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Chowhound's top 10 in GTA- 2015 version

Hi Charles!

Will definitely try it, 369 was incredibly good for me. Best Xiao Long Bao ever!

Chowhound's top 10 in GTA- 2015 version

1. Bar Isabel
2. Dailo
3. Yasu
4. Bar Buca
5. Electric Mud
6. Santouka
7. 369 Shanghai
8. Chase
9. Buca Yorkville
10. Fat Pasha

Any tips on The Azores ? ( Ponta Delgada especially )

I don't remember ever reading an Azorean report from you. Would love to hear about anything you particularly enjoyed while in Sao Miguel?

Nov 04, 2014
themiguel in Spain/Portugal

Any tips on The Azores ? ( Ponta Delgada especially )

I belong to a facebook group focused on azorean gastronomy and they recently did a poll on the top restaurants in Sao Miguel. Here are the results

1. Paladares da Quinta (traditional Azorean)
2. Hotel Terra Nostra Park (upscale)
3. Boca De Cena (seafood)
4. Associacao Agricola (steak)
5. Escola De Formacao Turistica (upscale)
6. Q'enosso (traditional)
7. Restaurante Sao Pedro (upscale)
8. Garajau (traditional)
9. A Tasca (traditional with a twist)
10. Mariserra (traditional)

I actually prefer the more authentic "tasca" style places in Sao Miguel rather than more upscale attempts like Terra Nostra Park and Escola Da Formacao. To that end I would add deep fried chicharros either at Manuel Cigano in Ponta Delgada or Costaneira in Ribeira Quente. Also an awesome sea food focused place called Mare Cheia in Porto Formoso.

Have heard great things about Taverna Saca Rolhas in Relva, but havent had a chance to eat there yet.

Any tips on The Azores ? ( Ponta Delgada especially )

I'm here to help Estufarian. See you in the Toronto board!

Nov 04, 2014
themiguel in Spain/Portugal

Any tips on The Azores ? ( Ponta Delgada especially )

Actually, here is the proper link to the actualy family run site where you can make reservations etc. http://www.moinhodabibi.com/en

Nov 03, 2014
themiguel in Spain/Portugal

Any tips on The Azores ? ( Ponta Delgada especially )

Hi there,

Im the guy who posted that link originally - and Estufarian found the right windmill. Hope it's still in time for you to book it, it's a wonderful place!

Nov 03, 2014
themiguel in Spain/Portugal

Help me out with my Markham Food Tour

Do I have to order the piglet in advance? Just called them and I ordered the Peking Duck, and I said Char Siu which I hope they understood to mean the piglet...

Help me out with my Markham Food Tour

You are a treasure on this board Charles - will book at Dragon Boat then. Can't wait to try all of this, should be a fun outing!

Help me out with my Markham Food Tour

Arrrggggh called Skyview up and apparently they are in the middle of a renovation that will take them till December? Any advice here then? Should I do dim sum somewhere else and do Casa Victoria for Peking Duck? Or try Dayali or Chunk King Garden.

Help me out with my Markham Food Tour

Thanks so much everyone! We did a Richmond Hill tour a couple of years ago where we hit up O'Mei, Northern Dumpling and Yangs so may skip those this time around (although the lure of Northern Dumpling is so strong!)

Im thinking then Casa Victoria Dim Sum, Won Ton Hut, John's BBQ, and Skyview Peking Duck.

Help me out with my Markham Food Tour

Hi everyone,

Taking a group of friends on a food focused outing out in Markham (can do Scarborough as well)

I was thinking to start things off with Dim Sum, then we usually do an activity (we're going to an escape room challenge) then a bunch of snacking and maybe one other activity and finish it off with some Peking Duck for dinner. I was going to try Dayali but now I am seeing really mediocre Yelp reviews while Chung King is much more highly regarded.

So what im looking for is:

Advice on good Dim Sum in the area
Dayali or Chung King (or somewhere else?) for Peking Duck?
Ideas on tasty snacks or other smaller dishes we can eat in the meanwhile- some ideas I have are:

Shrimp Pakoras at Federicks
Maybe Yakitori at that Jtown place?
Souffles and Dessert at Sweet note.

Theres usually about 10 of us so not sure how good some of these places are for larger groups.

