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Beard Finalists - Orfaly, really?

matt dillon's the corson building is amazing. it is rare that i have been so enthusiastic about a meal start to finish.

Mar 23, 2010
intheq in Greater Boston Area

The Irish Pub, Billings Rd, Quincy

Looks like I am swimming against the tide here... but I love the Irish Pub. Yes, it is definitely the kind of place where everyone turns around and looks at you when you walk in. Can you name a bar in Quincy that isn't like that? But my experience is Noel (bartender/owner) is an absolute dream and I've never had a bad experience there. I would skip late nights on weekends but wouldn't turn my nose up at a beer while waiting for take out.

I should add the caveat that I love dive bars. The darker and dingier, the better. Extra points for a dart board.

Feb 23, 2010
intheq in Greater Boston Area

Little Q still open?

I was there on Sunday and it was delish. One note: you now must enter through the Hancock Street entrance as the back of the building is closed.

Aug 04, 2009
intheq in Greater Boston Area

Another One Bites The Dust - Persephone

The Herald is reporting that Persephone will close. Not a huge surprise there... the location was not great and the concept of munching on $8 french fries amongst racks of clothes was never that appealing.

Aug 03, 2009
intheq in Greater Boston Area

Ordering way off the menu. Major props to Myers and Chang!

that is really nice to hear about a restaurant! i like myers+chang quite a bit. fun atmosphere, good service, and some really good plates. a few mediocre/not so good ones too but by now we have learned which ones to avoid! with their regular, vegetarian, and gluten-free menus they do try to cater to a wide swath of customers.

that kind of personalized service is what will keep the tables booked there while tumbleweeds are blowing through other establishments.

with regard to your request to for another restaurant that may accommodate your SO: perhaps toro? they are also a small plate place with a varied menu. some items off it need no adjustment (marinaded olives, spiced almonds, tomato bread, hummus, salad, etc). if you contact the manager, alyssa, she is super nice and would most likely be very happy to work with you. the HUGE downside to toro is they do not accept reservations.

Jun 01, 2009
intheq in Greater Boston Area

Board favorite restaurant veggie burgers?

the veggie burgers at publick house are really good. i can't stand that place - something about it just makes my skin crawl (the staff's attitude on several visits hasn't helped endear the place to me) - but suck it up every now and then for a veggie burger.

May 28, 2009
intheq in Greater Boston Area

Top 5 Boston Restaurants

you are correct - I was referring to the blue hill ave location in mattapan. i am not familiar with the south end locale. most people seem to equate "best meal" with "most expensive" and while i do believe you frequently get what you pay for... i would take a stewed chicken roti over a free meal at sonsie/abe & louies/mistral (insert any other overpriced, overrated restaurant name here) any day of the week.

May 23, 2009
intheq in Greater Boston Area

Top 5 Boston Restaurants

it is difficult to come up with a short-list like this... as mc points out there are so many variables. a few places that stick out as consistently great are:

craigie on main
ali's roti - this place doesn't really fit the high end vibe of most of the other places folks mentioned. it is not in the best neighborhood; you would probably want to go for lunch. but damn is their roti good!

May 23, 2009
intheq in Greater Boston Area

Upstairs on the Square: Monday Club vs. Soiree

the monday club is quite nice. one of the most consistent things about upstairs on the square is the bar manager, lino. he is gracious, knowledgeable, and makes killer drinks. with a gift certificate, i would agree with the suggestion you stick to apps and dessert (and cocktails). the artichoke appetizer is delicious.

Apr 27, 2009
intheq in Greater Boston Area

Gluten-Free Friendly Dinner Tonight

myers & chang has a gluten-free menu or douza on darthmouth st. for sushi.

Apr 04, 2009
intheq in Greater Boston Area

Hash browns for breakfast/brunch in Boston?

though, sadly, i do not have the answer for perfect hash browns in boston, i will throw out my hands-down winner for home fries: joe's coffee shop in hanover.

there is one guy that stands at the grill and cooks all the food at this tiny diner. everything is made to order, no corners are cut, and it is incredible. home fries are make with peeled yukon golds and come with sauteed onions. swoon-worthy, for sure. their homemade cinnamon french toast is also unreal.

Apr 03, 2009
intheq in Greater Boston Area

Comparable to Kowloon

am i the only one reading this and having vaguely fond memories of aku-aku?

Mar 24, 2009
intheq in Greater Boston Area

Skyline,Marina Bay, Quincy

Touch call... Skyline food is, at best, mediocre and their service is generally terrible. Siros may have better service but their food is still average and the price tag would be much higher. Lots of folks love Fishbone's and if you are just eating fried food, it is ok.

