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Ontario Wild Blueberries

Why does everyone think that only the Sudbury area has blueberries? I live south of North Bay and do my picking between Hwy 11 and Algonquin Park. I picked 2 - 4 qt baskets one evening and another the next. Nice berries a little on the smallish side but very juicy. Not only did I get 2 pies made for the freezer but a pie to eat now and 24 tarts. That still left me enough to freeze on cookie sheets and then bag them for winter use. Can't beat picking your own. This year didn't even have to scare of any

The Fry Basket -- good greasy spoon at Yonge and Steeles

Wow, the Fry Basket still going! When attending High School in the 60's this was a favourite place for lunch. Great place for fish & chips back then, and I still remember the more than ample portions. They must be doing something right. Glad to hear it's still there.

Free Range Birds - very disappointed

We raise our own chickens and they are free range pastured birds. No problem with predators as we have 2 llamas with our horses and they keep anything from the area. We don't go the omega 3 route with the feed as the additives are fish meal hence the fishy taste you can sometimes get.. We raise both egg layers and meat birds. Our meat birds get up to 10 ibs. Don't raise turkeys as we have a friend who does and we swap. He gets eggs and meat birds we get a fresh turkey. Works out well. We have 75 layers and 25 meat birds. Even have 15 blue egg laying Araucana chickens. We supply the local bank and post office with eggs and birds and with farm gate sales its steady and we even make some $$, however our eggs are $2.50 a doz and our birds average $1. a lb. Works well for us.

Oct 03, 2010
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ISO: BBQ Turkey Leg

Lived in the USA for many years and you always found them at the State Fairs. Seemed it was Fair food, but I always got one cause they were so good tasting.

Utz Crab Chips

Lived in central Virginia for a few years and UTZ were a popular brand. I used to like the crab flavour myself. Never seen UTZ in Ontario at all, and think it's a small US market in the northeast.

Fresh Fish from the Great Lakes?

What about the First Nation supplying fish? In North Bay you can buy fresh caught pickerel and whitefish from licenced Native fisherman that comes from Lake Nipissing. They have a decent quota that I'm sure they sell commercially. This may be the line caught fish you see, although I know they do net the fish also.

First Nation
, Stratton, ON P0W, CA

Wink™ Lives! But R.I.P. Ruby Grapefruit.

Heres a few pics

Soft drinks with balls

Soda Pop Central usually have a good variety of sodas. They are in Whitby however their web shows whats available.

VERNOR'S.....say it isn't so!

have bought Verners here last summer..........they have a real variety of sodas. Out of the way for public transit users, but they had loads.

Where to buy GOOD eggs in Toronto or GTA?

My brother lives North of Huntsville and raises 100 chickens for eggs and can't keep any. They are "free range" meaning they walk in and out of the coop and are free to go wherever they want. They peck at the bugs, eat grass and like to raid the birdfeeders for seeds the birds drop. He feeds them "scratch" which is cracked corn, and a commercial chicken feed. His daughter works for a food store and brings home all the vegetable greens that are out of date, and that gets fed to them. I was surprised at how fast they will devour a tomato. He gets about 7 doz eggs a day and can't keep them. His regular customers take as many as they can get. He doesn't even have a sign out the end of the drive anymore. I'm a firm believer there is a different taste to his eggs, and its depending on their food. Natural food has the best taste.

Nathan's Hot Dogs or Hebrew Nationals in T.O or Markham Ontario??

What ever happened to Kwinters Hot Dogs? I used to enjoy them. I then went out of country for 10 years....can't find them now.

British Pork Pie

Anyone know of any stores in the Toronto area selling traditional British Pork Pies? Some of the British Stores scattered about sell small frozen ones, but I was looking for something a bit fresher.

Brains, Intestines, Pizzle

I had the opportunity of working in the UK back in the 90's and got to love Black (blood) pudding, and nothing could beat a steak & kidney pie in a pub on a cool rainy day. My dad who was British also made his own Head Cheese. A farmer down the road, who sold sides of pork supplied him with a pigs head whenever he wanted. I never did aquire the taste of it though.

Apr 19, 2007
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