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Lemon Fizz W. Dixie N. Miami

I tried Lemon Fizz a couple of weeks ago and was not disappointed. SUPER nice staff too!

Apr 27, 2008
JinRain in Florida

Poutine in Florida

Dairy Belle makes the BEST poutine--the cheese and the gravy are delish (oh I love that squeaky cheese)! I'm down the street in Hollywood and we try to make it there at least a few times a month. We love their burgers too. They also have a really charming, open-air dining area--but could you guys PLEASE get a credit card machine? We hardly ever carry cash :).

Apr 27, 2008
JinRain in Florida

Greek festival - Hollywood

Lester's sounds really good! Yum! Thanks for the topic and info guys! We're Miami transplants and we're always searching for good places to eat--which are seemingly hard to come by in Hollywood. I'm sure we've just been going to the wrong places.

Hollywood beach restaurants

I will definately check out Georgio's. I've been in Hollywood now for 2 years and have yet to find more than a couple of CONSISTANTLY good eateries.

Oh, and stay far away from Mamacita's on the Broadwalk. It was horrible in every sense.

Apr 18, 2007
JinRain in Florida