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"The Combine Eatery" opening soon

Went last week to check out this new place with friends. The service was great and so was the menu, if you're in the mood for lighter fare though, probably not the best choice with things like mac and cheese and meatloaf as their signature dishes. I tried the ribs, which were of the wet variety and heavy on the tomato so they kinda reminded me of my mom's pasta sauce. Everything was plated nicely with lots of edible garnishes. Aps were tasty and fun to share (lobster fritters, onion rings, quesadillas). Food items were good value for money but the cocktails are definitely on the pricey side.

One thing about the decor, this minimalist design that's all de rigeur right now, without a scrap of fabric to absorb any sound makes for a very loud restaurant when it's full. End up shouting to the person sitting next to you because you can't hear your friends sitting across the table. Whatever happened to form following function? Might have stayed longer for a coffee but it was just too bloody loud.

El Sol in east end

anyone been? any good?

Latin Grocery in the east end?

Is there a decent latin grocery store in the east end? Any tips most appreciated.

Dinner Around Elgin Winter Garden Theatre?

Terroni's on Victoria would be a good choice in my opinion.

Best Salumerias - Little Italy

I absolutely love Grande Cheese for this type of fair. Not in Little Italy but they do have a few stores throughout the north end of the city. If you can, go to their flagship store up in Maple, it's worth the trip. The give you a free ricotta or ravioli (your choice) with every $30 purchase and the best selections of all things Italian.

Romantic, not too expensive, downtown

you may be right about Mildred Pierce - haven't been in some time - but if it has - it's a shame..

Romantic, not too expensive, downtown

Mildred Pierce on Sudbury St. off of Queen near Dovercourt wins my vote for most romantic Toronto restaurant - not downtown, but a short cab ride away...

Great Chinese around downtown TO?

I highly recommend Wai Sing on Baldwin. They have a special black bean lobster when in season that is awesome. So is their hot pot chicken, but everything is good.
Another, more casual favourite is Swatow on Spadina. The best hot and sour soup in the city in my opinion.

Who's been to Serra?

This is my very first posting on Chow - so exciting!
I'm going to Serra tonight. Who's been and can tell me what it's like?

Candy's Black Sheep

I agree with deliciousnyc, you forgot to mention Italian licorice. Wild licorice root is abundant in Italy. I remember visiting as a kid and my cousin pulling up a root and chewing on it - I was fascinated it tasted so good. I always stock up when I go back. It keeps well in an airtight container although some prefer to have it dried out and more chewy. What about the Sherbert Fountains with the licorice stick - now that's yummy confection. I've read that sugar is most people's first addiction.

Apr 19, 2007
mangiobuono in Features