All three places are slight variations on the same thing: mid-range suburban restaurants with an emphasis on volume not quality or experience.

Mar 23, 2009
intheq in Greater Boston Area

favorite spots in/around chelsea

am visiting nyc this weekend and staying in chelsea. there was a time when i was in nyc frequently for work/play but haven't been much in the last two years. former favorites were tartine, le zoo, blue ribbon sushi... can't remember them all.

any chow-ish recs for lunch/dinner in the chelsea area? neither my DC nor i are hearty meat eaters (fish and chicken are fine). no preference on price/ethnicity - we just want good food without having to cross the city.

Mar 06, 2009
intheq in Manhattan

Quincy favorites?

any preference for your favorite type of food?

there are certainly plenty of inexpensive asian restaurants in quincy: you can get pho at pho yuen dong or pho hoa for about $8. quincy dynasty has good chinese food. and, of course, little q for hot pot.

kagawa in quincy center has consistently great sushi. in addition, the service is always good and their prices reasonable.

gennaro's has very good, inexpensive italian. fat cat is a pricier but their food is solid and you can usually get a well-made drink (which can be frustratingly difficult in quincy).

if you venture over to dorchester, check out the common ground or ashmont grill.

Feb 22, 2009
intheq in Greater Boston Area

Behind the scenes at Boston's best bakeries, etc.

both sofra ( and barbara lynch's stir ( classes. it may be worthwhile to check their websites to see what they are offering in the dessert/pastry vein. though your sis holds a degree, it would be a good way for her to get to meet a couple high profile chefs in boston in a small group setting.

Feb 20, 2009
intheq in Greater Boston Area

Inexpensive, good food near Boston Common Theater

i would second either silvertone or marliave for a slightly upscale setting and would recommend either of these places if you are planning on cocktails.

if alcohol is not an issue...penang is inexpensive and has some interesting plates. their bone-in chicken curry is great. peach farm is not too much of a walk. they have fresh seafood and, again, some interesting plates if you are feeling adventurous (abalone, squid with mustard greens, salty shrimp) .

Feb 20, 2009
intheq in Greater Boston Area

Lost Favorite Entrees

The other night my husband and I went to Toro for dinner. (As an aside: the placed was packed. Recession... what recession??) We discovered that the octopus ceviche was longer on the menu; it had been replaced by a scallop ceviche. This was one of my regular plates at Toro and I was rather disappointed it was "lost." The little appetizer of three deviled eggs at Hungry Mother is another one that I miss. This got me thinking: what other stand-out entrees have we lost at our favorite restaurants...?

Feb 18, 2009
intheq in Greater Boston Area

Drink: A Plea to Barbara Lynch

I love Drink. The atmosphere, the care taken with the cocktails, the knowledgeable and outstanding staff... the experience of enjoying a well-made beverage in a comfortable setting that excludes the "what do you mean you don't have red bull?!" crowd is great.

My complaint: the food. We get it. The place emphasizes the drinks and is not about having a meal. However, if you are going to bother to serve "snacks" at all, please make them better than the present offerings. Three sad little skewers of limp, over-salted scallops... no thanks. The croquettes... ugh. A platter of beets (with limp, withered greens still attached) and mushy carrots next to a bowl of congealed butter... double ugh. I could go on.

How about something so simple it is laughable: a bowl of spiced nuts? Perhaps hummus is too ubiquitous for you - understandable. How about Russian seeniye instead? I know other threads have touched on this but I thought it worthy to put it out here on its own.

Feb 05, 2009
intheq in Greater Boston Area

Comprehensive Chowish Craft Cocktail Compendium '09

Craigie on Main should definitely get a nod. I posted about my delightful meal there the other day but did not discuss the cocktail side too much.

The attention to detail that is essential to a great cocktail is there. Most people will remember bartender Tom from Eastern Standard. He makes many of his own infusions, tinctures, Amer Picon, etc.

Negative side would be the rather cramped bar area. While it is larger than some other spaces mentioned (Hungry Mother's bar is nothing short of a hassle), it is still small.

