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Great Steak(House) in Detroit Metro?

For a my ol' lady's birthday, I want to take her out for her favorite food, a great slab o' meat. What do you think are the best places for steak in the area? Even if it's not a steakhouse, does a certain restaurant's ribeye/filet/ny strip blow your mind? I'm considering (in order) Cameron's, Big Rock, Fleming's. We've been to the Capital Grille, Rugby Grille, a few others. Obviously, Ponderosa and the like are far from consideration. What do you think?

I-10/Baton Rouge Hot BBQ/Greasy Spoon

Beautiful southerners,

I am taking a road trip very soon riding I-10 through LA and Baton Rouge. Does anyone know of any good ol' home cookin', Americana, greasy spoon restaurants along the way or in the general BR area? let me know!! thanks!!

Ann Arbor Birthday Spot Recs?

It's a celebration. For a special night out for a birthday, which spot in Ann Arbor would be best? Moderately pricey is alright and seafood is out (no Gandy Dancer, Real Seafood Co., etc.). Some of my finalists: Cafe Zola, Eve, Mediterrano, Melange.

I'm putting a premium on atmosphere and wine list. I have only gotten cryptic recs concernind Mediterrano and Melange, if anyone has heard anything. Should I be considering a place not mentioned? I look to the ChowHound community to guide me in my romantic ventures.