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Where can you buy Hummus in Seattle and who has the best?

Hummos King is very good and available at Ballard Market deli section (Grocery Store). It is very similar to the the recipie from the Barefoot Contessa. Trader Joe's Mediterranean-style with pine nuts and herbs is also very good.

Copper Gate, Ballard, SEA

The old copper gate was a sketchy bar when on any given night you would witness a knife being pulled or someone getting hit over the head with a bottle for whatever reason usually over deals gone sour. The crowd there was pretty undesirable and why I have always stayed away unless the Viking Tavern up a block was too crowded. The problem i have with the new and impoved Copper Gate is I don't have a sense of what kind of atomosphere they are trying to create. I am really confused by the different looks. The Viking boat prow is kind of cool but the seating and flooring in painted strark white & white hex tile floor doesn't mesh with rest of the decor. Our waitstaff told us the were going for cool scandanvian look. The problem is you have part of the place trying to be scandie mimimlalist cool but the asthetic seems to clash with the photo collage of vintage burlesque and topless women a display case of various collectibles (some viking related but mostly misc knicknacks) but this also doesn't jibe wtih rest of the decor. My drinks there haven't been that memorable and they close early which is a bummer. I would much rather drink with friends the Viking Tavern up the street which I now avoid on weekend nights since the place has been overun by hipsters but still a great neighborhood tavern with friendly staff, shuffleboard table and crappy jukebox. On the plus side the waitstaff at the Copper Gate was attentive and friendly both times I have been in and it's nice to have the delicts who frequented the old copper gate move to another location therefore making that stretch of 24th ave a bit safer.

Calling all Seattle hounds . . .

It really is tough to just pick one place. So many do a great job with fish. I think if someone is looking for a restaurant that focuses on local ingredients when possible, has a good selection to choose from, is nice but not snobby, close to your parents hotel I would probably pick Cascadia. . It may not be the hot,new, cool spot but they do a very nice job every time I have eaten there. Restaurant Zoe is another close option that everyone raves about and is always good.

Private Rooms (SEA)

Black Bottle Bar in the DennyRegrade/Belltown area has a room in back available for private parties

Any good (strange?) jerky in Seattle?

There used to be great jerky (mostly beef) but very good at a place on 80th & 24th Ave. NW in Ballard when the Capisico (sp?) Brothers deli which has switched hands and is now a great fish market but I think they still carry some of the former deli's products.

Starbucks anyone???

Airports and emergency situations only. Double short Latte. Starbucks is in the milk business not coffee nowdays.

Apr 23, 2007
Nutty Squirrel in Chains

Calling all Seattle hounds . . .

The waterfront Marriott restaurant is called the Fish Club I believe and is very good. The Kobe Beef Hambuger is very tasty. They will be in close proximity to a ton of good restaurants just up the hill in Belltown. Cascasdia focus is on local NW foods and has an great happy hour bar menu. LePichet serves a great roasted chicken. Flyfish has great seafood choices, Zoe and Dahila Lounge & Brasa are both great too. Cutters on the North end of Pike Place market is underrated and has a huge selection of seafood and is consistant, friendly and reasonable. Snobs would turn their nose up at Cutters but what it lacks in finesse it makes up for something for everyone without fuss. They can take a five minute cab ride or brief walk uphill to any of the mentioned.

In the Ballard neighborhood I recommend Volterra on Ballard Ave. (also a great street to walk and shop). For a great casual deli style lunch goto The Other Coast and have a Reuben you won't believe. Ray's Boathouse (Eat upstairs in Ray's Cafe and sit on the deck for a unbeatable view of the Olympic Mountains and Boat traffic going to and from the Locks. The seafood salad is great.

For breakfast on the go grab a donut or two from Top Pot Donuts (5th Ave/downtown) and a Latte of course. Macrina bakery on (1st ave/downtown) is good. If you are a pastry fan and are in Ballard Cafe Beaseliu has the best Croissants anywhere (Better than any I have had in Paris) and great coffee too. (24th Ave. NW) Best coffee in Seattle? Cafe Ladro (various locales) and Cafe Vita (various locales), Cafe Fiore is good to. Sit down breakfast with Locals? Cafe Campagne (Post Alley Pike Place market) Locals also love The Dish (in Fremont) but be prepared to wait outside on a weekend. There are so many choices and neighborhoods to choose from also consider Lower Queen Anne Neighborhood (Crow or Veil) . Good luck.

Quintessential Seattle dining experience?

A couple more thoughts. If you are ordering Salmon, make sure to ask if it's wild or farmed. If it's farmed forget it, you will be disapointed. As far as Salmon options go I would have to say Wild Chinook (King) and Sockeye are the best of the salmon species with Coho (Silver) Salmon not being as oily or flavorful. If you see White King Salmon on a menu, order it! you don't see it very often and it's very good. One last recommendation that many locals overlook and would probably turn their noses up at is Cutters next to Pike Place market. They have a huge selection of seafood, it's consistant and reasonable with nice views of ferry traffic, puget sound and the mountains. They do make good dungeness crab and halibut cheeks as well.

Quintessential Seattle dining experience?

Cascadia in Belltown/Downtown for NW ingrediants is very good and I also recommend their bar happy hour for mini burgers (truffle oil) and calamari. Le Gourmand & neighboring Sambar (located on Market in Lower Phinney/E. Ballard is big on local ingrediants. Ray's food isn't bad but as a local I recommend you go to Ray's for the outdoor deck upstairs at Ray's cafe (worth the wait, no reservations) and order the Seafood Salad which has a generous portion of smoked salmon, scallops, shrimp on mixed greens and have some clams and few cocktails. The setting is unbeatable with the boat traffic going to or coming from the Locks and Puget sound and the Olympic Mountains views as the sun sets are amazing even for locals. Other great restaurants are Volterra in Old Ballard (Wild Boar is excellent), Cafe Campagne (breakfast), Zoe in Belltown, Dalia Lounge in Belltown is good but predictable (coconut cream pie is excellent though. Flying fish so good and very PNW. For a fun afternoon go to Old Ballard Ave. for the shops then pop into the Other Coast Cafe for the Best Reuben Sandwich ever.

Seattle- Perfect french fries?

Sorry for the repeat posts. I don't know what is causing this.

Voodoo Donuts

Voodoo donut has some fun creative donuts and their maple crueller was good and so was the mable bar with bacon strips. I also had a triple penetration chocolate (cooco puffs with chocolate and the cooco puffs were stale. A friend had the chocolate cream and said it is very good. The only complaint I had was the staff thought they were way too cool and was annoyed that I took a few minutes to make up my mind (there were no other customers) Lighten up! Your selling donuts for Pete's sake. I would say the donuts are worth going for the creative combo more than the quality of the product though. If your searching for a good donut Top Pot in seattle is much better but doesn't have the crazy combos of Voodoo. Another suprisingly good vegan donut is made by Mighty-O donuts in Seattle- Try the french toast donut, yum