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Alexander's in North Park (SD)

their shrimp appetizer is good, but small portions as well. excellent sangria, good salads, a pretty good pizza, and the back patio is perfect for summer. agree that its a tad too pricey, but it's a nice every now and then neighborhood spot.

Jun 18, 2008
DoctorQuality in California

Why isn't there a peanut butter drink?

on a trip to jamaica a few years back i was hooked on a drink called "Peanut Punch." i don't remember who produced it, but it was sold in juice box-containers and was delicious. it was sold in most markets so there might be a way to get it here.

Jun 11, 2008
DoctorQuality in General Topics

Mi Lindo Nayarit - Mariscos off the beaten Track SD

Kiko's Taco Truck on El Cajon Blvd has a gobernador taco with celery, peppers, and tomatoes that i really like. the tomato bring a really fresh taste to it.

Jun 02, 2008
DoctorQuality in California

SD - best retail bacon?

whole foods slices it as thick or thin as you'd like. i especially like their pancetta

May 21, 2008
DoctorQuality in San Diego

Good Buritto in San Diego

poster said she wants more than a burrito filled with bad meat. that's how i would describe the many robertos, rolbertos, albertos, filbertos...

May 20, 2008
DoctorQuality in California

Mariscos Costa a Costa- Bird Rock SD

yeah, this was the only thing i could dig up as i searched, but it didn't say much in terms of the actual food

May 15, 2008
DoctorQuality in California

Mariscos Costa a Costa- Bird Rock SD

i drove by the other day and this place caught my eye. not really a neighborhood that i would expect an authentic mariscos spot to be, but there seemed to be a fair amount of diners. i can't find a website or any reviews online so hopefully someone's been there before and can tell me if it's worth checking out.

May 14, 2008
DoctorQuality in California

Adios Taco Trucks? [moved from L.A. board]

new to SD-loved urban solace, where else to try?

Terra has a nice patio and gets mixed reviews here, but it's one of my favorite restaurants around
Lefty's pizza (i think one of the girls who works there is actually from madison)
Cantina mayahuel and alexander's have outdoor patios
Parkhouse eatery and the mission for breakfast
Mama's bakery and deli for lebenese

Apr 30, 2008
DoctorQuality in California

San Diego Cupcake Crawl

saw in citybeat this week that the Ken Club in kensington is having some kind of cupcake social this saturday. i thought of this post when i saw it

Apr 24, 2008
DoctorQuality in California

casual italian in Las Vegas

I remember seeing, somewhere on this board, a small italian place that would be perfect for lunch. i've searched and searched and can't seem to find it. i remember looking at their website and remembering it was off the strip and had a list of pastas and a list of sauces and you just pair up whichever you'd like. it was very casual and i think it might have been a husband and wife venture, but i could be wrong on that. any help?

Apr 23, 2008
DoctorQuality in Southwest

Tahini in San Diego?

vine ripe market in la mesa or north park produce maybe?

Apr 07, 2008
DoctorQuality in San Diego

Great pizza delivery

I was starving last night and didn't feel like making the trek over to my usual lombardi's so i decided to get a delivery. i got an add in my mailbox for dominos that was advertising their brooklyn style pizza and looked pretty good. now i consider myself a true new yorker when it comes to pizza so i didn't have high hopes-just wanted something quick. When it arrived i was pleasantly suprised. chewy thin crust, slightly charred edges, tangy sauce, right amount of cheese. A great pizza! If you haven't tried it i recommend you put your pride aside and give it a shot. you could be in for a treat.
apparently i'm not the only one who enjoyed it...

Apr 01, 2008
DoctorQuality in Manhattan

Crème brûlée - which torch should I buy?

definitely get the larger hardware store style. i bought a "creme brulee torch" and returned it after one use. it just doesn't get hot enough for a nice crust and took far too much time to crisp up the top

Mar 10, 2008
DoctorQuality in Cookware

Point Loma Seafoods

While i've always found blue water to be much tastier and fresher than point loma, occassionally i get the urge for a clam sandwich that can only be cured by point loma. on this past trip i noticed that the majority of the fish for sale in the counter was previously frozen. i found this odd considering their prices were fairly high for not having fresh inventory. has it been that i never really paid attention to the counter and they've always sold previously frozen fish? i guess i just figure if you're going to a fish market and paying good money for fish, you'd figure it is the freshest around.

Mar 05, 2008
DoctorQuality in California

rotisserie chicken san diego

rimel's in la jolla is good. smaller place with nice outdoor seating and nice staff. everything i've had there has been very fresh.

Mar 03, 2008
DoctorQuality in California

Where to find Brazilian Beer in SD?

there was a big push for brahma a couple years ago and it was sold everywhere. i don't think it went over too well since i haven't seen much of it since. last i saw was at the BevMo in mission valley

Feb 28, 2008
DoctorQuality in California

Mama Mia - San Diego

i thought the exact same thing. having a place that was byob was a refreshing change.

Feb 22, 2008
DoctorQuality in San Diego

Does Bay Cities Italian Deli have fresh pizza dough?

Make it yourself, it's not rocket science. flour, yeast, water and salt. you'll be amazed at how much tastier it is than most pizza places

regional mexican cuisine TV episode? help!

you might be thinking of 'Planet Food.' i've seen it over the years on the travel channel and food network. the mexico episode wasn't bourdain, but tyler florence. it's actually one of the most interesting food shows i've seen and really goes out of it's way to show the best and most authentic dishes/techniques of that particular country. hope this helps.

