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30th Birthday Dinner for Husband

Hello New Yorkers:

My husband and I will coming up to NYC from DC in December to celebrate my hubby's 30th birthday. I'm looking for some recommendations for a great birthday dinner downtown (Soho, Village, Chelsea). Looking for American bistro type food, price fixed menu is okay, price up to $300 for 2. Something with modern style, small, intimate.

Thanks for the help :)

Nov 05, 2008
nvagirl in Manhattan

best Thai places?

I like Bangkok 54 in Arlington and in Alexandria I like Mai Thai (at end of King St by water)

Visiting LA from DC

You guys rock! Thanks for all the advice. I'm looking forward to researching all of your suggestions. And I must mention that I have had In-and-Out before...on the last day of my honeymoon in San Francisco. Yes, my husband insisted we find one. While it was good, I must say I am bias towards Five Guys...a local burger joint in DC metro area. If any of you are in DC, you must give it a try! Thanks again for all the replies.

Feb 23, 2008
nvagirl in Los Angeles Area

Visiting LA from DC

My husband and I will be spending 2 days in LA in June and I'm looking for some restaurant recommendations for lunch and dinner. We are staying near Beverly Center and will have a car so we are flexible on location. This is our first time to LA so we are looking forward to checking out the city. We are open to any cuisine and are looking for moderate price range, about $11-20 for lunch and $20-35 for dinner is acceptable. Also, any suggestions for places we can grab a drink at night would be nice as well. Not into club/young Hollywood scene but looking for hip place with 30-something crowd. Thanks!

Feb 19, 2008
nvagirl in Los Angeles Area

Visiting DC-it's been 15 years.

For hotels in Dupont, they have 2 Kimptons, Hotel Madera and Hotel Palomar. My husband and I stayed at Madera for a weekend getaway (we live in Nova) and it was great. We got a awesome rate of $129. It is walking distance to Dupont Circle and very close to metro. We always love just walking around the area. Kramer Books is a favorite stop. For lunch, we love Circa. Great spot to have some wine and lite lunch or mid-day snack. On Sunday, don't forget about the Farmers browsing vendors. I also love Open City for brunch on Sunday or even to stop in for a drink on Saturday. If you are willing to take a cab, I would check out Hook in Georgetown for dinner. Fab new seafood restaurant...very hip and food and service were great when we went.

Recs in Shirlington- not Carlyle Grand

I second Alladin. The sushi place in Shirlington is also good as is Bistro Bistro. Aroma is good but I think the portions are really small. Never been to Extra Virgina but heard it is decent. There is also a Thai place that looks promising.

Posh Restaurant Week Experience

Last night I met up with my girlfriends at Posh for Restaurant Week. Here is my review (it's long, sorry but didn't want to leave anything out:

Great, easily accessible from Metro Center. Less than 1 block walk.

Very friendly hostess staff when we arrived. They welcomed us and quickly hung up our coats. A couple of us were early so we waited at the bar for the rest of our party. Bartender was nice, not overly friendly. They serve very generous glasses of wine...1 glass lasted me the entire night. I was driving so I was sipping but it was still equivalent to 2 glasses at most restaurants.

Very interesting inside. Somewhat on the cheezy side, think Vegas lounge. There was a jazz group playing and the singer walked around the room. Great music but it was too loud. I think it would be a nice place for a private party b/c of the layout and location.

Good selection all from their regular menu. About 8 appetizers and 8 entrees and 3 deserts.

I had Sugar Cane Shrimp appetizer and it was really good. Three grilled shrimp skewered on a piece of raw sugar cane. The sauce was a sweet corn cream sauce that had pieces of spicy andouille sausage in it. They served a basket of bread that was really good. It was warm and toasted on outside and soft on inside. Had some sort of cheese crust, tasted like asiago cheese. It was addictive.

For entree, I had salmon. It was served with steamed asparagus and rice pilaf. The salmon was cooked perfectly but could have used more flavor. It had a nice char on the outside but all it needed was some salt and pepper. The rice was on the sweet side but decent. The aspargus were jumbo and not overcooked but had no seasoning. It came with some sort of sauce in a little cup. It tasted like gravy and I didn't use it...yuck. Overall, it was a good meal but it was not outstanding. It was something I feel I could have cooked at home. I give them points for cooking the salmon perfectly. Three friends had the filet and they loved it...cooked perfectly as well.

Dessert was molten chocolate cake with fresh raspberries and vanilla ice cream. It was chocolate so it was good, not great. I didn't finish b/c I was too full.

Service: Very good. Waiter didn't have much of personality but was attentive. We never had to ask for drinks (which is one of my pet peeves). He checked with each of us (we were drinking wine) if we would like another glass throughout the evening. Water never went below 3/4 full. Plates were cleared promptly. The only 2 things that annoyed me were they forgot one dessert and when my girlfriend alerted the waiter, his reply was, "yeah, they are bringing it." A little rude and he should have told us she had to wait 5 mins to get it. And, they added 20% gratuity to the check.

Search for a good hot chocolate

Mishas in Old Town is pretty good.

two nights in baltimore. where to eat.

For dinner I would recommend Ixia. My husband and I had a truely wonderful experience there. Arrive a little early and enjoy one of their amazing cocktails in the bar/lounge area. The service was impecable as was the food and atmosphere. I can't wait to go back.

