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PA Dutch?

I am making a road trip from Columbus, OH to Red Bank, NJ the first week of May. I want to take a side trip through PA Dutch Country (Lancaster, Intercourse, etc for a day or two with my dog). I am looking for suggestions on dining, food shopping, good beer drinking, outdoor things to do as well. Not the tourist bus drop-off restaurants- or other grand scale tourist things. Also, suggestions on inexpensive places to stay (dog friendly if possible) are greatly appreciated. Any and all advice on the area or the drive are welcome!

Apr 16, 2007
pinenut in Pennsylvania

From Detroit To Columbus

Northstar cafe (location downtown at 2nd and High another in clinonville just south of henderson on High st as well). the menu is full of vegetarian options, meatloaf, turkey sandwhiches, flatbread pizzas, curry tofu bowls, and the very best veggie burger you will ever eat. it is hand pattied, covered in fresh pickles, dijon, white cheddar and the usual lettuce/tomato combo. you can get it on a vegan focaccia that is very tasty. all local ingredients and options on a few offerings to prepare them vegan. they have a brunch menu that has sausage scattered here and there, so your carnivore should be happy. Another option aside from spaghetti wharehouse, but still italian- and a local place- is Figlio. Also with 2 locations and a website- one of my favorite places. good luck- there are great options for vegetarians if you are near the downtown area.

and this site may help you find some non-chain options.