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Suggestions for a good Indian buffet?

Have to say thumbs down for Kama. Over priced for so-so quality. But they do have a wide variety of items at least.

Suggestions for a good Indian buffet?

I'm an AYCE fanatic and I love Indian food, so I'm interested in all the responses I've seen here. Of the ones I've tried, Bombay Palace in Brampton is the best I've tried for dinner. It's been hard to find a dinner buffet though. India Hut was good, Village of India (Mississauga; Vegetarian) had great paneer dishes and I've been told that Jikoree is good (lunch only) and The Host (Richmond Hill) has the highest quality lunch buffet in town. Some of the ones I would not recommend are Siddhartha (on King) and Bombay Palace (Jarvis; only available on Sunday). I'd pay extra for very good quality Indian (especially if they have good paneer). Anybody got any more that would fit that description?