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Next Food Network Star - latest and greatest?

Like we were supposed to believe that Giada and Bobby had no idea what chicken katsu was, and also didn't know how to pronounce it? Really Giada..."I'm not going to try and pronounce it..." And that all the picnic-ers, in the middle of Los Angeles, surrounded by ethnic foods of all sorts, didn't have any idea of what a chicken katsu sandwich with japanese flavours was? REALLY? I know the big muckymucks of FN like to keep things simple, but geeezus that was ridiculously condescending.

Next Food Network Star - latest and greatest?

Am I the only one who thinks he has some serious issues such as ADD or ADHD mixed in with a touch of narcissictic personality disorder or something along those lines? Something is really off and it's not just that he's young and immature.

Where to eat what in Honolulu

Sushi Izakaya Gaku MUST be added to the list. I just got home from the most amazing meal there tonight. I'll be dreaming of the house-made tofu with the dashi shoyu jelly for months. :D

Jul 16, 2014
chocolateninja in Hawaii

valrhona cocoa powder on oahu?

Are you asking if it is available anywhere on Oahu, or if anyone on Oahu has used it before?

Jul 15, 2014
chocolateninja in Hawaii

San Fran/Healdsburg/Santa Rosa Suggestions..

Not a food suggestion, but a beer suggestion for Sunday...since you will be at Russian River (on 4th St), you should also make a stop at Flavor Bistro which is a couple of blocks away from RR, to try beer from one of my very favourite breweries, Moonlight Brewing Company. Flavor has six taps, and through an odd set of circumstances, they are all pouring Moonlight beers. You won't find that many of their beers available in one place anywhere else nearby. Moonlight is nano-brewery located in Santa Rosa (technically in the tiny town of Fulton), and they don't bottle their beers, so they are more difficult to get a taste of outside of northern California. You might have heard of one of Brian's (the brewer) more well-known creations, Death & Taxes. You can stop by Flavor and sit at their bar area for a beer without having to get more complicated with a table. for their address and such.

best bacon

I'm a huge fan of Black Pig Meat Co.'s bacon. I was mainly eating the Niman Ranch bacon until my local Oliver's Market started carrying Black Pig, and I was pretty much an instant convert. Love that it is local to me too.

Oliver's Market
461 Stony Point Rd, Santa Rosa, CA

New Restaurants Section: Please reply here if you would like to be able to edit Restaurant/Bar Pages

I would like editing access please. Thanks.

Feb 10, 2010
chocolateninja in Site Talk

Cowgirl's SF Drake washed-rind cheese

FYI: SF Drake sighting last week at Oliver's grocery store in Santa Rosa, on Stony Point Rd.

Thanks for the little SFDrake history tidbit, Melanie. Interesting! :D Kinda glad for those "most Americans" who get squicked out by "weird" mold...means more yummy cheese for us! :P

SF Board being badly spammed

Not sure if this is happening right now in other boards, but the SF Chowhound board is being badly spammed and I can't keep up with the posts (trying to report them as spam!). Just a late night/early morning FYI! (It's 1:45 am here)

Jun 20, 2009
chocolateninja in Site Talk

BBQ Smokehouse in Sebastopol – Opens June 16, 5pm

Thanks for the report, PauliBee! I'm glad you posted, as I was hoping to check this place out this weekend, but it looks like I'm going to have to wait for my bbq til next week. *heavy impatient sigh*

Sebastopol: Infusions Teahouse - Organic Orange Ginger Puerh

You may not have enjoyed the Puerh, but a pot of their black coconut tea, along with a brownie (potless, harhar :P ), is one of my fav. treats when I'm in the area. I enjoy some of their citrus/green tea blends as well. And the prices for the loose-leaf tea, I think, are pretty decent. It's nice to be able to get as little or as much as you want.