Thanks for any help you can give (Charles Yu I'm hoping you chime in here!)

Bridget, the roti lady is back!

If you work in the financial district and crave some roti, there's literally no other option.

But regardless of that, her cooking stands on its own merit. I like her shrimp & pumpkin and jerk chicken roti better than anything at Bacchus.

Agreed with Magic, hot sauce is killer.

Best Nachos in Toronto?

Also a statement like "anything Toronto can do, Montreal can do better" in the Toronto board is bound to draw heat. That's an extremely bold, indefensible claim. :)

Best Nachos in Toronto?

Glad you have such pride for Montreal, but at the risk of taking this too off topic I have to disagree that Montreal destroys Toronto.

Vietnamese, Japanese (especially Ramen), Thai, Malay, Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Singaporean, Korean are all done better and more varied here than in Montreal. Its not even close.

Montreals bistros (obvs), mid end, high end, middle eastern, wine bars etc. tend to be much better than Toronto's offerings.

Advice for upcoming visit: Portuguese, local Ontario fare, tasting menus, etc. - research done

Agreed with churrasco - I'm portuguese and I constantly get asked what my favorite place is. I am partial to Costa Verde on Oakwood, but in reality any joint in the city will do fine. Especially if you eat the coal grilled chicken as opposed to rotisserie, because most places in town are inconsistent as to how moist the chicken is.

Not sure big crow is open for lunch actually, certainly not during the week? And agreed with BBYeezus, when you grill something on your backyard grill everyone calls it barbecuing it. Thats just a common Canadian term for it without any U.S.A smoker style connotations.

Its not a perfect place by any means, but the patio is awesome and with a bigger group its a unique, fun and delicious experience.

Advice for upcoming visit: Portuguese, local Ontario fare, tasting menus, etc. - research done

Hi there,

1. With Portuguese it really depends on what you are looking after. Most people will tell you Chiado, and I would agree. Stick with their fish dishes or anything more "modern" or tapas-like and you will have a great time. It is higher end with an old school feeling to it. Nothing trendy about the place.

That being said, if you've never tried churrasco chicken then hitting up one of the many places around town would definitely be in order.

I have a soft spot for Amadeus, but mostly because of their great patio. Grab a pitcher of sangria, some grilled sardines and enjoy the kensington market street scene.

2. Here would be one recco for a unique take on Canadian cuisine. The patio at Big Crow does BBQ, but not southern BBQ with a smoker. Rather its an ode to Canadian cottage cuisine and a huge outdoor wood grill churning out stuff like a 2lb ham stake with honey hot sauce and a whole grilled chicken with salsa verde. Cocktails are expensive and weak, stick with beer and wine there.

3. You can have your local requirement and a tasting menu all at once with Actinolite, but read lots of reviews before heading there. Its an austere NOMA like experience that might not be for everyone. The other big tasting menu spots are Momofuku Shoto and Splendido. All 4 are completely different experiences.

I quite like Canoe although it is seen as too corporate by many here. It is very Canadian inspired and it turns out some delicious dishes. Edulis is european farmhouse and would likely be the cheapest of all the tasting menu options listed. Reservations may be an issue during the weekend.

Where's the best fried chicken in the GTA ?

I would give EM's fried chicken another shot, eaten there recently and its quite good. Porchetta's fried chicken special is also amazing when they have it.

Bridget, the roti lady is back!

She is back now! Apparently has been back for about 2 weeks, but I did not notice her. As usual she wont come out if the rain is too strong. Had a jerk chicken roti today (by 12:45 she was out of shrimp & pumpkin) and was as delicious as always!

Bridget, the roti lady is back!

I work right by her usual spot, if I see anything I will post here.

NYC Hound's First Visit to Toronto -- Fine dining recommendations

Looking at Louros menu online, the only portuguese reference I see is Piri Piri shrimp. In the about section Louro is defined by its chef (who is Portuguese) as North American cuisine.

So not really a Portuguese restaurant in any sense of the word besides the chef being of Portuguese descent, no use comparing it to Chiado, Aldea or Cafe Ferreira who wear their Portuguese influences on their sleeve.

