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Yum Cha Cafe Opens Up In Chinatown

Uh Oh.....the YCC Express has marched down south!..... Found this review on yelp...

Jun 15, 2008
smak34 in Los Angeles Area

Chinese caterers?

Ummm...they are owned by the same group. Same owner. Same management. Same Corporate office......Same Corporate Chefs...........Same R&D......hence.......essentially its Panda Express in a fancy dress. :D

Apr 16, 2008
smak34 in Los Angeles Area

Gardena Bowling Alley: what to order?

Bacon Fried Rice, Two Egg Scrambled or over easy on top, w/ a side of portuguese sausage......oh baby....comfort food at its best. Tonkatsu, Tempura, and Saimin are all noteworthy as well.

Mar 26, 2008
smak34 in Los Angeles Area

Dim Sum Cafe - San Gabriel Superstore

Guess I've been lucky the times I've gone! Not one bad experience yet. Fried foods were crispy, steamed items were hot and fresh. (knock on wood) Hopefully, I'll continue my lucky streak......

Feb 15, 2008
smak34 in Los Angeles Area

Where to get the best tacos west side

Had my first Tito's Tacos Experience last weekend. I love mexican food, and this isnt the best, but holy good gravy it was gooooood eatin! Its not king taco, but its good comfort food if you like tacos and great salsa. Ok, its not even salsa, its tomato pureed....but oh so friggin good. Hard to explain, but you have to eat it understand.

Nov 19, 2007
smak34 in Los Angeles Area

CAFE HIRO, Cypress (review + pics)

I was hoping no one would mention this place....because its such a nice lil hidden gem. One of my favs if im in the area. Highly recommended. Never had a bad meal yet. Service can be spotty because it gets crowded, but the food is really exceptional.
Chilean Seabass, Hamburg Steak, Osso Bucco, and the Karaage Chicken are some of my favs.

Nov 19, 2007
smak34 in Los Angeles Area

Chinatown / Olvera Street / Grand Central Market / Little Tokyo

My Grandmother lives at the senior apartment building on broadway (chinatown), and says there's a new restaurant that just opened up next door. The rumor is that its Yum Cha Cafe, but she says the name is different? Does anyone know of this place?

Nov 19, 2007
smak34 in Los Angeles Area

Good Eats Near Warner Bros Studios?

Im a BIG MO's Fan. Food is always fresh, and they have a nice variety of classic home cooking items.

If you have time to schmooze and relax...i think ramsey's at the Toluca Lake Tennis Club is also fab for lunch.

Good Luck

Sep 19, 2007
smak34 in Los Angeles Area

Best Breakfast Burritos

Concur! Pepe's is the best. Unfortunately, never been to the fullerton locale....but the one in alhambra works for me....sooo good when you are starving and want some comfort food.

I agree with you on the Downey Locale....very different.... good, but just different.

Sep 18, 2007
smak34 in Los Angeles Area

Whom has a better Prime Rib than Lawrys

Lawrys is Excellent. But if you're willing to experiment, i suggest the following that have VERY GOOD if not Excellent Prime Rib Cuts:

1. The Summit house (fullerton). It can be hit or miss sometimes, but i say 70% of the time, its pretty damn good.

2. Gulliver's: (near john wayne airport). Gi-Normous Portions (hence the name)... the meat is good, but the cream corn is exceptional.

3. Las Vegas casino Hotels: Need I say more?

Sep 04, 2007
smak34 in Los Angeles Area

breakfast burrito?

My personal favs:

1. Pepe's (alhambra) My #1 all time fav. Eggs, Potatoes, Bacon, Beans, Cheese.... great comfort food if you're familar w/ Pepe's.
2. J&S Montebello: After heavy drinking...this salty concoction just hits the spot along w/ greasy taquitos and generic guacamole.
3. The Taco Room: Only had it twice, and the First time was just phenomenal. The second time was avg.
4. El Loco: Greasy & Salty....but still good eats.

Aug 31, 2007
smak34 in Los Angeles Area


Not necessarily NY Style, but here are my choices:

1. Petrillos
2. Charlie's Trio
3. Angelos
4. Tony's

Aug 31, 2007
smak34 in Los Angeles Area

Best japanese Restaurant in San Gabriel Valley?

Tai Hei~ Been awhile, but thats one of the better old school joints for Traditional J-Food.

Shinano~Not sure if its still around, but I use to love that place.

Tolkyo Lobby (SG)~One of those classic J-Food Joints that isnt the best in terms of quality, but it was one of the few joints that was ALWAYS Consistent, and they give you mounds of food.

Good Luck.

Aug 31, 2007
smak34 in Los Angeles Area


You're better off catching your fish at a fresh fish market and making your own sushi, than trying Kabuki. The hot entrees arent even better....Yoshinoya has more flavor than the over salted catastrohes they serve. On the other had, you are better off trying it yourself so you can form you own opinion.

Good luck!

Aug 31, 2007
smak34 in Los Angeles Area

Savoy- Hainan Chicken

Yum Cha Cafe (San Gabriel Superstore & Monterey Park Location) creates a pretty good Hainan Chicken & Rice Plate. They use the Heritage/Free Range Chicken and their rice has very good flavor. It's not quite classic like Savoy, but value and portion size is awesome.

