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Cinelli's - Broad St, Durham - coupons!

There's an ad in the Independent for some specials they're running:

Monday - Kids eat free (2 kids/parents)
Tuesday - $9.99 pasta specials
Wednesday - Free bottle of wine w/ 2 entress

I've always thought their food was really excellent, but not always affordable on an everynight basis. Seems like the Tuesday pasta special makes things a little easier to swallow, and the Wednesday deal is pretty good incentive to have a night out! Can't vouch for the wine you get though.

Can vouch for the eggplant, which I had last week -- in parmigiana and pizza topping form, on a Grandpa pie. So good.

Also had a salad with Gorgonzola, among other things, in it -- that was also really delicious.

We found that two people could easily split a dinner+salad. Or have a dinner/some pizza, with enough left for a couple of lunches the next day.

All told, delicious food and deceptively affordable when sharing takeout or rocking one of these specials.

Great Triangle Thai? Durham, NC

Twisted Noodles how-to, for those not so into their often really bad service.

1) Know what you want to order. They've got a menu on their website, so figure out what you want before you get to the restaurant.
2) Once seated, give them your full blown order. Apps, Entrees, Drinks, etc.
3) The time between ordering and the service is usually pretty quick, but here's the trick: if you need anything (the hot sauce tray, more napkins, an extra set up, a refill), ask for it when the food gets dropped off. You might not see a waiter for another 20 minutes.
4) When the check comes, have your plastic ready to go. Or just pay w/ cash.

works for me!

Carolina/Kure Beach, NC

I'm finding a few posts from 2001/2002 about Carolina/Kure Beach dining options. Pretty outdated folks!
I'll be there next weekend -- can any recommend some good places to hit up? Vegetarian friendly a considerable plus. What's good?


Artisanal bread in the Triangle

The beignets are no joke -- so very worth a try.

Mexican in Chapel Hill/Durham

How about Fiesta Grill over in the Carrrboro outskirts?