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Family friendly downtown?

Looking for breakfast, lunch, happy hour and/or dinner recs for our visi next weekend. No car but we are staying at the Warwick on Lenora, have a 2 year old so need food to come relatively quick (under 20 mins). One night there'll be 6 adults and 2 kids, any dinner recs? TIA!!!

Mar 16, 2014
jazzyjuice in Greater Seattle

Gems in Capitol Hill?

I'm short on time to do proper research so I'm hoping for a few suggestions for this part of's been a long time since I've been so I don't know if this is a relatively large geographical area or not. All suggestions welcome!

Feb 07, 2014
jazzyjuice in Greater Seattle

Whistler for a large group

Any recommendations for a casual place to host a get together the night before our wedding? We'd be looking for a place that could fit ~70 people, for mostly mingling but has some seating as well. Casual tapas/appys and drinks.


Good Eats Downtown Portland (near Hotel Monaco) and Weekday Breakfast

Arigato! :)

May 18, 2008
jazzyjuice in Pacific Northwest

Good Eats Downtown Portland (near Hotel Monaco) and Weekday Breakfast

I'm in town for a conference at Hotel Monaco (SW Washington and 5th Ave) and am looking for a good place to grab lunch nearby. Also, we want to have a great breakfast on Monday morn before we leave and would love to hear some ideas!

May 14, 2008
jazzyjuice in Pacific Northwest

Niche (Victoria)

Just tried Niche for lunch and was quite impressed. Looking forward to trying the brunch this weekend, thanks for the tips on the menu!

Coffee Shops Victoria

Habit is by far my favourite new place...they take coffee to a whole new level. The coffee is done french pressed and is delicious!!!
Haven't been to 2% but the owners are friends so I assume they are similar.

Victoria, BC- favorite eats

Hi FoodFemme, I agree with most of the other posts but here are some of our faves not listed yet:

Breakfast :
- Lady Marmalade (just recently expanded, uses a lot of organic foods in many delicious ways, fun and funky)
- Floyd's Diner (big portions, always buzzing, efficient/friendly service, great for bennys)
- Mole (very popular spot but some portions are a bit small, always a line up on weekends but it is next to Habit, see below)

- Habit is one of my newest favourite spots, amazing coffee (all french pressed) and espresso drinks, no fancy type ones like Starbucks, cool atmosphere
- if you want some quiet while downtown, check out the back garden patio of Union Pacific Coffee
Company, it's a tiny oasis!

- Kinpira (makes fresh udon noodles, only a few batches each day...I used to live in Japan and have never tasted such fresh udon
- for something quick and cheap, just down from Kinpira is a Mexican place (really fresh salsa) and 6 dollar meals for lunch...sorry the name escapes me

- Ferris' Oyster Bar and Grill (favourite for dinner, haven't been disappointed yet)
- if you go to Il Terrazo, you MUST try the tomato soup!

ps: Herald Street is closed down...