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Help me narrow down St. Martin choices

Reporting back after our stay last week.
Le Pressoir was amazing - loved everything from start to finish, and that is rare.
Il Nettuno was very good as well. I recommend the Tagliatelle with seafood (fruits di mare) -my husband ordered this and it was by far the best seafood pasta I have ever had. I live in NYC, so that is saying a lot!
We ate great lobster on Pinel Island. I am not sure about the name of the restaurant - there are only 2 choices - blue umbrellas or yellow umbrellas. We ate at the blue, and it was very good. It was a lovely lunch and fun afternoon in the calm waters there.
We decided to go lower key on the last day and went to the little plaza area in Orient Bay. We ate at the Tex-Mex place. It was decent, but not outstanding compared to those I mentioned above.
I also stopped by at Baywatch (one of the lolos on the beach) for lunch one day. Very fun, as the owners are quite entertaining. Good if you want American food on the beach.
Thanks all for your input! I had a great experience.

Help me narrow down St. Martin choices

thanks ciaogal. i have to add it to the list. we're staying at the westin at dawn beach, but we are renting a car and we are willing to venture out every night for our meals.

Help me narrow down St. Martin choices

My husband and I will be traveling to St. Martin in a couple of weeks for 4 nights. I've read up on some of the posts here, and I'm having difficulty choosing! Since our stay is relatively short, I'd appreciate help narrowing down the list. Also, should I make reservations now (2 wks prior), or is it fine to ask the concierge once we arrive?
Thanks in advance.

Here is the list:

Le Pressior
Bistro Caribe
Le Planteur
Spiga or Il Nuttuno (we only want 1 Italian - which is better?)
Calmo's Cafe