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Soma dining spots

I live in SoMa so these suggestions are from a "daily living" view point but they make my life functional.
Roccos---adequate food---good breakfast--not fancy
Brainwash---yes, the laundrymatt--really great brewed coffee and fun bike messenger(sorta) scene + food
Mochica's--Peruvian--one of my favs.
Sushi Groove--tres cool <G>
Tu Lan--Vietnamese--on 6th street--not so savory grounds
Frission---actually in the Fin Dist but fun
Boulevard---sorry guys, I love it.
Chez Spencer--near Best Buy(14th Harrison)
Nihon---amazing atmosphere--Japanese Whiskey Bar(14th/Folsom)
CoCo500--good food--good price--cool inside.
AsiaSF--food not so great but a SF experience.(do a google)
Basil--eh, good but....
Koh Samui---Pumpkin Curry--hmmm
ok that's enough, again functional places. Hope this helps.


I've never had a bad dish there. From the simple chicken casserole style dish to the sinful shrimp/cheese bisque.


I have found this, to me, amazing place to eat. The food is great, the atmosphere "snuggly", the service very friendly but I hear no press about it and reservations are always a snap to get. Any opinions on this?

Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen

Thank You. Gumbo is about the flavor, be it Mississippi Tomato-ie or its beautiful thinner none tomato style cousin. File rules.


I heard rumor of the best carnitas in the bay area. Rumor has it they are from a place in Berkeley and only prepared one day a week. Does this ring a bell with anyone?