Feb 03, 2009
intheq in Greater Boston Area

Fabulous Meal at Craigie on Main, Kitchenside

My DC and I went there last week and, while not technically kitchenside, were at the first adjacent table. The "view" was interesting and made for some fun conversation during dinner. Actually, the entire experience was outstanding. Over the duration of our nine-course meal both chef Tony and bartender Tom visited our table. Our waitress was attentive, informative, and extremely accommodating to our dietary restrictions. Coupled with the terrific food, it was one of the more memorable dinners in the past year. The octopus was crisp and flavorful. The turnip potage exceeded expectations (really, who knew turnip could be so delightful?!). We had a small three-plate of one-bites that includes a marinated sardine, scallop with noodles and one other that slips my mind -- all were wonderful. The sorbets were clean and flavorful without being sugary or overdone.

With the bustle of the kitchen in front of us, it was more like dinner theater with incredible food!

Feb 01, 2009
intheq in Greater Boston Area

Does anybody serve aebleskiver around Boston?

unfortunately i do not know of a restaurant serving them in boston either (if there is one out there, i definitely would like to know too!). however, if you are up for making them at home, as an alternative to williams-sonoma, you can buy lovely cast iron pans on eBay for relatively cheap.

Jan 25, 2009
intheq in Greater Boston Area

Where can I find some bizarre foods resturants in Boston?

if journeying south to quincy isn't too far, you may want to check out little q hot pot in quincy center. though the menu is no longer on the table, you can request their organ meat menu. it includes a variety of feet (chicken, duck, etc), tripe, pig blood, duck uterus, tongue and more.

Dec 09, 2008
intheq in Greater Boston Area

Estragon: South End Tapas: Nothing Amazing 9/15/08

"nothing amazing" is a phrase that sums up my experience here as well. i am hesitant to write off a restaurant after one visit so we will probably give it another shot in a month or two.

service was efficient and cordial. the chickpeas were...good good. calamari was... good. the patatas bravas -as noted above- were... french fries. cod cheeks were...ok. overall, nothing stood out as horrible nor exceptional. it lacked bold flavors and no dishes really stood out as memorable. with so many excellent restaurants in the area, estragon needs to step up the menu to make it worthwhile.

Sep 16, 2008
intheq in Greater Boston Area

Looking for unique restaurants

Addis Red Sea is a interesting experience if you have never had Ethiopian food. Tables are odd wicker-type stands, food is consumed with your hands and the restaurant is below street level making the whole experience unusual.

Sep 07, 2008
intheq in Greater Boston Area


wow... this really is a glowing review. i have been there once and had a completely opposite experience. usually, i will give most any place a second chance, however, my visit to firefly's in quincy was so bad, i will never return. the waitress was obnoxious and not helpful (in fact providing me with inaccurate info on a dish). the food was either fried to dry leather or a pile of mush. one dish was so bad, our DC didn't eat more than two bites and we had it removed from the bill. i have rarely had a less satisfactory meal.

Jun 14, 2008
intheq in Greater Boston Area

Great Meal (But What a Mess) at Little Q

little q truly is a gem! we love to go in a group of five or six. with a larger party, you really get to order across the board on the menu (pumpkin, enoki, cellophane noodles, squid are my faves). it is almost ritual: the four sauce tray they bring out so you can mix your dipping sauce. the veggies, then the meats... the mess is just part of the ritual. we add so much of the hot sauce i swear there is an endorphin rush by the end!

Jun 06, 2008
intheq in Greater Boston Area

What is a "Bostony" experience and does it represent good chow?

local is open to many interpretations... i agree with posters about franklin cafe. there is a definite local feel there. green street grill is another low-key place that fits that mold. good food, good people and not over-the-top.

if visitors are truly set on being tourists, it is off to the hingham lobster pound on 3a (seasonally dependent, of course). is true throwback and people will stand in line for an hour to get a plate of fried clams.

Mar 09, 2008
intheq in Greater Boston Area


the best way i can sum it up: my parent's love it. if you are in your early-60s and think the Olive Garden is fine dining, this is your kind of place.

the couple times i have been there the service has been of the overly friendly/phony variety and the food is uninspired/bland. there are plenty of better establishments in the area. fat cat or alba have a similar vibe but better food.

Mar 09, 2008
intheq in Greater Boston Area

Exotic, Fun, Casual Spot for 21st Birthday Dinner?

addis red sea for ethopian food. it is an experience to eat with your hands. keeping the price under $20 pp will be easy.

old stand-by pho republique on washington st in the south end. great atmosphere and has good food.

the above rec for penang is good too. the more adventurous in your party can try the frog legs.

none of those places have comedy or entertainment... you could always grab dinner in the north end and go to the improv asylum. that seems like a very 21-year old evening (not that i remember that far back!).

Feb 23, 2008
intheq in Greater Boston Area