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Ventana Grill in Pismo?

Any other recommendations for Pismo and/or surrounding area? We are there for 1 night and most if the next day. Thanks in advance!

Sep 09, 2014
kristenmarthabrown in California

Pismo Beach or nearby - where to eat?

In Pismo beach for the night and all of the next day. Recommendations of where to eat, please?!?

Sep 09, 2014
kristenmarthabrown in California

Really good pizza for group

Have you checked out East Glisan Pizza Lounge?

best sushi in maui

Nelehelen, what was your experience?

Mar 25, 2013
kristenmarthabrown in Hawaii

Anything new on the Big Island (Kona-side)?

Pnutbuddah, any great meals/activities to report?

Mar 25, 2013
kristenmarthabrown in Hawaii

Food, Drinks, Live Music on the Big Island

Mimi, did you find anything?

Mar 24, 2013
kristenmarthabrown in Hawaii

thanksgiving pork shoulder roast? or ham?

oooohhh. see, I'm usually referred to as OG, so....:- )

thanksgiving pork shoulder roast? or ham?

Thank you! Ham it is!
Who is OP?
Ham has been cured and smoked and butcher is suggesting I just put it in a brown paper grocery bag at 200.
Any comments on that?
I had visions of a crackling, diamond scored skin, but that may be for another time.
the ham is frozen (sigh).

thanksgiving pork shoulder roast? or ham?

I've got access to some local pork, bred by friends of mine. Bred to be yummy.
Thinking I'll do that instead of turkey, but I really don't know that much about anything besides pulled pork or chops or bacon or sausage.
Ham or shoulder roast?
How would you prepare it?

Hide your BBQ shrimp! Kukubura's coming back to town!

Did you post elsewhere? I'm headed to NOLA this week and would love to hear the highlight,s. I think you've convinced me to put Mr B's near the top of the list, along with Dante's. I was worried the shrimp wouldn't live up....

tenderish but dry carne in chili con carne

I tried making chili con carne with chuck beef boneless ribs.
The recipe simply said "beef chuck" and I got boneless ribs.
I put everything in the oven for about 3 hours at 225.
The meat is tender-ish, though not as tender as I'd like, and pretty dry.
Can i fix it?
It wasn't cheap and I'd sure like it to be worth it.
Should I put it back in the oven for a few hours?
I did this last night, and it's supposed to be dinner tonight....
What might i have done differently?

here is the recipe I used, if anyone's interested

Gluten Free Pizza in Portland?

the best I've had. so good.

salty pork shoulder (picnic ham) - recipe ideas?

I had a great picnic ham that was smoked but still needed to be cooked through.
I tried to get all fancy with a salt rub and the the ham is WAY to salty.
what was i THINKING?
I'd like to save it by transforming into some sort of dish (casserole?) .
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Best pie in Portland??

bi - partisan cafe on se stark. SERIOUSLY good pie, lots to choose from. go in and try a piece. you'll get it!

Tres Leches Cake

i'm curious - what was the book?

Oct 09, 2008
kristenmarthabrown in Recipes

Downtown Seattle Dinner Recs

while you're all on the subject, I'll be up Thursday afternoon - Saturday morning, looking for cheaper downtown seattle eats! Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner...And we'll be going out after a play at Intiman Thursday nights, so any great nearby spots for cockails and late eats are appreciated. We're staying at the Moore (did I mention cheap?) we'll have a car, so a short dirve is ok. Any suggestions?

best delivered pizza in portland?

that depresses me...
i ended up ordering hot lips, which so.

best delivered pizza in portland?

who do you think delivers the best pizza in p-town?
how about S of Pdx (tualatin/wilsonville?

Tres Leches Cake

it totally helps, and i suspected as much! thanks.
I will make this heeding suggestions of less sugar and
i'm considering serving it with rummy carmelized bananas - any chow opinions on that?

May 01, 2008
kristenmarthabrown in Recipes

Tres Leches Cake

I'm comparing tres leches recipes for upcoming work event and wonder what the benefit is of making the cake part without baking powder or liquid besides eggs - some other recipes also have cream of tartar (for the stiff egg whites?). I love the thought of coconut milk in this one, which makes me lean towards it...
science/theory lesson, anyone?

May 01, 2008
kristenmarthabrown in Recipes

Beast - PDX

Has anyone eaten at Beast recently and was it as good as the hype?

Is my All-Clad nonstick worn out, or in need of a good cleaning?

i seriously burned some sausage in my all-clad non-stick and was rewarded with some serious char....i soaked and soaked and simmered water and dishwasher liquid finally tried the baking powder paste.
IT WORKED! Baking powder paste worked really well.

Jan 18, 2008
kristenmarthabrown in Cookware

A week in Spokane

Tony's supper club in Coeur d'Alene was a FABULOUS dinner.
My family is in coeur d'alene, and I get frustrated with the food there, but I was really happy with Tony's!
Also, Java for coffee (Coeur d'Alene again). They know what they're doing there.
And I have to have a greasy Hudson's Hamburger. Maybe its just nostalgia, but it's the only time I'll have american cheese

looking for a bar

that's non smoking and has a megatouch machine (preferrably with word dojo game on it)
any one out there know of one????

Best Burger in Portland

I'm always happy with my burger at Hawthorne street Alehouse.

Also, The Corner Saloon (it's at the location known as Wanker's Corner, but it IS NOT Wanker's Corner restaurant - that is in a strip mall in Wilsonville - the old owner kept the name when he moved away from the wanker's corner location, and its a tacky, icky thing) The Corner Saloon is in tualatin/west linn area on Stafford and Boreland road - and the experience is AWESOME - bar full of regulars, floor covered in peanut shells, sassy staff, good drinks, top notch people watching - no hipsters there, this is the real deal. Have Todd order your burger - he knows how to get what you want based on whose cooking. great nachos and surprisingly amazing guacamole there, too.

PDX: Best brewpub food?

ooh, yeah, widmere. i 2nd that! they were one of the original micro brews here, too.

bridgeport brewing in NW used to have GREAT pizza, but i think they've changed their menu.

they don't brew there, but their Hawthorne street pub on SE Hawthorne has AWESOME burgers along with the other food they serve.

best steak experience in portland? (recent experience?)

hmmm....i went ahead and made reservations at shula's, because of reviews by my bff' i'm thinking about ringside!!!! i do think the environment might be more my dad's style...anyone have a favorite server there?

best steak experience in portland? (recent experience?)

we sat in the bar at el gaucho, and everything was just ho-hum, including the service and the ceasar and the steaks not the temperature that we ordered them, and the potatoes should not have been served. it was near the end of the night, and i think the waiter forgot we were paying just as much as the people who ate earlier. just really, really, disappointing.
i'm tempted to go to ringside, but i've heard mixed reviews of them. the football menu's at shula's don't quite go with the experience i'm looking for, but a friend of mine said she had a great experience there recently.
my first impulse was mortons, but a friend said the last 2 times they've been there, they got terrible service.
haven't heard specific review of ruth's chris
i'm not an amateur diner (have been fine dining waiter), but if i pay as much as i did for el gaucho and have a similar experience i might act like one.
i'd prefer to go to simpatica or le pigeon, but my dad's a steak guy, and it's his b-day.

best steak experience in portland? (recent experience?)

taking my dad out for his 60th, anyone had a recent great steak experience? I was EXTREMELY dissappointed in el goucho, hear mixed things about ringside. previous steak topics are from over a year ago, so looking for up to date info. HELP!