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good reads about eating? [moved from Not About Food]

I have to agree that all MFK Fisher books are classics for anyone into food.
I don't remember the specific titles because I read them all but the series on oyster stews, eating on an airplane, red bird/blue bird, honest meat in mediterranean are all scenes that I imagine when I think about what to cook.

May 25, 2007
kwpy in Food Media & News

What is it that we are looking for in a cooking show?

I don't trust chefs that don't eat their own food and enjoy his/her creations. The best of the best chef in this category is Jacque Pepin. Watching him cook really inspires me. Watching him eat makes me hungry. A close second is Todd English. When he described how he liked sardines you could tell he really loved them. Third is Lydia. She always eats her food. She was demonstrating how to eat fried skate...she put the whole thing in her mouth, slurped it and pulled out the bones. Too bad I couldn't get skates in Missouri.

Apr 16, 2007
kwpy in Food Media & News

Favorite Movies About Food?

There are just a few noodle scenes that do justice to noodles. In Tampopo, the only one that slurped the noodles the way they were supposed to be consumed was Goro's sidekick. Robin Williams did it OK but he was trying to be funny.
The scene in Tsukiji in Black rain. Michael Douglas should have taken a lesson from his Japanese partner.

Apr 16, 2007
kwpy in Food Media & News

Brains, Intestines, Pizzle

It is lamentable that many American cities do ot offer Korean cuisines. Many of these ingredients are very common in Korean recipes. A soup of Oxtail and honeycomb tripe is a classic. Leafy chitlin is often eaten with a spicy sauce.
Korean barbecue (think teriyaki sauce with garlic and sesame seed oil) of chitlins are just wonderful.

Apr 16, 2007
kwpy in Features

Film Feast

The list here is very boring and nothing is new. My selections are mainly on eating (not cooking or the appearance of foods). Some of these are bad, bad movies.
1. Jean de Florette/Manon of Springs. Gerard Depardieu guzzling red wine. All the scenes (there are many) where Ive Montand's nephew eats French country cooking...fabulous.
2. Heartburn. Jack Nicholson eats pasta in bed, pasta with clam sauce (right before Meryl Streep leaves him). He is just a good eater.
3. 2000 BC. A whole hog on the fire pit. Old prehistoric woman slides a tender piece of pork loin into her mouth and nods to the head prehistoric patriarch. The head man then rips a hock off the carcass and starts chomping down after glaring at the rest of the tribe.
4. Our Man Flint. Flint looks for a restaurant in Marsaille soley based on the combination of spices he tastes on a piece of bouillabaisse he picks up on a dead man's lapel. He find the restaurant after several stops. A real shady joint where a man (he looks like Borgnine) spooning soup out of a dirty big bowl into his mouth. I had to go to Marseille after that scene.

IMHO there are a lot of disappointing movies where food is supposed to be the main thing but the actors don't look like they know how to eat.

Apr 16, 2007
kwpy in Features

MOVIES w/ food themes

I have several scenes that make me want to go and eat the same food. My belief is that you cannot act eating like you can fake orgasm. Very few actors can.
Earnest borgnine eating fish soup in one of those Flint movies (James Coburn). He opens his mouth wide and soup is dark and drips from the spoon on the way to his mouth.
All the eating scenes in Jean de Florette. That's a real French country cuisine.
John Goodman in Everbody's All American. In a black community looking for a fotball player who works at a BBQ place. He sticks a whole bird in his mouth and pulls out just the bones.
I have a lot more but I should limit the space.
I have been very disappointed with a lot of the scenes mentioned before. The foods look good but most of the time they (the actors) just don't eat them like they enjoy them.

Apr 15, 2007
kwpy in Food Media & News