Aug 31, 2007
smak34 in Los Angeles Area

Takeout or "Fast Casual" Dim Sum in the SGV?

I Fourth Yum Cha there so often...they already know my name.. :D

Aug 13, 2007
smak34 in Los Angeles Area

REVIEW: Yum Cha Cafe, San Gabriel

I was in the neighborhood on Atlantic Blvd, and decided to see if that new YCC was open yet. Talked to one of the owners, and he said they open today, Aug. 1st. at 7:00AM. about gettin your early dim sum fix! Place looks pretty good....I wonder if it will have the same quality as the san gabriel location..... Lookin forward to the black bean spare ribs and the brown sugar rice cakes.... :D

Aug 01, 2007
smak34 in Los Angeles Area

Best Tasting Menu..

If $$$$$ isnt an issue.....Studio @ The Montage, Laguna Beach. I didnt try it, but my dining experience was PHENOMENAL......

Jul 26, 2007
smak34 in Los Angeles Area

REVIEW: Yum Cha Cafe, San Gabriel

Great review Das.... This place is still very much an unknown "gem"....And I think people who scoff at a "take-out/cafe", doesnt know that this place doesnt cheat you.... The food is fresh, very affordable, "eclectic", and they make sure you are satisfied. I dont get out there too much, but I always go visit anytime im in the area.

Thanks for the tip Monku on their upcomming new location.....Looks like they are branching out a bit....

Jul 25, 2007
smak34 in Los Angeles Area

Montage Laguna or L'Auberge Carmel?

Had an anniversary dinner at Studio, Montage. Just spectacular! Definitely one of my TOP 5 of all time dining experiences. Food was spectacular, and service was impeccable. Price was $$$$$$$$, yet, if you have the means to splurge a little....I highly recommend. Important thing to remember is not to focus solely on the food.....Menu was:

1/2 Dozen Oysters on the Half
Prawns w/ Fettuccini
Braised Short Ribs
Seared Salmon
Strawberry Shortcake
Special Anniversary Dessert
Bottle of Italian Vino (wine list was out of this world....ask the sommelier for suggestions!)

*only tiny flaw was the short rib.....just a tad over seasoned, but still...some of the most tender short ribs ive ever had."

Jul 09, 2007
smak34 in California

Discount Dim Sum?

Yeah....i totally concur!!!!.....$0.99 dim sum is damn appealing....never had a bad experience yet... (knock on wood).....

Jun 01, 2007
smak34 in Los Angeles Area

Best Dim Sum

If youre patient and you dont mind crowds, by all means, go for it. Holiday wait times can vary, but usually take anywhere from 30-50 minutes. However, the bigger your party, the faster you get a table. Good Luck!

May 24, 2007
smak34 in Los Angeles Area

Near Century City Mall

Breeze @ Hyatt Century Plaza: Sushi Bar, Good Meats, and fresh seafood....very california.

Crustacean: Its a 5 minute drive going east on Santa Monica. Very consistent...pricey though.

May 24, 2007
smak34 in Los Angeles Area

HELP! mother-in-law's b-day :]

Blowfish (sushi)
The Restaurant @ The Getty
Jar (Chef Suzanne Tracht (if she's still there) is one of the best!)
Buddahs Belly (food is ok, but the atmostphere and vibe makes it better)

May 24, 2007
smak34 in Los Angeles Area

Your favorite dinner spot in Pasadena?

Whatta shame....the food & service was by far the best of the 2....thanks for the update...

May 24, 2007
smak34 in Los Angeles Area

Best bbq pork bao for takeout for a CROWD?

Good friend of mine order a huge party tray from Yum Cha. They were fantastic! They can accomodate ANY party size.....Despite the crazy crowds, they can easily cater your LARGE CROWD......if its a huge order (like my friends), they offer you nice deals..... Good Luck......

May 10, 2007
smak34 in Los Angeles Area

Steak in OC -- Flemming's, Ruth's Chris, Morton's or?

Hands Down....MASTRO'S South Coast! Its not even close.....

May 02, 2007
smak34 in Los Angeles Area

Your favorite dinner spot in Pasadena?

Some of my favs are:

Cafe Bizou'
Mi Piace (Burbank Location is better)
Saladang Song
Parkway Grill
Holly Street Bar & Grill
"Old Town Bakery" *However, this has now become an italian/Cal Restaurant-Never Tried.
The Raymond Restaurant *Classic Place! One of the best. Been awhile since ive visited.

May 02, 2007
smak34 in Los Angeles Area

Reherasal Dinner in Pasadena for 25 guests

1. Cafe Bizou' (Cal-French Bistro)*Top Pick. Great food, great value.
2. Mi Piace (italian)
3. El Cholo
4. Saladang Song (Thai)
5. Il Fornaio
6. Holly Street Bar & Grill
7. Bucca Di Beppo

*Plenty of choices in Old Town Pas.....Good Luck!

May 02, 2007
smak34 in Los Angeles Area

21st Birthday Chow From UCLA to Bev Hills or Sta. Monica

Second & Triple That!!! IL MORO is fantastic.....Great for small parties or romantic dinners.....Almost forgot about that place...

Apr 30, 2007
smak34 in Los Angeles Area