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Myanmar in Falls Church - WoW!

I am pretty obsessed with the ginger salad at Nooshi, is a similar recipe to it. This looks a little different though, is the ginger marinated or pickled?

about 7 hours ago
ktmoomau in Washington DC & Baltimore

Raw grassfed/pastured meat, eggs and dairy in Northern VA?

These things are at all the local farmer's markets in Westover, Falls Church, Ballston and Arlington. If you are looking for a store, the ORganic Butcher in McLean is another to check out for meat.

Fine dining in/near Crystal City/Arlington

Fiola Mare is in Georgetown and wouldn't be far by cab, probably 5-10 minutes.

Visitor and recent transplants seek dining/drinking recommendations - DC area

Some places I would include on a list like that are: Bangkok Golden, Green Pig Bistro, Gypsy Soul, Kapnos, Rice Paper, Toki Underground, Nooshi, Mintwood Place, The Italian Store, El Pollo Rico or Carribean Grill, A&J, Water and Wall. Some are pricier than others.

Recommendations near U.S. Capitol.

Don't know when your one night is, but... Monmartre is normally pretty good, it's been open on Capitol Hill for a long time.

Vegetarian Breakfast, lunch and dinner in D.C.

Relaxed lounge

Assuming you are talking DC... I like the Gibson. When you say lounge do you mean a happening place more similar to a club or more like you can sit around have normal conversation type lounge?

DC: Would welcome comments/suggestions on my tentative iten

If you are going to do a big group at Columbia Firehouse, make sure to give them adequate warning, we have found our big group lunches there to be awfully slow. And they normally limit the menu for a bigger group.

Overwood- I have never had a problem splitting checks, I think it is better for a big group than Columbia Firehouse to be honest. And you can order off the whole menu, so it might be worth a call to check.

Good Burgers Reston/Herndon/Sterling

Yes, Counter Burger wasn't open when I first posted to this thread, it is by far and away my favorite burger in Reston right now.

Any recommendations for a mid to high end restaurant that has a decent number of GF / lactose free menu items?

Great places to eat GF anf LF tend to be of the Asian variety as there are lots of rice noodles and rice and not a lot of dairy. I would think that The Source would be able to accommodate you easily, I have eaten there in the past with the same restrictions. But you might need to tell them what type of lactose free he is, for example butter doesn't bother me, it does some people. Also Fiola/Casa Luca has GF pasta and great meat dishes. Dino's Grotto is a place to really easily eat with limitations they have good gf pasta but tons of naturally gf items. Black restaurant group and Jose Andres are also easy places to eat with these restrictions. Normally a call when you are making the reservation is helpful. The worst part tends to be desserts as there aren't many gf, lf desserts. But even Rose's Luxury can accommodate requests like these, they aren't that uncommon these days.

Weekend in D.C. - Lunch and Dinner recomendations

Those are great thoughts you are considering. If you are ok with no reservations, then maybe at Red Hen or Rose's Luxury to the list. Also Union Market might be up your alley. And we went to Dino's Grotto recently and had a great meal.

Business Dinner in Alexandria?

There are a few places where the food isn't the most gourmet, but it is good and it is a great place for a meeting because it tends to be a bit quieter. These are Overwood, Warehouse and Jackson 20. If you are trying to impress a client I would take them to Brabo, Eve or Vermillion.

Thanksgiving for four

I think Blue Duck Tavern would have a great spread for that type of food, it's really up their wheel house. I am sure it is open. If Gypsy Soul weren't so far away from downtown DC, they would rock Thanksgiving. I also think CityZen or Corduroy if they are open would be excellent.

Jose Andres - Restaurants - Would like to try with people from here

I think as people who live here it doesn't seem as big of a draw to us, but I think it is definitely worth eating at least one of his restaurants. I ate at minbar before the price hike and was absolutely blown away, I love every moment of it. I probably won't be back for a long time, but that isn't because it's not great, it just isn't a I need a place for Friday night type of place. But if I could get in and had the cash and hadn't gone, I would go. I think it explains his philosophy and food concepts better than any other restaurant.

My other favorite is Zaytinya only because it has been pretty consistent, but it might not be as wow as DC Jaleo, which I just haven't been to in a while. I've never been to Oyamel, so can't put it on that scale.

Four nights in Alexandria, VA

Great recommendations below. Cathral Armstrong and his restaurant group have a pretty good showing in the area with multiple places that are interesting. Eammons is a fast casual fish and chip place, Restaurant Eve is more high end (but has a bar that I sometimes eat lunch at, they have a great weekday lunch special), Society Fair is a fun place with great cocktails and good food. They also have PX which is quite good for cocktails, Todd Thrasher the mixologist rotates his nights through a couple different places. They also run Vermillion and The Majestic.

For a great beer selection with relaxing food I think Rustico on Slaters lane is a good choice. Also the Del Ray area of Alexandria is a lot of fun, Cheesetique and Taqueria Poblano are my frequent haunts and tend to be on the more casual side. But there are lots of options there.

