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El Pollo Loco in DC?

Perhaps not as 'crackchickeny' as the serious pollo places, but Margarita's midway up Wisconsin Ave, in Glover Park, and La Granja de Oro in Adams Morgan on Columbia just west of 18th. Excellent chicken, a good substitute if you cannot get out to the burbs.

Birthday dinner for our 18 year old daughter near American University

Try Chef Geoffs just down the road on New Mexico avenue towards the western end of campus it is at 3201 NM Avenue, three blocks south of campus. There is also a good Italian place up Massachusetts Avenue in the shopping center by AU Law school, near the CVS or Rite Aid there. Congratulations and welcome to the neighborhood!

A clean, well lit place (with wifi, good coffee, etc. etc.)

Just a follow up on the Caibou wifi limit, its not. Just make a second or third profile with an alternate email (no one has JUST one do they?) and re-login under different ones.

Review of Clyde's Gallery Place

They couldn't keep track of a cake? Oi things must be going downhill. I hit the Friendship Heights one every couple of months after work, simple burger and a drink. Usually fine on that count, but it seems like other locations just dont care about decent service, not even stellar, just par.

inexpensive place for dinner near Dunn Loring/Tysons?

Any cuisine, something new perhaps? Open to anything.....