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Paducah,KY - BBQ Mutton or Burgoo?

I am going to be in Paducah for one night. Do any of the BBQ places serve mutton or burgoo?

Side question: Good bar to get a drink at? Place w/ decent cocktails or tap selection?

Red Door BBQ (E. STL)

I realize this is a long shot but has anyone been to Red Door BBQ in East St. Louis. You can see it from 64 - address is 2138 Saint Clair Ave East Saint Louis, IL.

Oct 02, 2013
EvanWilliams in Great Plains

STL Metro East (Belleville/OFallon/Shiloh/Swansea, IL area)

This should probably be posted to the Great Lakes board but this board seems more likely to get hits. New to the area and looking for anything good in the area. Looking for anything good...low class, high class...I am up for anything. Just like trying new places.

So far, the places I have been that I have liked are Amira's, Big Mama's BBQ (snoots!), and Sala Thai.

In STL, I have tried Randals BBQ, Pi, Fatted Calf, Iron Barley, Ari's, and Dressels.

Sep 07, 2012
EvanWilliams in Great Plains

Washington, MO?

Wife and I are planning a little day trip to Washington, MO. Any recommendations on local places to eat? We will be traveling from Belleville, IL so anywhere along the way is fine. We would prefer to not eat in STL if possible.


Jul 06, 2012
EvanWilliams in Great Plains

Beer-centered lunch on Saturday?

I am in town for work and looking for a good gastro-pub or brewpub in the dc area for lunch on Saturday. Something casual and near a metro stop would be great. I am staying near the Federal center stop on the blue line. I would prefer some place with a good tap list, preferably on the local side, and good eats. The tap list doesn't need to be huge...a small but well selected tap list is always appreciated. Cask-conditioned beers are a plus....suggestions?

Casual Date Night in STL?

Thanks for the suggestions. I had looked at Taste by Niche before posting and while it looked good, I didnt want to throw good drinks in my wife's face since she cant have them.

To answer an earlier question, we live west of the river in Illinois so any place in STL is fine. It is only about 30 min to get anywhere in the city.

Jan 26, 2012
EvanWilliams in Great Plains

Casual Date Night in STL?

I am looking for a good place for a casual 'married' date night in STL. I have read through the threads and havent quite found what I am looking for. Niche and Farmhaus seem great, but a little fancier/fussier than what I am looking for. We just moved to the area, have been unpacking all week, and dont feel like a super nice place to eat on Saturday.

Any ideas for a nice, casual place to grab a bite to eat (bonus if you suggest something to do afterwards)? Only restriction is that the wife is pregnant so wine bars/breweries are great...but cant be put to full use until our human is born.


Jan 25, 2012
EvanWilliams in Great Plains

Crush Pizzeria, Nashua?

I agree that they have a bit of an identity crisis. They are all over 'social media' (lots of posts on Twitter) yet haven't fixed the service yet. They seem to want to cater to families (back to school specials and kids menus) but want to be upscale too. When they announced delivery, I was even more confused. I orginally posted on June 8th and the same problems I complained about then seem to still be happening.

And we can finally admit, that this is Nashua, not Naples. It has been hammered home on this thread that the pizza is supposed to soggy and eaten with a knife and fork. I get it. But maybe we can admit that soggy pizza just isnt that great or that maybe people in the Northeast just are not that in to it. I would expect the same the reaction if a St. Louis style pizza place opened in is different than what people expect and I doubt that it would be very well received. I grew up near St. Louis so I dig it but would by no means think that people out here would go crazy over a very obscure style of pizza with a weird cheese on it.

Sausage casings in Nashua?

Anyone know where I can get sausage casings in Nashua? I am willing to drive a little if needed.


Breakfast near Nashua

City Room does have really great breakfast but the service can on or off. Last time I went our teenage waitress was interested in things other than serving breakfast. It was annoying enough that the wife and I have not been back.

City Room Cafe
105 W Pearl St, Nashua, NH 03060

Crush Pizzeria, Nashua?

Went there this weekend. Tried to call in our order but the phone number didnt work. The pizza and wings were very good.

Everything else left a lot to be desired. Staff eating in the dining room, confusion behind the counter, way too many of the wait staff on their phones...just a very chaotic unorganized feel.

And this is from someone who has been waiting for this place to open and really wants it to be great.

Top Chef Masters Season 3, Episode 3 - Spoilers

Was anyone else bothered that Curtis Stone (aka the guy NBC/Bravo is shoving down our throat) wouldnt eat most of the QF dishes? Why have the chefs make stuff if even the host wont eat it?

