNDAE ( ice cream sundae)?

My parents, now in their eighties, grew up in East St. Louis, and my dad's family pronounces it "sun-duh." I grew up saying it that way, too. My husband thinks I made it up.

More and more Whole chickens/turkeys coming WITHOUT giblets?

At the risk of sounding like a crank--it seems to me that more and more chickens and turkeys are coming without giblets inside. I suspect packagers are increasing profits by selling them separately, but I miss them!! Anyone else notice this?

Nov 08, 2014
awalker in General Topics

What's the difference between Braunschweiger and Liverwurst?

I'm so glad to read this! I grew up in the Midwest, too, and loved braunschweiger with green onions and radishes on thin-sliced pumpernickel as a kid (my mom is Lithuania, raised in Germany). When I got to the East Coast, I couldn't find spreadable braunschweiger anymore and missed it so much!! I hate the sliceable liverwurst I was typically offered instead.... I eventually found one or two outlets, but nothing like the landsleberwurst Treasure Island used to sell (maybe still does?)....

Mar 19, 2011
awalker in General Topics

How Green Is Your Takeaway Container?

I've been thinking (mostly in a pretty lazy way) about how to get the word out about all this. Talking to friends, families, restaurants we visit is important and a great way to start, but what about all the people we don't have direct contact with who might be willing to work on it but simply haven't given the matter a thought (yet)? I'm thinking Web site, Facebook group, e-factsheets distributed widely to restaurants and other foodsellers...? Anyone have any brilliant ideas?

Apr 29, 2009
awalker in Features

How Green Is Your Takeaway Container?

I brought my own container today to Vanessa's Dumplings on 14th street -- they serve fantastic soup and dumplings but use large plastic containers (you can reuse them, but you should see how many we have in our kitchen!) and stryofoam, even for eat-in. Anyway, they were a bit puzzled by the container I brought from home, but when they understood what I wanted (and my container was very, very clean) they were happy to comply. The woman next to me in line said "That's so nice! I'm going to start doing that." You never know....

Btw, souperchix -- we used to get deliveries from Rainbow Chicken on the UWS (now defunct, I think, sadly) who sent grilled chicken in foil bags, which we recycled. Would that work at your restaurant?

Feb 06, 2008
awalker in Features