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New butcher on Kingston Road

It is called "Close to the Bone" and should be open in a few weeks, if not sooner. I am excitied as these are people from the neighbourhood who are just fantastic. They have been working very hard on getting ready and sourcing the best, locally and naturally raised meat they can find. Let's all welcome them to the 'hood. I know I can't wait to be able to walk and get some great cuts...

Best Churrasco Chicken?

Yes, it is in the small plaza at Danforth Road and Birchmount (NE corner)with the Sun Valley in at, at the east end of the building. I now have the route burned into my memory from my house...

Toronto: yellow corn tortillas in east end?

There is also a place on the Danforth, north side just west of Dawes road that carries decent (Chicago) tortillas. Don't know the name off hand, but this is the only fruit/veg stand on that strip and is also great find in the neighbourhood for cheap produce.

Best Churrasco Chicken?

As a former west-ender I miss this stuff so much but in my neck of the woods (Beach) I have found a great place called PortuGrill. For those that can't bear the trek to the west, this place is new (1.5 yr), clean and delicious. It's a real family run operation, the chicken is fantastic and they also have killer homemade hot (piri piri) sauces. The extra hot is deadly but great if you can handle it.

Camp 31 Review

I am glad to hear this resto finally com up on the board. It is certainly not the best you will find but it is certainly a must stop if you are on the 403 for any reason. My favorite picks so far are the ribs, smoked wings and sausages. The sausages are to die for - very smokey, sweet - kinda like a honey garlic thing going on and then covered in the bbq sauce. Wicked.

I now plan visits to see my family in London from Toronto with the alterier motive of grabbing this stuff on the way home. I will have to try the pulled pork next time, mlukan...

Pizza Pied

Thanks for the tip! Went there last night - had 11 (feta/spinach) and 18 (sampler) and both were just great. The turkish sausage is very good. No need to worry about calling in advance - everything was ready in about 10 mins, off to go eat the leftovers...


Narula's is great any day of the week. The bhel puri is sooo addictive. The thali's are fantastic. Only problem I have noticed are the daytime hours are a little sketchy when I'm craving thier stuff - sadness!!

Danforth Dragon: ho hum

I also recently tried DD out of curiousity. The first bad sign is that they needed to charge me 5 dollars for being a few blocks out of their delivery zone. Not nice - 2 maybe but not 5. I found the chicken pakoras greasy and unappetizing-looking. The chili chicken was undewhelming as well. DD was not a good "deal" overall. Will try Fredericks someday but in the meantime will order my chili chicken from SeaSpray on kingston/main - not too bad....

Niagara Food/Wine Festival

According to the tourism ontario website it is Sept 21-30 this year. I would reccomend marking it on your calender. I don't always make it every year but I find it a very nice day trip. The main "festivities" take place in a downtown park in St. Catherines. It is pleasant enough and not too expensive. Many wineries are represented and there IS food - you will not go hungry but it is mostly like small samples - perfect to go with a bit of wine.

But if your not into the crowds, just grab a winery map and head off to the individual wineries. During that week they are very busy, keep in mind so I often go at other times in the fall - when the leaves turn it's truly amazing down there. Do try Treadwells in Port Dalhousie - it is worth the stop and prices are fine.

Your BEST Chicken recipes...

Just tried a new recipe for chicken fricassee this past weekend and it was excellent - would be relatively simple for during the week. Added mushrooms sliced when sauteing mushrooms and grainy dijon mustard to the sauce - even better!

Apr 19, 2007
spoilina in Home Cooking

What Type of Cheese to Pair with Burgers?

I must vote for Stilton as well. Great combined with carmelized/grilled onions as well.

Apr 18, 2007
spoilina in Home Cooking

Info regarding where I can rent a BBQ Spit grill?

I have not had the occasion to use them but Gervais Rentals in Scarborough does rent a spit barbeque -
Good luck with the party!