Proposal help PLEASE

I'm not sure of many places that would fit your description and price point for dinner. Most places I can think of entree prices are around $22-35. Having said that, 701 is classy, not trendy. I had a great meal there over the summer and probably the best service I have ever had. In VA, there is something I love about Tallula for this occasion. It is located in Clarendon section of Arlington. It is really cozy, neighborhood place with great wine and food. They have a back room that you could probably reserve but I would call ASAP. Old Town Alexandria has tons of restaurants but not sure about private rooms. It would be a beautiful location esp. since everything would be decorated for the holidays. You can check out list of restaurants on this site:

Recommendations for Detroit

Thanks everyone for your recommendations. We actually didn't get out to try a lot but we did try Sweet Lorraine's in our hotel which was decent. We ate there for lunch twice and had their breakfast buffet which was free (definately would not pay for). I also ate at Bastone in Royal Oak. I thought the food was great, esp. the cheese plate and roasted garlic apps. I had the scallops for an entree and they were cooked perfectly although the sauce on the plate lacked flavor. The wedding reception we attended was at the Roostertail. While the setting was nice on the water, the food at the reception was awful. My husband and I were a little taken back by the city of Detroit. There was virtually no foot traffic during the day and it was basically dead at night. We didn't feel safe on the streets, even during the day. The Ren Center was a disappointment. I thought it was more like a mall/office building, meaing there were lots of shops and restaurants. I did like looking at the old and new cars on display. Thanks again for all the posts.

Recommendations for Detroit

Thanks for all the great responses! We love all types of food so I'm glad to see lots of different recommendations. We thought about renting a car but figured it wasn't worth the expense since we will only have Thursday and Friday afternoon. Bummer that Detroit lacks metro like DC but it makes sense. Will report back on our trip!

Recommendations for Detroit

I'm a DC foodie and will be in Detroit this weekend for a wedding. We will have some down time during the day on Thursday and Friday so looking for some good lunch spots in downtown Detroit. We are staying across from the Ren Center and won't have a car.

NYC Hound visiting DC

For lunch, around the corner from your hotel on King Street you will find Perfect Pita. I love their vegetarian hummus pita and their chicken gyro is great as well. For Thai, Mai Thai is located at the end of King Street (another location in Dupont mentioned in previous post). Catch a cab over to Delray, another part of Alexandria to The Evening Star Cafe. Entrees are priced $15-25 but you always could just go early and grab a glass of wine and appetizer. Enjoy!

Dinner in Old Town Alexandria

Mai Thai down by the water offers great Thai. It isn't upscale but it is always busy and has modern decor. 100 King is also a good option.

New Ideas for Happy Hour, Downtown DC

Not sure what their happy hour specials are but Fado in Chinatown is a great place for beer and sports and they have good menu

Breakfast and lunch in Annapolis?

I have always enjoyed Pusser's located at the Marriott on the waterfront. The atmosphere on the outside deck is awesome and the menu features lots of seafood. You must try the crab dip and bloody marys are strong and spicy. There are a lot bar/pub style restaurants down by the water and I'm sure they are all good as well. Have a great time!

Business Dinners in the Inner Harbor

J'Pauls on the Harbor is always a good option...Phillips is right next door also

Celebratory dinner for 2 in Baltimore

My husband and I had a great dinner at Ixia on North Charles. The decor is really cool, service impecable and the drinks are too die for. Very hip place with wonderful menu. Reservation are a must.

Good food/beer list near inner harbor

Next time you are in Baltimore, check out DuClaw Brewery in Fells Point. They have some interesting beers and the food looked good (didn't eat there). Cool atmosphere,too.

Good Restaurant in Midtown

These suggestions look great! Thanks so much, really appreciate it.

Apr 16, 2007
nvagirl in Manhattan

Drinks? (B'more edition)

Ixia on North Charles Street offers amazing martini cocktails. My husband and I went there for dinner a few months ago and had an amazing time. The food is just as faboulous as the cocktails. The bar and wait staff are very friendly and knowledgable. There is a cool lounge area to the right of the bar where you can hang out. Be warned, the drinks do not come cheap...about $12-14 a pop but they are so worth it. My husband had the Japanimation which was great and I had the French Kiss and a Pomegranate Cosmo (which was not on the menu but the server suggested to me-great service!) Of course they have a full bar if you are looking for wine. The atmosphere is worth the trip.

Other Indian restaurant that rivals Saravana?

I really like Jaipur in Fairfax. The chat and samosas are great as are the curries and naan. Carry a nice selection of Indian beers also.

Crystal City Lunch

The mexican place mentioned below has closed. There is an Italian place there now that is pretty good, Bebbo Tratoria. They might have a private room, but not sure. This link has a listing of all the restaurants in CC:
I would call the ones you are interested in to see if they can accommodate your group. Legal Seafood is always good as is Jaleo or the thai place on Crystal Drive.

Good Restaurant in Midtown

My husband and I will be in NYC in May and we are staying on E 51St and we are looking for a good place to grab dinner on Friday night, but we want to avoid any tourist traps...any cuisine is fine (we are not picky), just nothing outragesously expensive, entrees in the $15-25 range is good.

Apr 16, 2007
nvagirl in Manhattan