London Curry House isn't right in town, but has good Indian food. IF you want a bar, like a good bar, I love The Light Horse and their food is pretty tasty too, but for me it's the best bar for just going to a bar in Old Town. Many of the places around here will have seafood on the menu, Hank's Oyster Bar is a good bet if you want specifically seafood though. Getting to Arlington or DC isn't too hard if you feel like venturing out. Oh and there is a free trolley that rolls up and down King Street that is pretty handy.

Early dinner near Folger

I don't know that there is anything that would be walking close if you are mobility limited. Would something a short cab away work? Maybe like Monmartre?

Dinner for 2 for $300 in DC/Northern VA?

By the way on DonRockwell a friend of mine who is allergic to pretty much everything said she arranged, a fairly last minute for the number of allergies she has, a really great meal at CityZen. So they can def do GF.

Place for one night friend meet-up

Not sure if there is a price range in mind, but perhaps District Commons (which is near GWU), Lincoln, Beuchert's Saloon, Casa Luca or Proof? I especially think Proof is very comfortable and convivial.

Restaurant suggestions for DC with friends

Great list Elyssa, I would also add: The Source, CityZen, Corduroy, Oval Room, Brabo, Vermillion.

Dinner for 2 for $300 in DC/Northern VA?

I think CityZen and Fiola Mare (or even Fiola) are good suggestions. And with an advanced call could do Gluten Free well. Blacksalt did a great GF tasting menu for my husband and I. If you didn't mind trying your luck at waiting in line, also Rose's Luxury did GF for our party recently and was very good. You could call one of these and say you have $300 total need GF so make up a tasting menu with wine pairings? I am sure any restaurant would do that. I would also highly recommend the Source, we had a great dinner there recently and about a year ago.

Any good Virginia/Maryland vineyards?

If you are in the Charlottesville area some other wineries for consideration that weren't mentioned above:
Mountfair- only red wines, they tend to be more high tannin wines. We really like their wines and they can tolerate a bit of age well.
White Hall- smaller than Barboursville, but they have some very high quality wines.
King Family Vineyards- this is more all around. I don't think they are AS good as White Hall or Mountfair, but I would probably put it in the Jefferson-Veritas range. It's a great place to relax as there is a lot of space. It's also fun to go on a day when they are playing polo there.
Flying Fox- it's a very small tasting room and very small production, I think they have sold out of a lot of the wines they held for a few years, but I still think they have some good wines.
I haven't been back to Pollack since it first opened and the wines were not good, but my in laws say it has gotten much better and we have had a couple bottles at restaurants we have liked.
If you are going to Jefferson, both Trump and Blenheim are nearby. Again not as good as some of the more exceptional wineries in the area, but a good stop (Blenheim is Dave Matthews winery), Trump has a beautiful view and tasting room.

Charlottesville restaurant scene is booming

We had a great dinner at Public Fish and Oyster. Duners is always a classic, but I think still pretty good. I had a great double cut pork chop at Hamilton's.

If you are going to Barboursville winery or surrounds- a new good place to stop for lunch up there is Stonefire Kitchen. They had great sandwiches on homemade bread with really creative homemade ingredients. They had soups and salads too.

Oct 06, 2014
ktmoomau in Mid-Atlantic

Looking for restaurants for monthly dinner club (DC)

Some good options above, especially Hill Country. Maybe a pizza place like Pete's or Comet Ping Pong or Red Rocks? Also perhaps Busboys and Poets or Cava?

Good Vietnamese?

They may have been talking about Minh's which is near Georgetown in Clarendon. But I don't think it's the best these days. The other recs you have gotten would be better.

Where can you purchase good ground beef made with quality meat that tastes like steak?

Don't know where you live but the Organic Butcher in McLean if you are out that way.

Help me with my next few days in DC

If Charlie Palmer still has sliders at the bar, that's pretty good bar food. Bistro Bis is the place I would have my better meal at. Hank's Oyster Bar is a little further, but might be worth checking out. Monmartre is a nice little bistro, I don't know if they have a bar, but it isn't a bad place to eat as a single person. Tuncliff's on the hill has very reliable bar food. Near your hotel the other way might be Busboys and Poets, Henry's Soul Cafe and Taylor Gourmet. I haven't been to Henry's in a long time. Busboys and Poets isn't great, but it's not bad either.

For pastries you aren't far from a Le Pain Quotien which has good pastries, although a chain. There is a Le Bon Pain in Union Station.

Lunch- if after the bar food you want something a little healthier I like Sweetgreen for salads too.

Hamburger buns in Nova/DC

What about a bakery? A real bakery? Perhaps Heidelberg or etc. I don't eat a lot of bread so when I eat bread I want really good bread.

Need a good "welcome to DC lunch" between The Jefferson and Holocaust Museum

Old Ebbitts is a great place for their raw bar and is certainly a historic restaurant for DC. The rest of the food is ok, not special, but not awful. I haven't been to the other two. Central isn't too far of course. Ceiba is good too.

Annapolis recs?

Vin909, Wild Country Seafood, Cantler's and maybe Chick and Ruth's for some MD crab soup. I haven't been to O'Leary's in a while, so not sure if it is still really good.

Restaurant for Bacherlorette Party Near Town DC

The U st area has tons of choices, Ghibellina, Barcelona, Kapnos, Doi Moi, Ulah...