June 2009 Grocery Outlet

9th already and no one has started June's thread yet? *confused look* :-P Ahem...anyway, just a few things I thought might be of interest when I stopped by Santa Rosa's GO this afternoon:

Sabra Roasted Garlic Hummus, 10oz, $2.99
Challenge salted butter, 1lb, $1.99
Cabot butter, 1lb chunk, $1.99
Lots of Martinelli's sparkling cider, $1.69 a bottle
Good Karma Organic Chocolate Rice Milk (made from whole grain brown rice), $1.29
Amy's Pizza, Vegetable Combo w/organic veg, $3.99
St. Dalfour Organic Tea bags (10 pack) in Ceylon and Darjeeling, $0.99
Yogi Tea, boxes of 16 teabags, in Chai Redbush (caffeine free), Green, and Green w/Ginseng, $1.99 a box. I really enjoy this brand. They do a good chai, and this is a good deal.
Decent-looking limes from mexico, 10/$1
Rapunzel organic dark baking chocolate, 55% cocoa, 9 oz bag for $1.99 I think this would be really good for melting and making chocolate-covered strawberries, now that strawberry season is starting up. I was sad at the lack of any other kind of good eating chocolate...but that kind of find is hit or miss at the SR GO, I think.

There was also a huge selection of name-brand cereals, raisin bran, cheerios, etc, including the "limited edition" box of Cornflakes (I think...or was it cheerios?) with the Spock/Kirk characters from the new Star Trek movie. :D

I also picked up a Spanish Rosado, Marques del Puerto, Rioja (50% tempranillo, 50% garnacha) for $1.99, since I'm partial to Spanish wines, and I thought a nice light rose might be nice if it warms up this week. I have no idea if it is any good, but I'll find out! And hey, if not, I was only out 2 bucks.

Oh, and it isn't food, but SR GO has a nice selection of Nature's Gate organic shampoos/lotions/bodywashes in various scents right now, for between $1.99 and $3.99, which is a great deal.

Cherries are here !!!

Any good cherry sightings in the north bay/Sonoma county area? I'm really craving them!

Saw an ad for Lola's recently for $1.99/lb (I think) but haven't checked them out yet. Wasn't too impressed with the cherries that Andy's Produce had out at BeerFest either...but maybe they will get some better ones in soon...*crosses fingers*.

What is your favorite hard to find candy?

Mmmm...I love Hopjes. I get my fix from my local Cost Plus World Market. If you have one of them near you, check out their candy aisles.

Jun 05, 2009
chocolateninja in General Topics

Sonoma county for 3 days

Don't forget about the Tuesday evening Farmer's Market in the Sonoma town square/plaza. It has started up again (5:30 pm to dusk/8ish) Get a corn dog or two from Uncle Bob's corndog stand (awesome hand-dipped dogs!), pizza from Kashayas traveling brick oven, some fruit, veg and a loaf of bread or two from the vendors, and have a seat on the grass to enjoy your dinner and people-watching. There is usually live music of some sort going on as well. It's a great little taste of Sonoma county life.

Kashaya review:

Sonoma Plaza
363 3rd St W, Sonoma, CA

Sonoma Plaza Farmer's Market
Broadway Sonoma CA, Broadway Sonoma, CA

Cowgirl's SF Drake washed-rind cheese

Hahaha. :-P Since the Drake is a limited edition, not around very often, cheese, I thought it would be nice to let people know when I see it available.

Cowgirl's SF Drake washed-rind cheese

FYI: There were at least six rounds of the Drake in the case at the Cowgirl's SF Ferry Building outpost, when I was there this afternoon (Friday, Nov. 7th).

Cowgirl Creamery
1 Ferry Building, San Francisco, CA 94111

Cowgirl's SF Drake washed-rind cheese

Just a heads up: more Drake has surfaced at Traverso's (and apparently the Sonoma Whole Foods, per rworange's post earlier in the week: ). When I last looked a couple of days ago, they had four whole rounds left in the cheese case (4 that is, after one came home with me...mmmmm).

Interesting restaurants in Santa Rosa

I know this is too late for the night of your post, but if you are interested in ethnic, I highly recommend Abyssnia for Ethiopian/Eritrean food. Good veggie options too. Here's a link to one of the reviews...look at the placelink for more info as well.

913 4th St, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Mother's Cookies abruptly shut down

And no more iced oatmeal cookies either. )-; Iced oatmeal and the taffy cookies that Ruth mentioned were a summertime tradition in our family...we ALWAYS had a bag or two as dessert when we went to the beach. *scampers off to grab a couple of bags of the white/black/orange iced circus animals before they are sold out*

Oct 10, 2008
chocolateninja in General Topics

Best brand/type of honey for tea???

