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The Florida Keys

Thanks. Any recommendations for Cuban food near Islamorada?

May 03, 2007
boonemom in Florida

The Florida Keys

I am going for a week in Islamorada next week. Thanks for your recommendations. Aside from seafood places, any recs for Italian or steak places?

May 01, 2007
boonemom in Florida

Report on Raleigh?

I would add Bloomsbury Bistro to the list---seasonal menu, quite creative, always enjoyable. Agree that Second Empire is not on "the best" list for me.
Friends have highly recommended Bonne Soiree in Chapel Hill also though I have not driven over there yet. The evening weekday drive from Raleigh to Chapel Hill can be horrendous.

Rehearsal dinner in Raleigh

St.Jacques restaurant in North Ridge shopping center is excellent. Food is French and they have a small private room -not sure how many it will seat, but I have seen the entire place rented for meals if that room is not large enough.
The owner, Lil Lacassagne , is a superb host and your wish is his command. He is always on premises and makes certain everyone's needs are quickly attended. Give him a call or email and see what price he can give you.
Happy wedding-best wishes!

Business lunch in Raleigh

I have eaten at South twice. The food is mainly Southern and good to me;I am Southern and a NC native. If you like Cuban food, Carmen's is good , located in Morrisville outlet mall area near airport. They serve you really large portions.
Also near the airport on 70 is Kemp's Seafood House, true Calabash-style seafood and good service.

Need new food in Asheville area!!

Jae Thai restaurant has good spicy food and lots of vegetarian options. I have heard that Savoy Cucina is good but have not yet eaten there. I've never had any good seafood in Asheville though the mountain trout can be wonderful if fresh.