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Good restaurants for post city hall ceremony?

So sorry for the repeat thread! I tried searching for this kind of thread but couldn’t find one....I guess I was using the wrong verbiage.

Absinthe looked great but they are closed on Mondays (it seems many places are) and our date is 12/28 (Monday, of course). Kokkari sounds good as well as Jardiniere. I'll see what the fiancée says. Thanks everyone!!!

Good restaurants for post city hall ceremony?

Hey Chow-ers,

I am having a civil ceremony at City Hall at the end of December and wanted to take some family and friends out afterward. Can anyone recommend a good restaurant that wont' break the bank (can be a little pricey, but not so much that we have to take out a loan) that is somewhat close to City Hall? There will be about 11 or so people.

Surprise! B-day in SJ/Palo Alto area

I really appreciate your replies. I have to say - I feel kind of tacky making people pay for themselves, but I think the big 30 is a big deal and my BF has ever had a big bday and I think he's been disappointed by that - that's why I want to go to a "nicer" place, but you are all right - I don't want to make people pay out of their nose for it, because then nobody will come!!

I am in kind of a tough spot, b/c he is very picky (he hates PF Chang's and Buca with a passion - so those are out). He makes it hard. ;). I will keep doing research, but I wanted to thank you all for your input - MUCH appreciated!!!

sugar butter flour bakery in sunnyvale

My b/f found this place and took me there. They are great. The owner was the pastry chef for some high end restaurant in Palo Alto (she served in the Israeli army for awhile). They also do wholesale to restaurants. Excellent stuff. They make wedding cakes too. Very good - highly recommended.

Also, if you go at the end of the day and they have left over pastries, they give them away, b/c they just get rid of them. Might as well try stuff for free!!! :)

Surprise! B-day in SJ/Palo Alto area

Hello Everyone,

I'm new to the boards and I am hoping I can get some good advice here. I am wanting to throw a surprise b-day "party" (he's turning 30) at a restaurant in the Santa Clara/San Jose/Palo Alto/Sunnyvale-ish area. I am hoping to get 20-30 people to come. I was originally thinking of doing it at Hotel Valencia in Santana Row, but I worry only because they are a little pricey and some people might not come because of it. Anyone know of good restaurant that would be kind to a group that big in the area?

Also - not food related but about etiquette:

When you invite people for such a gathering, is it assumed that they pay for themselves? I definitely can't afford that myself, but how would I say to people that you pay for your own dinner? I don't want to be tacky....