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DC / NOVA bakery for custom cake recommendation

I am flying into to DC this summer for a friend's birthday. I am looking for a bakery in NoVa or the District that does custom cakes. Deliciousness is a must! So no glorified sheet cake. (Not that there is anything wrong with a good piece of "Happy Retirement" office sheet cake now and then.)

Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.

St. Louis: Has anyone been to Juniper yet?

Being taken out for a graduation celebration dinner next week and we can't decide between Niche or the new place Juniper? I haven't been to either. I know everyone loves Niche ... has anyone tried the relatively new spot Juniper? The cocktail menu sounds fantastic.

Dec 07, 2013
tmontauk in Great Plains

St. Louis Thanksgiving restaurant recommendations?

We don't feel like cooking this year! And there is only 4 of us .... so any chowhounders have any recommendations of places to eat Thanksgiving dinner in St. Louis?

We live in South City, so I'd kind of like to stay in the city. And we are some what on a budget. I'm trying to find someplace nicer than The City Diner and much less expensive than Harvest (2 place I know have Thanksgiving service).

I would love to find someplace that isn't a half-rate buffet. I know I'm asking a lot, but I know you chowhounders know a lot.


Nov 10, 2012
tmontauk in Great Plains

Post-Floating Dinner Recs? Steelville/Cuba, MO area

Doing a one-day float in the Steelville, MO at the end of June. Any Chowhounders out there have some good local recommendations? We'll take anything -- BBQ, bar food, roadside stands. We'll be yucky from the river - so nothing we'd have to clean up for (beyond putting on dry clothes).

We'll be heading home to St. Louis via 44 -- but if there is a good place to eat going a different way - we're up for that too.

Jun 14, 2012
tmontauk in Great Plains

Dinner recommendations for Rolla, MO area?

Looking for dinner recommendations for the Rolla, Missouri area for Saturday. I am driving from St. Louis down to the area on Friday night for a weekend float trip and I will be stopping in Rolla for dinner.

I have never been to Rolla, but I'm assuming since it is a college down there are some ok eats down there? I'm super open, I pretty much like everything, just someplace good and/or fun and not too expensive.

I don't mind dives or out of the way places, I'd just like to eat somewhere that is not an Applebee's :-)

Since I'm driving down from STL on 44 -- I will also take recs for Cuba or Steelville etc.

Thanks Chowhounders.

Sep 02, 2010
tmontauk in Great Plains

Indian Food in STL recs?

Want to go out for my birthday tomorrow (Wed. 3.3) and was thinking I haven't had any really decent Indian food since I moved to St. Louis a few years ago. I have to admit, I haven't been to a ton of places, after my first few lackluster tries I kind of gave up on it.

Any suggestions? I live in the city but have no problem traveling to the county. My husband loves all the pickels and chutneys ... so any place that does a good job with that would be appreciated.

Mar 02, 2010
tmontauk in Great Plains

Nipa Hut in St. Louis ... anyone been?

I had never heard of it either! Can you recommend anything I should look out for? Like I said, I've never had Filipino food.

It seems as if it's near the intersection of Page and Woodson. The Post-Dispatch had a review of it last week.

1810 Woodson Rd
Saint Louis, MO 63114
(314) 423-1850

Nipa Hut in St. Louis ... anyone been?

Just read the review in the PD about STL's only Filipino restaurant. While it wasn't the best review, I've never had Filipino food so I'm very curious. Has anyone eaten at this place?

North county St. Louis: Great Thai food 3rd Sunday of every month

Wow! This sounds so awesome. So do you need to call and let them know you are coming? Or just show up?

Herbies 72 in STL

That's sounds perfect. I was really looking forward to a place with fun ambiance. Does anyone know if we should eat in the restaurant or bistro side?

Herbies 72 in STL

Hey fellow Chowhounders ---

Out of town friend (from DC) who is a fairly picky eater (but likes good food) is visiting this weekend.

Since she is someone who likes to fully look at menus before we go out -- I pointed her to Sauce online and gave her some neighborhoods to search and let her pick out the restaurant. (Trust me, it's easier this way).

Anyhoo, she wants to go to Herbies 72 .... have never been there -- any comments? I saw that some people say it's very smokey (that's sort of not a problem for me) and that it's trying to be Balabans. I'm a semi new transplant to STL so I have NO connection with that restaurant and have never eaten there and have no memories of the place.