Am I over thinking this or am I just growing to hate Curtis Stone?

Nashua to Hillsborough, NH - Where to eat?

I live in Nashua and am looking for an excuse to drive up to German John's Bakery. I would like to find a good, casual place for lunch anywhere in between the two towns. I have been to the Pasta Loft and Red Arrow in Milford but would like to find something new. Any suggestions?

I saw on an earlier thread someone said Tooky Mills Pub was pretty good. Thoughts?

Tooky Mills Pub
9 Depot St, Hillsborough, NH 03244

America's Next Great Restaurant (Spoilers 3 Apr 11) (RANT)

Am I the only one who is completely irrated with the Grill'Billies? When these two won, I about flipped my sh*t. From day one, this couple has bothered me. They are like two uptown yuppies who have no idea what BBQ is yet continue to use BBQ 'buzzwords' like they know what they are talking about. They started out calling their place "Hicks" yet neither of them appear to be a 'hick' nor appear to even be from the South. They are confused about the difference between grilling and BBQing. Have they ever owned their own smoker? Do they know what a firebox is? A pitmaster? How long it takes to get a bone-in pork shoulder to pull? The effects of different types of wood on what you are smoking? Yet...they won this week and they are starting to gain momentum. Why? Because they are a cutesy couple? Stupid hollywood....

As for Saucy Balls, is no one going to mention that this dumba$$ is serving a lot of red sauce and he picked a uniform with a white tie?!? That tie is going to look horrible at the end of a shift for one of his workers.


Shepherdstown (and surrounding area) WV Info Needed

Thanks for all replys. I went to Three Olives and Grapes and Grain. Plan on hitting Blue Moon this weekend.

I was thinking pizza for tomorrow night. I saw a "NY" pizza place next to the Food Lion? Any good? Any other pizza recommendations?

Blue Moon Cafe
714 Lee St E, Charleston, WV 25301

Dec 02, 2010
EvanWilliams in Mid-Atlantic

Shepherdstown (and surrounding area) WV Info Needed

I am going to to be Shepherdstown WV for two weeks. I have read the few threads on this board but wanted to open it up a little bit. I will have a car so if there are any unique place up to an hour away in any direction, that would be great to know. Any type of food OK...ethnic, local, whatever.

Also, does anyone know of a decent place to buy beer in Shepherdstown. Any place with a decent microbrew selection?

Finally, cigar bars? Google didnt net me very good results.

I have a feeling I am going to have a lot of time to kill over the two weeks so any suggestions you have would be great.

Thanks in advance!

Nov 24, 2010
EvanWilliams in Mid-Atlantic

Mombo in Portsmouth, NH?

My folks are coming into town for a nice dinner. I really liked the Dunaway in Portsmouth but went to their website and saw that it has changed owners and name. Now it is called Mombo. Is the new place any good? As good as Dunaway? Any info would be great.

Dunaway Restaurant
66 Marcy Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801

BU/Pleasant St Station for Lunch

Heading down to the BU area to do some shopping tomorrow. Would like to find a great, quick place for lunch. Nothing fancy....just some great, cheap eats. Ethic food more than alright.

Thanks in advance...

Lunch Around the Langham Hotel?

Since I am having Turkish food the night before, it looks like Al's is the winner. I checked the website and it looks like it will fit the bill. I completely forgot that the financial district shuts down on the weekends.

Thanks again...

Lunch Around the Langham Hotel?

My wife is going to be tied up with wedding rehearsal stuff and I am left on my own for lunch on Saturday. We are staying at the Langham Hotel and I would like to know any cool, low key spots to have lunch. Any type of food is welcome but I would prefer something more on the casual side. I plan to walk up to Churchill's Lounge for a smoke so anything inbetween the Langam and Churchill's is also alright.

Thanks in advance...

Naked Oyster in Hyannis?

Has anyone been to the Naked Oyster in Hyannis, MA? I am on the fence after looking at the website. Any info would be great. Also, any other hidden gems in Hyannis are always appreciated.

Naked Oyster
20 Independence Dr, Hyannis, MA 02601

Warner Robins/Macon Area?

I went to the Mellow Mushroom and you are completely right. In my defense, I had been to the one in Augusta which had a much nicer vibe to it. Not as corporate as the one here in Warner Robins. Plus, I went to try some local beers (Sweetwater in particular), and of course I went there on Sunday so no beer could be served. The libertarian in me is completely opposed to federal mandated laws, but man I do think that alcohol laws need be normalized across this country.

I have passed Finchers and will try to fit in. Of course, I might just have to try Georgia Bobs as well.

