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vegetarian eats somewhere in boston! we want the good stuff...

Had the veggie tasting menu at Ten Tables Cambridge in March and found it really disappointing. Most of the dishes seemed like they took the regular tasting menu and removed the meat, leaving the side dishes. Perhaps the JP location has a better veggie tasting.

2008 CSA Reviews

I noticed that a lot of the CSA are starting to sell 2009 shares which has gotten me thinking about what I'm going to do for next year. I'd like to see what people's experiences are for the 2008 growing season as it's winding down.

I've done Red Fire Farm the past 2 years. Quality and variety have been fantastic. Their organic produce usually looks better than the conventionally grown produce. I thought it was a great value last year but there were some weeks this year that the share seemed a little light. It seems like this year has been tough for growing with all the rain and Red Fire lost a big portion of the broccoli and cucumber crops. I liked being able to pick out my vegetables each week and pick ups have been very well organized.

My debate for next year, is Stillman's vs Red Fire. I like that Red Fire is certified organic and has great variety but Stillman's seems like a bargain, especially since shares include fruit. Has anyone had experience with both?

Area farmers' Markets 6/11/07

There's a farmers market at the school on the corner of Magazine St and Memorial Dr (near the river and Trader Joes) on Saturdays from 10-2. I went a couple weeks ago and one of the stands was selling eggs.

Cheap Eats By Hyatt Regency in Cambridge?

There's not much food around the Hyatt but if you walk up to Central Square, there's a good amount of food. River Gods (corner of River St and Kinnaird St) is good and pretty veggie friendly. Moody's Falafel Palace (Western Ave right near Mass Ave) is open until 2AM and while it's not great, it's decent and cheap for late night food. Basta Pasta is a little, cheap Italian type place on Western Ave that's good but I don't know how late it's open. If you're up for delivery, the Similans (thai place that's part of the Brown Sugar restaurants) over by Kendall Square has lots of vegetarian options and will deliver for $2.

Red Fire Farm CSA

Does anyone have any experience with Red Fire Farm CSA and pickup from Harvest? Particularly, I'm interested in how much produce it is (can a vegetarian couple reasonably use that much) and how the variety is.