Episode nine
Tyler got away from the common notions of Americanised Mexican food and looked for the heart and soul of Mexican cuisine. He started his journey in Mexico City where he explored vibrant markets and discovered just how hot chillies can get. A quick sip of tequila took him to the heartland of Oaxaca where he found out how tequila's sister drink, mescal, is made.
Tyler sampled some excellent chocolate, another favourite of Mexico. In the beautiful city of Puebla he learnt how to prepare the national dish, Mole, which is turkey with chocolate sauce, originally invented by a local nun, by accident. His journey ended on the east coast where Mexican flavours blend with the Caribbean Sea. Try these recipes for Mexican-style Hot chocolate, Refried beans, Real guacamole and read more about chillies.

Broasted chicken in San Diego?

A broasted chicken place just opened inside the NEX next to the navy gas station on rosecrans and nimitz. very odd location, but it caught my attention a couple months ago after i remembered this post. it finally opened up and you didn't hear it from me, but i'm sure you can walk in and eat without a military ID

Feb 03, 2008
DoctorQuality in California

Dissapointing Breakfast at the Mission

i was a regular at the mission in north park for a couple years and hate to say that i've given up on it. the food comes out cold, service is spotty, some plates are terribly underseasoned, some lack key ingredients (less bananas & strawberries on the pancakes), and the overall quality of food just doesn't taste the same. it's sad because it really was a unique and tasty place.

Jan 14, 2008
DoctorQuality in California

Out of town CH'ers ISO Point Loma area recs

there are plenty of great places in point loma! con pane rustic breads is a great breakfast spot for coffee and the best cinnamon rolls in town or a decent sandwich for lunch. forget south beach grille and just go to point loma seafoods for fish tacos and other great seafood. a new cafe just opened not too long ago called point break cafe that's near rosecrans and shelter island and has wonderful breakfast dishes. inside the liberty station shopping center is sammy's woodfire pizza which is an upscale pizza place and DaKines hawaiian BBQ which are both good. antique thai and royal spices thai cuisine are both very passable thai restaurants.

Jan 14, 2008
DoctorQuality in California

Trader Joe's pumpkin butter. GOOD!

glad i stocked up and bought out my store. it's great on so much. today i took the advice from one of these replies and mixed it with some mascarpone and warmed up in oatmeal. it was lacking a little something so i poured in a little maple syrup and was in heaven. great stuff.

Dec 22, 2007
DoctorQuality in Home Cooking

Different variations of Carne Asada

i was just wondering if it is a regional thing or just a different take on a wonderful thing, but there seems to be many types of carne asada. if you look up recipes you will find everything from flank steak seasoned with salt and pepper to varations of marinades with tons of ingredients. i once made some based off a recipe i found and remember adding beer, cumin, garlic, orange juice, onion, and a few other goodies and it came out well. i recently bought a couple pounds from a local mexican grocer that was already prepared and was covered in a bright red rub that was equally good, but tasted completely different. i can't find the old recipe i had and am interested in what made up the mysterious red color from the butcher so i'm looking for any recipes that have been tried and work well. i know they sell carne asada seasoning in grocery stores, but that's just too easy and i doubt tastes like the real thing.

Dec 21, 2007
DoctorQuality in Home Cooking

Best Agua Fresca in San Diego?

there's a place on 30th street about 2 blocks south of adams that looks promising, but i've never been. the agua frescas at the hillcrest farmers market on sundays are always great and fresh. one lady had a watermelon/raspberry in the summertime that wass out of this world, but it might have been seasonal. definitely worth a stop though.

Dec 13, 2007
DoctorQuality in California

SD: Henry's vs. TJs for wine selection

if you're looking for a red, the peachy canyon zinfindel and the robert hall cabernet sauvignon from TJ's are great and both around 10 bucks

Dec 11, 2007
DoctorQuality in California

Chinatown / Olvera Street / Grand Central Market / Little Tokyo

If you're not from LA, avoid Philippe's. it's nothing great unless you grew up with it or want to see nostalgia.

Custard filled churros from Mr. Churro of Olvera Street should definitely not be missed.

Go to Grand Central Market and look around. if lots of people are eating a certain dish or waiting at a certain's gotta be good. it's a great place.

chicken drippings

just roasted a couple chickens stuffed with garlic, lemon, sage, rosemary, and thyme and as i was cleaning up i noticed all of the drippings in the bottom of the roasting pan. now it's not exactly stock, and not exactly broth, but smelled great and is full of flavor. other than making gravy, is there anything to use this for? i was thinking about adding as a substitute for stock in a risotto, any suggestions?

Dec 09, 2007
DoctorQuality in Home Cooking

Finding REAL Dr. Pepper

Thank you all for your suggestions! i wound up finding 6-packs of the 16 oz cans at the local supermarket so i didn't have to look far at all. i love the glass bottle coke's that come from mexico so i was expecting a similarly large difference in the dr. pepper, but i was somewhat disappointed. i think it might have been the can not having the same taste as a bottle, but for my next trip i'll definitely be on the prowl for the bottles. thanks again

Dec 05, 2007
DoctorQuality in Texas