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Kozy Korner Thai in Glendale

Anyone been there? Just went - for a random Thai place in Glendale it's pretty good

Little Bangladesh? Want more info!

There's an article in the LA Times about Little Bangladesh in K-town. Anyone know about the restaurants?

I found this 2007 post about Makkah:

Is Makkah still good? Any other restaurants in the area that people recommend? Thanks.

Mexico City - Contramar

We went to Contramar last September. The food and service were excellent and comparable to an upscale restaurant in US (but without the prices). The appetizers, in particular, were good: raw tuna tacos, for example. It caters to a hip upscale crowd of all ages. I would also recommend Danubio. The atmosphere there is old world and the food, while more plain, was to my taste. The table next to ours was a big family eating langostinos and drinking Squirt and tequila.

Apr 15, 2007
pwrightmartin in Mexico