Warner Robins/Macon Area?

I am staying in the Warner Robins/Macon area for two weeks and need some recommendations for eating. I have done a little research on the boards and plan to hit NuWay Weiners and Mellow Mushroom. Where else should I eat while I am here? Who has the best BBQ? Mexican? Ethic food in general (did I hear an ad for a Caribean (sp?) place?) Low end or high end....I will eat it all. I just really want to have some places in my pocket in case co-workers want to hit Chili's or Applebees or some other crap like that.

Thanks in advance....

Need Help: What BBC show is this?

I have seen a show several times on BBC worldwide (?) (the BBC shown in the Middle East) that is a 'reality-type' show about a chef and his family. They will show him picking up his kids and then he makes meals for them. I believe his wife is also a chef. He is a shorter, pudgy guy. I saw a recipe on there that I would like to track down.

Anybody help me out?

Phantom Gourmet

I have read all the threads bashing PG and I will admit the TV show can be annoying. However, the radio show on WTKK (Saturday nights) is hilarious. The always do a segment where people call in with their dinner plans and they tell them why they are wrong and where they should go. Of course, they recommend a lot of their sponsors but listening to them make fun of people's choices (and each other) is really funny. And from time to time, they make fun of the fact that people on CHOW hate them. On the radio show, you realize that they dont take themselves that seriously.

And sometimes when you had too much to drink on Saturday night, their show on Sunday morning helps you find a place to chase off that hangover.

Chef Jeff Project on FN

I saw an ad for this new show on FN and it looks like it could be pretty good.

That only thing that bothers me is that it seems like a throwback to a show Bobby Flay did a while back. It was the show where he followed a class of high school kids that were in a culinary program and then gave one of them (or two of them if I remember right) a scholarship at the end. The show was well done and didn't use the straight up "by the numbers" reality show (I'm looking at you Dinner Impossible/Throwdown).


Military 'Hounds: Chowing While Deployed

I am gearing up for my second trip to the Middle East. Last time I went to Afghanistan but this time I get to see the lovely country of Iraq.

My main complaint while I was gone last time was the food. In fact, my wifes last words to me before I took off were "dont get yourself killed trying to get good food!" The KBR chow halls were horrible and was a constant rotation of leftovers that werent good the first time around. The UN chow halls (real plates and silverware!) were unbelievable but were few and far between. The LNs in my office could bring in local food which was great but I hated hitting them up three times a week to bring me food since food delivery was not their main job. A couple of restaurants in town would deliver...a phillipino place was passable but nothing special. My only real saving grace was meeting an afghan who grew up in the states but owned a Lebanese restaurant in town. The flafel (sp?) and hummus almost made me cry.

So my question is....who has some tips for me to maintain a decent level of eating while I am gone? What items did you have sent from home (that traveled well!) to satisfy your cravings? Any good ideas to help choke down KBR food? Or, do you have any good stories about eating in a third world country that uncle sam sent you to?

Aug 08, 2008
EvanWilliams in Not About Food

Bottles for Homebrew ?

My fave is the 22 oz Rogue bottles. No paper label to soak off and quicker to fill than 12 oz.

Jul 17, 2008
EvanWilliams in Beer

1st trip to Fenway paak

Check the Boston board (right above New England board on Chow dropdown). The New England Board is for all places outside Boston. If you do a search, I am sure you will find some great recs.

City Room (Nashua, NH): HORRIBLE SERVICE!

My wife and I hit City Room today (Saturday) for an early lunch. We got to City Room around 11:15 AM just as the late morning rush was wrapping and people were clearing out. After not be greeted by one of the four waitresses working, we went ahead and took a seat. After that, we waited a good 15 minutes for our menus and initial drink order. The food took around 30 minutes to get to us after ordering. The crew of high school age waitresses did not care in the least. They were too busy gathering around the pass to talk or talking to their boyfriend (?) outside. Our total time in the place was around an hour and fifteen minutes and we were not slow sipping coffee and reading the paper. We just wanted to eat and go run errands.

I have been to this place several times and this was by far the worst service I have ever had. The other problem was that there did not seem to be a manager on duty, or at least anyone who looked like they were in charge. While we were waiting for our check, an elderly couple came in the near empty restaurant. After sitting at a table for ten minutes with no greeting from anyone, they left. I wished I would have had their foresight.

I will say the food was good. The crepes were on point and the monte cristo was OK. It just bummed me out that the service sucked so bad. I normally tip a little over 20% at any restaurant....but I gave our waitress just over 10%. I can't even remember the last time I have done this.

Hope this was just an off day for the place but be warned....