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Happy Hour at Metro Center

Can anyone recommend a happy hour at Metro Center?

Cake in Bethesda

Thanks, I ordered a cake through them, hopefully it'll be good and I'll have my cake place set.


Cake in Bethesda

Where is a good place to pick up (or have delivered) a decently priced, good cake in Bethesda? I need to provide one for this Friday, but I ride the metro to the office and don't want to carry one from home or the grocery store.

Crab Cakes

Where is a good place in the DC metro area to get Crab Cakes? Closer to Crystal City the better.


Catered Halal Meat in Bethesda

Does anyone know any restaraunts that cater and deliver meals made with Halal meat to Bethesda? I am having a group lunch and some of the attendees only eat Halal meat.

Thank you!

Great dinner in Tysons Corner area?

Taste of Saigon is in an office building across the street from the mall. I dream about the black pepper sauce, I have no idea what they do, but it is heavenly.

Real Gyro?

I'm looking for somewhere with real, freshly made gyro; most everywhere here's premade due to the time it takes and the space it takes to make the real thing.

Real gyro is prepared with thin cuts of goat (and in some cases other meats may be incorporated) being layered on a large stick that is then grilled with a close fire, the cooked portions are carved off leaving the next layer to get thoroughly cooked. Mmm with a little hummus and good pita, heaven.

Brookland-CUA Metro Stop

My friends and I are going to a performance at Dance Place at Brookland-CUA metro stop. Where should we have dinner before hand? I have never been to this stop and have no idea what it is like. If there is nothing around we'll probably eat in Chinatown.

Thank you!

Alexandria - lunch in north end of Old Town?

I would recommend Woodstock Cafe and Bilbo Baggins.

inexpensive place for dinner near Dunn Loring/Tysons?

I love the black pepper sauce at Taste of Saigon, it's in an office building right across from Tyson's Galleria. mmmmm some of the best food I've ever had

Bumblefish in Old Town

I've always enjoyed flying fish (and they have a hip bar downstairs) weekday lil hideaway is at 66 Canal Plaza they have good sushi and hibachi tables, great escape for a week day lunch.

Breakfast Tacos?

I'm an Austin Tx transplant and the food I think I miss the most is breakfast tacos. Is there anywhere to get a good breakfast taco around here? I live in Old Town / Del Ray and work in Bethesda but am willing to travel for a good one.

Thank you!