The meal is on her dime ... is it worth going to? I noticed it's not cheap, so if the food is really not that good I'd rather tell her now. But if most of the complaints are that it's smokey and not as good as the old place ... then we may take our chances. We are kind of looking for a good place to have a few cocktails, do some fun people watching and then eat a good meal.

You guys always point me in the right direction....

Where's the Beets??? [STL]

Yes! Yes! Tower Grove Farmers Market. Very small. Very local. There is a crepe man who makes one sweet, one savory every week. Crafts. Music. It has a great neighborhood feel and I think it's struggling a little bit (it's only its 3rd year) so definately go out and give it some support.

Lunch spot for day trip from STL to Hermann

oooh! I'm loving any restaurant that is called "Time for Pie" -- who needs food when there is pie!

Lunch spot for day trip from STL to Hermann

Doing a day trip w/an out of town friend over Memorial Day from STL to Hermann -- laid back, relaxing, driving around, going to some wineries and showing someone from DC that Missouri is not flat like Kansas (at least not this part).

Anyone have any suggestions for cheap interesting places along the way. Haven't been to Hermann in probably 10 years or so. Open to all types of food -- but I really like quirky out of the way places.

STL area lunch rec with river views?

Thanks everyone for helping out. I guess I should have been more specific -- I'm not so much into being able to see the river (I live pretty close to it as I live in the city) -- but more like a funky little local place, maybe out of town, that might have great burgers or sandwiches and you can sit outside and just watch the world go by. I didn't know if there was some place (Grafton, Augusta etc) that I might be missing. Definitely no high end dining.

I guess I picked the river so I could get the feel of getting out of the city just a little bit. All that brick and drought proof grass wears you down after a while. I was kind of thinking of places like when I use to live outside of Washington DC and you could drive a little bit into Virginia and find a little quirky outdoor place right on the Chesapeake.

STL area lunch rec with river views?

Oh, that place is great I went there for my bday one year-- but I'm thinking more jeans and flips flops, cocktails and sitting outside in the breeze.

STL area lunch rec with river views?

Looking for a place to take my mom for lunch that has nice river views and outdoor seating?

I live in the city -- so I'm thinking up to 45 minutes to an hour away is the most I want to travel.

I'm open on the type of food. I'm thinking a more casual atmosphere. The main thing is a great outdoors view.

Seafood Bday Dinner in STL

Taking my mom out for her bday on Sat, Jan 24th. She wants seafood. Specifically really great scallops.

We moved to STL from the East Coast a few years ago and honestly I haven't really eaten a lot of seafood since I arrived in the Midwest. I assuming it's going to be harder to find. But is that a bad assumption on my part?

I am looking for a place that is nice, but not too fancy. She doesn't want to get too dressed up, meaning anything beyond what you would wear to a nice day at work or drinks after work.

A friend recommended Oceano in Clayton? It looks ok. But I figured I'd throw it out to the board. Any other suggestions?

Cincinnati Pho recs?

Live in West Chester. Our favorite Vietnamese restaurant closed down. We are Pho Phreaks. Any advice for a good authentic Vietnamese restaurant in the Cincinnati/Dayton/Kentucky area.

E. Village -- returning after 9 year absence, need recs.

Thanks for all the advice ... I was wondering if anyone had any other recs that weren't Chinese. I can get pretty good authentic Chinese where I live now.

Dec 24, 2008
tmontauk in Manhattan

E. Village -- returning after 9 year absence, need recs.

Yes, $15pp or $20pp tops! Perhaps I should post on the Outer Boroughs board ... as we really love hole in the wall places that present us with foods we've never even seen.

Dec 23, 2008
tmontauk in Manhattan

E. Village -- returning after 9 year absence, need recs.

Oh we don't have to stay in the EV. We don't even have to stay in Manhattan. We will travel for good eats. As far as budget -- I'm talking --- budget. And I don't care if they deliver -- we can either eat there or pick up.

That makes me sad about all the Ukrainian diners ... I have many good high school memories at those places.

Dec 23, 2008
tmontauk in Manhattan

Lunch rec: driving across PA (St. Louis to NYC)

My husband and I will be driving from St. Louis to NYC the week between Christmas and New Years.

Obviously a great deal of our traveling will be across PA. I think we'll be hitting 70, 76, 81 & 78.

