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Fried Chicken and Waffles, KC

It almost sounds like we need to have a big Chowhound Breakfast at Niece's!

Fried Chicken and Waffles, KC

Oh, Katie, Go Chicken Go is the living end. And, it's consistent -- so whether you go to the one I grew up on at 7th Street in KCK, or the one across the street from UMKC on Troost, or even the one in Olathe (old 69 hwy), it's always very good. One piece of advice -- I always recommend that one try the strawberry soda with their Go Chicken Go; it's sort of like grape pop and BBQ, they just go together.

Fried Chicken and Waffles, KC

One of my favorite breakfast spots in Kansas City is Niece's at about 57th and Prospect (or so -- there's another location at 63rd and Blue Ridge, which I've never been to). I love Niece's for a number of reasons, the greatest of which is the fried Chicken and Waffles that they serve up all day long.

There's something about starting your day with a few crispy chicken wings and one huge, delicious, waffle that is such a mixture of guilt and satisfaction -- I tend to spend the rest of my day telling people that I had fried chicken and waffles for breakfast just to see the look on their face!

Aside from the novelty of the thing, I really like the meal for its food qualities. I'm not sure of what sort of batter is used to fry the wings in, but they really are my favorite fried chicken wings, save for the offerings at Go Chicken Go. The waffle is a waffle -- I really can't tell one from the other, but I've never had one I didn't like.

Oh, if you want to try out Niece's but Chicken and Waffles isn't your bag, they also have really good chicken an dressing!

Forks and Corks-KC

I've never heard of it, do you have some info? I Googled Forks and Corks and came up with nothing for KC.

Andre's Confiserie Suisse in Kansas City

I was trying to think of a place I could recommend on this board, and it hit me that I hadn't seen anything about Andre's Confiserie Suisse here (well, it got a mention in 2005...).

Andre's is at 5018 Main St. in Kansas City. The place is actually a chocolate store (hence, "Confiserie") but they have what could be best described as a large tea room where they serve lunch Tuesday through Saturday.

Andre's is a unique dining experience in this city; their menu on any given day will consist of two dishes that change daily, and they also offer keish every day. I've never had the keish (not a fan, personally), but I've had a number of their daily offerings and have never, ever been disappointed with their offerings which I can only describe as what I would guess to be European home cooking.

The dishes are surprisingly sparse visually. Being a true KC boy, I'm used to a plate that is full and a cup that runs over. I admit to being openly disappointed the first time I ate at Andre's and saw the size of the portion they brought to me (the dish itself was a sort of pot roast with a brown mushroom gravy and seasoned mashed potatoes with a nice side salad and crusty, yeasty, rolls). I was sure that we'd be stopping in at the sub shop next door on the way home, but the food was surprisingly filling. I've found the case is the same every time I go to this place.

After dinner the waitress (all sort of bohemian ladies who seem sort of out-of-place in the very refined looking environment of the establishment -- but extremely kind and attentive) brings out a platter of deserts to choose from, and as one would expect from a Confectionery, the deserts don't disappoint. Actually, though, I don't like the lemon cake...simply too much lemon for my taste. Everything else is excellent, though. Desert also comes with your choice of coffee of cappuccino, and both are excellent.

Now, perhaps the most surprising part of this vary surprising joint is that lunch (including drinks, desert, rolls, salad and the main course) is $11.25, no matter which meal you order. The only major complaint that I have is that there is no option for kids -- the food is not generally something that kids would appreciate, but there isn't so much as a grilled cheese sandwich on offer to keep them happy. Children are treated well, though, and I've always been able to order one meal for the girls while receiving two drinks and two deserts at no additional charge.

Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole

Smonkey, I thought the same thing while I was eating it, but didn't have the heart to say so after my wife had just done so much work!

Apr 27, 2007
FaxMeBeer in Recipes

Best Taco I've Ever Had...In KC

I've had the taco a number of times, most recently about 4 months ago. To my knowledge the truck doesn't have a name -- I suppose you could call Pick-n-pull and ask if the truck is out there...they'd probably tell you.

The shell is definately fried right in the truck, and they were corn rather than flour. Whether or not they actually created the dough for the tortillas in the truck is beyond me. It's actually sort of difficult to put a distinct reason that the taco was so very good -- the shell really was amazing (better than any I've had before), and the meat just had so much flavor, perhaps because the grill was so well seasoned? It's really just something you've got to try. You've got various toppings available, and they're filled with pork, chicken or beef (I had the beef). They've also got extremely hot peppers on the picnic table next to the truck.

Given that I was the only English speaking guest, I would guess these are pretty authentic to the tacos you'd find in Mexico.

KC Newbie

Of course if you're going to eat BBQ in KC you have to start with Arthur Bryant's. I don't know about the root beer, sorry.

Best Taco I've Ever Had...In KC

Good call, uncle.

Best Taco I've Ever Had...In KC

Believe it, or not: I got the best taco I've ever had, and I bought it at the junk yard! At Pick N' Pull (the old U-Wrench-It -- 8012 Truman Road), there is a white box truck in the parking lot. Inside that truck is a kitchen, of sorts, and from that kitchen come the very best tacos I've ever had in my life. They make the shells right there in the truck, the meats are perfectly cooked, the entire parking lot smells wonderful and the guy who is serving up the food is extremely kind. So, if you don't mind eating in the parking lot of a junk yard, you should check this place out.

Kansas City Hot dogs?

We ended up getting one at the deli at the River Market. Certainly not as good as Zahm's was, but not bad.

Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole

We tried this one at my house on Sunday evening, and it was very, very good! My wife did the work, and she did comment that it was a *lot* of work, but she also felt like it was worth it. Very good, thanks!

Apr 23, 2007
FaxMeBeer in Recipes

Kansas City Hot dogs?

There was a really good Hot dog place in Merriam called Zahm's, but the owner fell ill a year ago and shut the place down. Now I only know of one Hot Dog place in the city but they use Vienna Beef Dogs, which I find pretty objectionable in flavor. Does anyone have a great place to get a hot dog in KC these days?

Where to buy dried porcini mushrooms? (KC)

Perhaps Carrolito's at the River Market? If not, you still got to go to Carrolito's at the River Market.

Staying at Crown Center in KC

GiGi gave good options -- The Peppercorn is far superior to Skies, though the view at Skies is unbeatable. We'd be remiss if we failed to direct you to The American at Crown Center, which is KCs only 5-star establishment (I think).

For a little bit of a different experience...I'd recommend you stop in at Fritz's inside Crown Center. I grew up on the burgers at Fritz's at the original location at 18th and Central in KCK. While the Crown Center location lacks some of the "character" of the original, they still send out your food on a train, and you still place your order via a phone placed at your table.

San Fran Visitor to STL. Help!

I'm from Kansas City, but I get to STL pretty often. My favorite place to eat in STL is at the Washington Post for breakfast on Saturday morning; on Saturday mornings at this coffee house, the Greek owners set up a killer "build your own crape" bar. I don't even like crapes, but these guys really lay it down. And, the owners are EXTREMELY nice, which is sort of different for STL (it's more of an "Eastern" city than KC, where you get a lot more of that Midwestern hospitality). There's also an Italian joint which I think is called Luigi's that I ate at years ago, and it was excellent as well.