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Sesame Shrimp with Cilantro-Lime Sauce

This is definately a keeper with a few tweaks. Used large shrimp..they were on sale. Skewered them with toothpicks so they were easy to dip in the sesame seeds. They were perfectly baked at 5 minutes. Took lots of advice from past reviews....doubled the sesame seed mixture and only had about a teaspoon left over, doubled the sauce but only added 1 teaspoon soy sauce so it wasn't too salty, and also did not add salt to the sesame seeds. Delicious and easy app!

May 28, 2013
sugarmama in Recipes

pies in providence

I love the blueberry pie at Scialo's (Italian bakery) on Atwells Ave in Providence. It's a very old timey beautiful bakery. A few blocks away on Spruce Street Pastiche has a terrific selection of sweets. Check out:

Wisteria in Atlanta?

Yum, yum.. can't wait to visit Atlanta and check out the food scene.When I travel I like to go with a list of recommended restaurants. I will definately make in Providence every restaurant is filled from Brown graduation.
Thanks all... I'll report back in mid-May!

Wisteria in Atlanta?

I'm traveling to Atlanta for Emory's graduation. Someone recommended Wisteria for dinner. Can anyone second that?