Anyone have any good, not to far off the highway, lunch recs.

I know very little about PA as I have really only driven across it a bunch of times. So if there was a type of food that was unique to this area of the country I would be open to that. Or just really about anything. My husband and I are extremely adventuresome eaters. That said, we are also on a budget.

Suggestions? Or is this request too open?

Dec 23, 2008
tmontauk in Pennsylvania

E. Village -- returning after 9 year absence, need recs.

Long story short.

Grew up in the NYC area. Lived in the E. Village for a while. Started wandering around the US. Kept wandering and now am returning to the city to visit good friends for the first time in 9 years over Christmas/New Years.

My husband and I are extremely adventuresome eaters. We are also very budget conscience (he's a public school teacher/I'm a graphic designer). Obviously since I've been out of the area for so long I'm not up on all the good eats.

I know this is very vague an open (and I can narrow it down if possible) but any suggestions are welcome. We are more into interesting foods than dressing up. My husband especially likes organ meats. If anyone knew any good Korean or Russian places that would be nice also. We are staying on Ave B right off the park, so anything close to that would also be great.

The only must have on my list is Chinese scallion pancakes ... I know ... this is FAR from adventuresome but I haven't been able to get them all the place I've lived so I have a craving.

Dec 23, 2008
tmontauk in Manhattan

STL: City Diner - horrible experience

I wasn't trying to start a fight. I was just saying that City Diner isn't a complete lost cause. I've had some ok meals there and I live a few blocks away and that's it.

And the Jersey comment was more of a statement "I can completely relate." I lived in North Jersey for the first 25 years of my life and I'm constantly searching and comparing food to those happy memories.

I agree -- the service can be bad. It all also has been good. I just didn't want people to write it off if they were walking down Grand. And yes, I have sent back food there. And I've sent back food at Blueberry Hill. It's just an opinion. Nothing more, nothing less.

Stanton, MO area -- good lunch place?

Ooh! I wish you had posted that earlier. That place sounds great. We ended up having 2nd rate bar food in Washington, MO.

STL: City Diner - horrible experience

I go to the City Diner all the time (I live a few blocks away) and I while I'm not surprised by your experience I do want to let fellow Chowhounders know that a pretty good time can be had there.

I think the main problem is being from New Jersey, a part of the country where diners are king. I too grew up in New Jersey (Hackensack) and I desperately miss my diner experiences everyday while I'm in the Midwest. There are just no equals. Even the Courtesy Diner pales.

The service is horrible. They are all super nice, but super slow. And on the weekends the breakfast often does not come out hot. That said, there are some good meals (roasted veggie sandwich for me; liver and onions for my husband). And there Bloody Mary's and Mimosa's are super good and super cheap.

We often go for a late lunch on the weekends or midweek dinner.

I guess I really like the City Diner b/c there are so many types of people that go there and I feel like I'm part of a city neighborhood again. They also do not rush you at all.

So while I wouldn't go out of my way to go there -- if you are in the area or live nearby it's not so bad.

Big Juicy Steak recs -- STL?

Ok Chowhounders --

It's my husbands bday in 2 weeks.

Whenever I ask him lately "What do you want to do for your bday?"
He answers in 3 words "Big! Juicy! Steak!"

I am bringing this topic to the board b/c honestly I know probably nothing about steak and what makes a good steakhouse. While I am not a vegetarian, I don't eat a lot of meat and when my husband and I tend to go out for dinner in the area, it's more like traditional vietnamese food on Olive or tacos on Cherokee.

So .. that said ... price wise -- this can be a little bit of a spendy meal - but I don't want to have to second mortgage the house. Atmosphere? I don't know -- he really loves retro stuff (maybe watching too many episodes of Mad Men). Dressy but not super super dressy -- I guess in my mind that means a tie but not jacket for him. It would be nice if we could find a place with live music -- but they probably don't make places like that anymore. I'm completely open to hearing what the board has to say.

We live in South City -- so anything up to a half hour away is fair game. Can anyone help me out?

Stanton, MO area -- good lunch place?

Thanks for the advice. I've only recently moved to the St. Louis and haven't gotten out of the city much.

Stanton, MO area -- good lunch place?

Yeah, we probably weren't going to go any further South or West then Stanton. We were looking more for an odd truck stop that has a secret fabulous sandwich.