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Elegant Dining Salem, Marbelhead

We are planning a long weekend anniversary trip to Salem in a couple weeks. We will be staying in Marbelhead. Can anyone recommend a romantic and gourmet restaurant in the area for a special celebratory dinner? Having trouble finding one at online sites and knew this would be a great place for advice.

Thanks and Have a Great Meal-Pam

Brunch along CT Coast


Does anyone know a nice place to have brunch around New Haven CT and up to around Westbrook CT?

I am from around here but only really know about the Rusty Scupper, but I think that has closed (?)

Just looking for a place that has a nice big selection and a view wouldn't hurt, or even something small but good.

Thanks for any ideas and info.

Have a nice dinner,

Romantic Place in the Bershires

Hello Everyone,

I will be in Lenox Mass in the Middle of October for my 5th anniversary. I am hoping the foliage and weather hold out, as it can be so very beautiful in the Berkshires in the fall.

I have passed through this area before but have never stayed overnight or ate at any restaraunts.

Can someone please reccommend a nice place to have our 5th anniversary dinner. Maybe something with a fireplace, good wine list, seasonal menu and and of course good food.

Thank you so much for all your help.

Have a good day

Tuckahoe Inn Jersey Shore

Hello All,
Just wondering if anybody has been to the Tuckahoe Inn recently. I will be camping in Marmora over Memorial Day Weekend. I'll be doing the nostalgic thing all weekend, as I grew up going to the Jersey shore when I was young and haven't been there in years. I remember going to The Tuckahoe Inn and every time it was a very special treat and the food was awesome.
The last time I was there, early 90's, they were serving crab outside on the little inlet beach with a Reggage band playing. It was so delicious and the ambiance was perfect. Do they still do that?
Any current stats would be very helpful. I can't wait to take my hubby here and am hoping it is as good as I remember .


May 15, 2007
pam711 in Mid-Atlantic

Unique and romantic in Palm Springs

My husband and I will be in Palm Springs (from CT) next weekend for a convention and are looking for a very romantic and unique place to have a memorable dinner for 2 before the show starts on Friday.
I have been thinking of Melvyn's or Shame on the Moon (both different from each other it seems). Money is not much of an issue. I am a push over for ambiance and we both are kind of foodies who enjoy our wines too.
Interest was also a little peaked by Jillian's.
Please any comments or reviews would be very welcome. The town is pretty full for the convention next weekend so would like to make resevations asap.
Once again Thanks so much and
Have a nice meal.

Apr 20, 2007
pam711 in California