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Ribs in the Hudson Valley

Certainly Big W's.

But also Round Up Texas Smoked BBQ, on the west side of Route 9, just south of the intersection with Route 301.

Great brisket -- I prefer the lean version -- and my wife loves their ribs. More take-out than eat-in, but isn't that true for a lot of BBQ joints...

Middle East, N. Westchester or Putnam

Does no response mean there is no Middle Eastern restaurant in those areas?

Middle East, N. Westchester or Putnam

Where can I find a good middle eastern restaurant in northern Westchster or Putnam county?

I've been missing that food since I left NYC.


Bad experience at Niko's in White Plains

Good Greek restaurants in Westchester?

Yes, Lefteris in Tarrytown, at Main Street and Broadway (Rte. 9).

Fine food, excellent prices, really nice owner and staff...not the most beautiful place, but comfortable.

And virtually every platter comes with a tasty, big salad. In fact, one platter (say a gyro) with that salad was often enough for my wife and me, and that's all we ordered, and no one ever said "boo" or charged us extra like Nikko's for sharing.

Westchester Ice Cream Spots???

I lived in T'town until recently, and also thought Main Street Sweets was all "homemade" ice cream. But not long ago, I saw an ice cream delivery truck parked outside during the day. I forget the name on the truck, a brand I had never heard of, but it appeared that at least some of the MSS ice cream was delivered by a third-party source.

That said, I've enjoyed the ice cream quite a bit there and look forward to comparing it to Sweet Central in Peekskill, where I now live.

Chiboust mixed (long)

My wife and I went to Chiboust last year, and were quite disappointed. The food wasn't anything special, especially for the relatively high prices. Yes, in agreement with the original poster that the service and desserts were quite good, but that's not enough for us. Just on Main Street in Tarrytown alone, we much prefer Jack & Dyls (although very different kind of food).