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Doylestown Treats?

Hi, I am also fairly new and here is what my fiancee have discovered in the past 9 months: Ooka is the best food, atmosphere and price in Doylestown- it is just wonderful! We were so happy when we found Ooka because we have had such terrible experience with other restaurants in town finding them mostly to be: greasy, bland, overpriced and boring menus. A lot of Italian and not good Italian, but bad Italian. Whatever you do, don't go to Villa Barolo. We thought they would have good food because of the sign outside about the organic meat they carry but it was truly horrendous and overpriced. Rubbery meet, bland overcooked vegetables, potatoes of playdough consistency and flavor and cosmo's that taste like cough syrup. I am a vegetarian and my husband is an omnivore so we mostly find that there are no places with vegetarian options and if they do have veg options, it is bland, overpriced pasta that i could make better at home! We went to Mesquito Grill last night and their veggie bbq wrap was actually quite delicious. Cactus Grill is disgusting- they got both our orders wrong and the food was terrible. The Jamaican vegetarian cafe that is open in the summer is healthy, but unfortunately very bland. Chambers has a huge menu and my fiance enjoyed his chicken pesto and my salad was good but there were not many healthy or vegetarian options. B. Maxwell's is disgusting- everything is fried and flavorless. There was another Italian restaurant we went to that i can't remember the name of but it was awful too- the cafe that is across the street from B. Maxwell's. If anyone else has any good reccomendations for Doylestown i would be happy to hear about them, especially good vegetarian options , because eating here has been miserable and expensive- except for Ooka! What Doylestown really needs is a good Indian restaurant (which is opening soon), a Greek restaurant and any other ethnic foods for variety.

Apr 16, 2007
KelceyLove in Pennsylvania

Seitan Piccata

sounds DIVINE!!!!

Apr 16, 2007
KelceyLove in Recipes

Adults Only

i have to giggle because i do bring my dog to friend's houses! but i always ask first and my friend's are all dog friendly. suppose that may change when we start having kids...

Apr 16, 2007
KelceyLove in Features