Need a bit of guidance for trip to atlanta

We are staying near Daddy Dz BBQ on Memorial Drive SE. Regarding BoccaLupo, much like the other gentleman from Toronto, going to an Italian place in Atlanta no matter how delicious, would be a tough call as Toronto is pretty well represented in that cuisine.

So we are mostly focused on Southern/New Southern, BBQ and Mexican or any other unique to Atlanta experiences.

Budget wise we are considering Empire State South to be the "fancy" dinner for the weekend, so other meals should be a lower in price then ESS will be.

Hope that helps!

Apr 17, 2014
themiguel in Atlanta

Need a bit of guidance for trip to atlanta

Hi there,

I am helping out in planning for a friend's bachelor party. We are a fairly large group (12) from Toronto, all young professionals staying from Friday night to Monday. I'm not going to bother trying to get reservations or worry about lunches/brunches because who knows when we will be up and ready to go so Im mostly focused on dinners.

Here is what I am thinking:

DINNER - Either try our luck at Fox Bros or make a reso for dinner at Wrecking Bar
DRINKS - Porter Beer Bar then head on to Old Fourth Ward for Joystick Game Bar and other bars

Our place is relatively close to east atlanta so making a reso at the Shed At Glenwood or maybe going to Holy Taco then doing Octopus Bar etc. could be an option, but I think the L5P route might be more fun.

This is where I am a bit stumped. I think the move Saturday is Decatur but the big dining option for Decatur seems to be Cakes & Ales and Im not sure it can accomodate 12 people or if its the right food and vibe for 12 guys.

Of course the other big draw of Decatur are the cocktails at Paper Plane and Kimball House, so should we just have dinner at one of those places or is there somewhere else even better?

Dinner booked at Empire State South
Post Dinner Drinks- ??

Being from Toronto this recent thread http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/968733 was super helpful. We would be mostly looking for southern food, BBQ,fried chicken, burgers and Mexican. Was looking at maybe going to General Muir for their Fried Chicken on Friday but it seems really out of the way to anything else and with 12 of us using Uber or taxis want to avoid jumping around all over the city.

Any guidance you guys can give would be great, thanks so much. Am especially looking forward to any foodiebuddha recommendations, his advice in the other thread seemed right on the mark for my own tastes.

Apr 16, 2014
themiguel in Atlanta

CHRIS JERK Caribbean Bistro - A GREAT NEW FIND in Scarborough!

Charles you are always out and about finding gems! Cant wait to try it next time I'm out in Scarbs.

George on Queen. Allow me to vent.

Perfect, thank you Vinnie. I'll add that to the list, Toronto has no good burgers. How about pizza,surely our pizza is horribly disappointing as well?

So it seem we can't do high end, mid range and even basic staples like burgers right. I'd love to keep this list going.

George on Queen. Allow me to vent.

So let me ask you this. Has Toronto ever had a restaurant approaching the calibre and international reputation of Alinea? I would hazard that we haven't, not even close.

In fact across the country maybe only Au Pied Du Couchon even comes close to the level of international renown that Alinea has had.

Is this not a case of the chicken before the egg? If something as groundbreaking as Alinea were to open in Toronto, with as much critical acclaim, I think it would do just fine. That establishment just hasn't happened yet.

George on Queen. Allow me to vent.

Right just like we tarred and feathered David Chang as quick as we....oh wait Momofuku is now thriving.

It couldn't have anything to do with the fact that Scarpetta was not very good would it? Naaaah, its probably because we hate Americans.

George on Queen. Allow me to vent.

So we dont have good fine dining, and we dont have good mid range dining. Noted. What else is this horrid gastronomical backwater of a city lacking?

"MAKKAH" - Delicious Indian Food at Insanely Cheap Price!!

Charles you should try the Danforth Location. They are more of a pakistani kabob/tandoori specialists however, dont go there for curries.

Bihari kabob
Chicken breast tikka
Fresh Naan.

You should be pleased with the results. One of my favourite places in the city.

Chowhounds best 10 restaurants in GTA - 2014 voting

1. Buca
2. Electric mud
3. Bar Isabel
4. The Chase
5. Santouka
6. Oddseoul
7. Chantecler
8. Pho Thien Than
9. Porchetta & Co
10.Tahk E-Tavoos