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southside cafe, Asheville

If you like a good Caesar salad, do NOT order one at Southside Cafe. They serve something that's more like Caesar salad slaw. The romaine is chopped so finely, you'll wonder what it is you're eating. The dress is a little better than average, but a Caesar salad served without anchovies? And without cracked pepper?

Fig; Asheville, NC

What you don't want to order at Fig is their hamburger, Greasy as hell and very salty. When I mentioned this to the server, he sang me a song about how the chef grinds up fresh sirloin for his burgers.

Yeah, after they're removed from previous diners' plates. Also, the restaurant has no ambiance. You might eat there once, but probably not again. Like us.

Very Specific Asheville Questions

Catsailor hits the nail right on the head. Also, beware The Moose Cafe, as some may steer you there. You will leave disappointed with the food, and maddened by the lousy service.

Uses for watermelon juice?

Bring along the watermelon juice to your outdoor picnic. Spill a little of it several feet away from you. Instead of bothering you, the ants will all congregate at the spilled juice, and you'll enjoy an ant-free picnic.

Jul 07, 2007
markrossi in Home Cooking

My Charlotte Recommendations

There's a place in Washington DC that serves the BEST buffalo wings. I've been eating them there for over thirty years, and each time they are just as good as the previous time. I travel the USA extensively and cannot find their equal.

Do you know where I'm talking about?