Well, you probably want a lighter honey, and nothing with a fruity flavour, so that rules out things like blackberry, orange blossom or lavender, and the darker honeys like avocado or buckwheat. Something like star thistle would be nice I think. That is, if you have access to artisinal-type local or unpasturized/raw honeys. If you are stuck with something you can find in most mainstream grocery stores, SueBee brand might be okay, but I would encourage you to look up local honey producers or somewhere you could purchase raw honey (even if it isn't necessarily local). You might also want to look into agave nectar as a sweetener as well.

Sep 25, 2008
chocolateninja in General Topics

Candy you eat only during Halloween?

Awesome! I *have* been abnormally obsessed with all things candycorn-ish lately. *gryn* Matter of fact, I'm out of the stash I got a couple of weeks ago (just two bags people! and some of it is being used for decoration!) and need to restock. Also, on a side note, I've heard to stay far, far away from the candy corn "flavoured" hershey's kisses...but the pumpkin spice ones aren't too bad. I kinda like 'em.

Sep 25, 2008
chocolateninja in General Topics

Here comes the new look!

Completely agree with Cpt. Wafer and MMRuth on this one. I'll try messing with my monitor a bit, but gack...seems like there should be something they can do with the colours to make it a bit easier on the eyes for everyone.

I'm also in the "changing Places to Restaurants and Bars is ridunkulous!" camp. Places holds so much more than just restaurants and bars, and the new name doesn't reflect that at all. I think "Places" was a good overall descriptor,short, sweet and to the point.

Sep 25, 2008
chocolateninja in Site Talk

Candy you eat only during Halloween?

GeminiGirl...if you continue to be PumpkinMellowCreme-less, send me an email dragongirl at gmail dot com, and I'll send you a bag or two...they are all over the place here. (couldn't find a private email addy in your profile so excuse the public posting)

Sep 23, 2008
chocolateninja in General Topics

Candy you eat only during Halloween?

Ooh...lessee...candy corn (brachs only thankyouverymuch and I make vampire teeth with them too! *gryn*), those mellow creme pumpkins, halloween-themed Peeps, the Palmer brand chocolate with the crispy bits (rice? it's the only type of Palmer chocolate that I kind of like...the plain stuff is just gack), Smarties, MaryJanes (the peanut butter ones), oh and did I mention candy corn? *giggle*

Sep 23, 2008
chocolateninja in General Topics

Santa Rosa/Petaluma- Regional Mexican Food Recommendations

In response to kareraisu's post above: FYI/TacoTruckSighting/Etc: The past week, I've noticed that one of the Delicias Elenitas taco trucks has been parked in front of a furniture store building quite near the corner of Marlow and Guerneville Roads in Santa Rosa...caddycorner to the Safeway shopping center, right "behind" (or to the east) of the Chevron station. I'm not sure when they show up or when they leave (although they weren't there around 11:30 pm on Monday when I went to check it out, and they had been parked there earlier during the night). I'm hoping to check it out soon and keeping my fingers crossed for some champurrado now that the weather has turned chilly. (-:

Janes Krazy Salt in east bay?

I find my Janes Mixed Up Salt/Pepper at my local Safeway and Raleys...(I live in Sonoma county) so maybe give either of those a try if you have them around. The salt is one of my current fav. popcorn toppings (along with a good sprinkle of olive oil) Seems like something Whole Foods, Andronicos or Molly Stones should have.

Kashaya's Brick Oven Pizza (Sonoma, Cotati, Santa Rosa)

Kashaya-Spotting Update: Herself, her magical brick pizza oven on wheels and her lovely pizzas were at last Saturday morning's Santa Rosa Farmer's Market at the Vet's Building. (a blessing, since Mateo Granados was absent...*sigh*) Not sure if she will be there every Saturday for a while, or if she's seeing how she will do there or...didn't get a chance to ask. Planning on attempting a trip to the FM this coming Saturday and will keep an eye out for her.

Shishito peppers...grilled, fried, etc. Who else serves them besides Alembic?

Not the same, and I picked up a few of both kinds of peppers (shishito and padron) at the Santa Rosa Farmer's Market (vet's building parking lot) this morning from a stand that I'm suddenly completely blanking on the name of...darnit...I'll have to go look it up now...but it's pretty much the only stand that ever has pimientos de padron at the SRFM. They are just now starting to come in.

Cowgirl's SF Drake washed-rind cheese

Saw two and a half rounds of it available in the cheese case at Traverso's, yesterday (Saturday).

Traverso's Gourmet Foods
2097 Stagecoach Rd,, Santa Rosa, CA