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Interesting meal on Amsterdam?

Hi all, I'm in town from Toronto for the weekend and I'm going to be on the upper west side for the evening with a friend tonight. Any suggestions on a new/interesting place to eat. Mid-priced (by Manhattan standards) would be great and anything Pan-Asian is welcomed.

Sorry for the short notice, but if you can help out, I'd really appreciate it.

Cheers and I'll be sure to return the favour next time you're in Toronto.

Sep 20, 2008
timbutson in Manhattan

Freshest Oysters!

The corollary to your argument would be that the "fresh" Oysters at the Mandarin buffet are of equal quality/freshness to the ones at Starfish. I would say that there are some places that I simply wouldn't risk trying the raw oysters. I was asking for ideas on places that were as reliable as Starfish.

Freshest Oysters!

I've been dying to go out for fresh oysters and Patrick @ Starfish has always been my reliable host. I've never been disappointed.

Does anyone have an opinion on where else to go if I want to try some place new?

Farmers' Markets 2008


Go to There are links there to all kinds of recipes. My favourite is ramps and potatoes fried in bacon grease on Sunday mornings. Great with eggs. I'm told it is an Andalusian tradition.

Harlem Eats

Hi all. My girlfriend and I are coming to town from June 1 to 4. Can you please recommend a good place in Harlem that isn't touristy and is very authentic.

May 29, 2007
timbutson in Manhattan

Foodie visiting from Toronto

Hi all. My girlfriend and I are coming to town from June 1 to 4. Don't need to know the "famous" places unless you think there is something so totally new that there is no way I could have heard about it from here.

Can you please recommend a few things:

1) Good place in Harlem that isn't touristy and is very local.

2) Anything in the meat-packing district/Chelsea that's very good quality (local ingredients, underappreciated chef, etc.)

3) Good coffee place (preferably with a patio) that is reasonably close to my hotel (the Morgan).

Thanks for your help and I would be very happy to return the favour for anyone who is planning a Toronto trip.

Cheers, Tim

May 28, 2007
timbutson in Manhattan

Girlfriend's Birthday dinner in Toronto

Romania Mia may not be the most romantic place in the world but, if really authentic Italian is what he is looking for, this is about as good as it gets and it is close to his hotel. I had some people in town from just north of Venice last fall and they were very impressed by the quality and the honest delivery. I'd have to admit that it is a bit of an older crowd.