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Where would you dine in the Mayfair area? [London]

Thanks to all who took the time to reply. I really do appreciate it. Cary

Jul 18, 2010
Bibliomaven in U.K./Ireland

Three days in Paris. Where would you eat?

HI. We will be in Paris for three days. Excellent food in interesting places is the goal.
Although money is no object, cheap is OK also. I would really appreciate some thoughts from those in the know. Thanks-Cary

Jul 17, 2010
Bibliomaven in France

Where would you dine in the Mayfair area? [London]

We will be staying in Mayfair for four days. Looking for a variety of interesting places. Money is no object but cheap is sometimes unbelievably great. Prefer not to go where every other tourist goes. Any help? Thanks-Cary

Jul 17, 2010
Bibliomaven in U.K./Ireland

Seafood downtown Seattle

Hi. We will be in Seattle for one night . Staying downtown- recs for a great seafood experience


Jun 16, 2010
Bibliomaven in Greater Seattle

Interesting and good food in the Fort Worth area

I will be in Fort Worth this weekend. I would like to find a couple of restaurants that offer more than the typical appetizer, salad, piece on meat and some sort and desert.

Perhaps a great Vietnamese or Asian restaurant. A wonderful barbecue place- out of the mainstream.

Just not the ordinary upscale routine stuff.

Any ideas?

Upscale downtown restaurant

My wife and and I will be spending a couple of nights at the Palmer House next week. I am looking for a nice upscale restaurant. Price does not matter but would like a place "unique" to Chicago. I have searched and find Charlie Trotter's and Alinea. Are there other suggestions? Thanks-

Mar 08, 2010
Bibliomaven in Chicago Area

Upscale restaurants (Bryan-College Station)


I am looking for an upscale restaurant for dinner in Bryan-College Station.

Can anyone help me?

Jan 23, 2010
Bibliomaven in Texas

Lehigh Valley

Hi. I am taking my daughter up to Lehigh this week and will be spending a couple of days in the area. I am looking for interesting places to eat. Whether it is the best burger, hot dog or unusual ethnic cuisine, Taste is more important than elegance.I would love to hear about it. I think that over the next 4 years I will be making quite a number of trips. Anyone have suggestions? I appreciate it. Cary

Aug 09, 2008
Bibliomaven in Pennsylvania

Thuman's Hot Dogs

Anyone know where to get these hot dogs in the Houston metro area.

Jul 02, 2008
Bibliomaven in Texas

Nashville Vanderbilt Area

Hi. I will be touring Vanderbilt with my daughter on August 9-10. One dinner and a couple of lunches. Money no object. Would like one great interesting meal and a couple of regular local spots/hangouts. Any ideas. Thanks.

Houston area restaurants

Something interesting with the very best seafood. Mambo's on I45. Hole in the wall that is crowded all the time. Bills itself as a Hispanic seafood place but really just great seafood-fresh- with wonderful ceviche. The fried shrimp will melt in your mouth. No kidding. I passed this place for months before I finally stopped to see why it is always so crowded. Now I know.

Apr 22, 2007
Bibliomaven in Texas

Houston-Private dining for 70 In December!?

Hi. I had a large gathering at Ouisie's and the food and service as well as the ambiance were great.

Apr 22, 2007
Bibliomaven in Texas

Italian/Seafood in NW Houston or Woodlands

The Amerigo's on Louetta does not compare to the one in The Woodlands in terms of atmosphere or food.

Apr 22, 2007
Bibliomaven in Texas