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St. Croix and Caribbean Food

Hello all!

My name is Kenichi Serino and I'm a reporter for the St. Croix Avis. We're doing a series of articles on the food of the island. I'm interested on a feature on the history and antropology of local dishes and where they fit into the context of the rest of the region. If anyone here knows of experts and academics on the Caribbean's food, culture and history, please contact me at

Thanks in advance!


Steakhouses in Northern Michigan

Hi all,

I realize this is off the beaten path for most but I'm in need of advice for a steakhouse in Northern Michigan. Preferably something closer to I-75. I'm moving to the Virgin Islands so i'll be surrounded with seafood but will have to scratch around for meat. So, barring a steakhouse, a nice restaurant that does a lot with meat would also be very cool.


Apr 08, 2011
tkserino in Great Lakes

Cape Malay in Johannesburg

Hi there. As the subject heading suggests, I'm looking for Cape Malay restaurants in Jo'Burg. I already know of Gramadoeles but aren't there many others? I recall one in Sophiatown but can't remember its name or location. Help?


Mar 10, 2008
tkserino in Middle East & Africa

Mexican Dives

Hello all,

I'm stopping through DC and wanted to ask the forum. What's their favorite mexican dive? A place where you can get a plate of huevos rancheros on a paper plate that's open late and, oft more than not, filled with drunks.


Hello. I'm coming back to US after about 18 months and will be stopping in Chicago for a few days. I know restaurants are pretty well-covered here but what about street vendors? Does anyone have any favorites?

Jun 16, 2007
tkserino in Chicago Area

Sushi in Johannesburg


I realize I might be in a futile endeavor, as the only significant body of water around here is Zoo Lake, but does anyone now where i can get some decent sushi? By which I mean, well-seasoned rice and quality and varied ingredients.

Apr 24, 2007
tkserino in Middle East & Africa